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How Much Does it Really Cost to Open a Subway in 2022?

In terms of fast-food restaurant franchises, Subway has long been considered a beneficial choice for investors searching for subway franchise profit growth-oriented business prospects.


In reality, Subway’s franchise concept has drawn a lot of prospective franchise owners to invest in this international brand, growing its presence in the US and other countries.

What is the Subway Franchise?

With over 43,000 outlets across the globe, Subway is one of the most well-known American fast-food chains.

They own a restaurant that specializes in quick and easy subs, also known as submarine sandwiches, which are served with sides like chips, salad, and drinks.

 In the 1990s and 2000s, Subway, which had its beginnings in 1965 as Pete’s Super Submarines, grew at one of the quickest rates in the world.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that it is also one of the most sought-after franchised enterprises.

Subway is a very reputable license of its sandwich shops in the fast food business. In terms of the number of locations, Subway is actually among the biggest fast-food chains in the world.

Franchisees are also in charge of running their business daily, including food preparation and store maintenance.

Franchisees of Subway have several advantages, including access to the business’s global

Renowned public relations efforts and help from knowledgeable franchise advisors. Subway offers thorough training and continuous operational support to its franchisees.

 Franchisees of the Subway® brand have a strong sense of initiative and dedication to growing their companies.

The Steps Associated with Franchising a Subway Restaurant

Before entering a full licensing agreement with a Subway franchisor, the franchisee must successfully complete a thorough due diligence procedure and meet several particular conditions.

Getting the site approved for the business is often the first step for a Subway franchise owner. This causes thorough market research and is where a sizable portion of the franchisee’s money is invested.

 Besides receiving approval for a Subway business location, the franchisee business owner is required to have a net worth of between $80,000 and $310,000.

Opening a franchise often has a liquid financial requirement as well, and the requirement for a Subway franchisee ranges from $30,000 to $90,000.

The franchisee then enters a licensing agreement with the franchisor after receiving site approval and meeting the capital requirements.

Franchisees of Subway pay 12.5% of weekly gross sales (gross sales fewer sales tax); 8% goes to franchise royalties, and 4.5% goes to advertising.

Using the company’s operational processes, trademark rights, and branding is one of the biggest advantages of a franchised firm.

Franchisees can primarily rely on the established marketing of the franchised business for its sales thanks to these licensed business advantages.

A Subway Franchise’s Earnings

Because of the popularity of its sandwiches and overall brand, Subway is one of the top income generators in the fast food sandwich market.

According to the most recent data from 2021, Subway’s sales were at their highest level since 2013.

What is the Total Number of Subways?

Subway has more locations than any other restaurant chain, according to the corporation.

There will be around 40,000 locations across 116 countries by the year 2020. There are around 21,000 Subway restaurants in the US alone. Second place goes to Canada with little under 3,000.

Who Owns the Subway?


The DeLuca family is in charge of and owns Subway, Inc. Fred DeLuca, a 17-year-old, launched Subway in 1965. Each Subway location, which has its headquarters in Connecticut, is separately owned and run.

Subway is not traded on a stock exchange because it is privately held and owner-operated.

What is the Most Popular Menu Item at Subway?

Depending on the nation a Subway is in, this will change. The turkey breast sandwich, tuna sandwich, or Italian B.M.T. are frequently the most ordered menu items at Subway in the United States.

Greek lamb with tzatziki is the top dish in Australia and New Zealand, whereas the shrimp avocado sandwich is the top dish in Japan. The chicken tikka sub, with Indian influences, is the most popular in the UK.

How Can a Subway Franchise be Opened in India?

To start your own Subway franchise, follow these steps.

  • Get the franchise booklet from Subway first, which contains all the information about their contract and franchise offer.
  • After that, complete the online Application Form with the required information to get a Franchisee agreement for the region where you want to launch your business.
  • The application form is accessible they can complete it on their website and either online or offline. It is always preferable to download the application form, fill it out with your research, and submit it.
  • Send the completed application to Subway Systems India Pvt Ltd. at B 11/1 of Okhla Industrial Area- Phase II in New Delhi, India, using the zip code 110020. You can reach them by phone at 011 4170 8082.
  • as well as 41754035, or send them an email at sa [email protected].
  • Speak with and meet with the neighborhood Subway Field Development Agent.
  • You must carefully read the franchise agreement and its provisions containing the Full Disclosure Documents when you are offered a Subway franchise.
  • Before opening your prospective Subway business, conduct your own market research.
  • If you can self-finance the transaction, that is fantastic. Otherwise, you must obtain financing from banks, investors, and so forth.
  • Make the franchisee fee payment to the Subway authorities and sign the Franchise Agreement when you are prepared and confident to proceed.
  • To be ready for the opening of your store, use their model for help and training.

Support Provided to the Indian Subway Franchise

Subway provides all the help required for its partners to develop alongside them because they recognize how important its partnering franchisee is to the success of their business.

Subway offers its franchisees support in a wide range of areas, therefore in order to help you better understand it, we’ve divided it into two categories

Support before store opening and support after store opening. Let’s examine what each of them has to offer

How Much Money Do the Owner and Subway Make?

Through its total network of franchises, the Subway franchise generates over 11 billion dollars in annual sales, of which 7.5% result in profits of 31,000 US dollars

 Compared to $2.7 million for McDonald’s outlets on average. Subway assesses steep recurring fees to its franchisees.

The profit margin for Subway franchise locations is barely 7.5% of yearly sales, or roughly $31,000 USD. It doesn’t seem like much, and it most certainly isn’t.

 There are alternative franchises that, despite possibly larger startup expenses, produce higher yearly revenues.

However, there is a reason for the drop in recent years the profitability of the Subway franchise is not very great.

Because they operate in branches, their labor costs are lower, and the branches function more effectively, which could cause larger sales.

Currently, the country’s estimated average annual sales of subways are around US $400,000. The average annual household income for shopping is $30.000.

CEO Chidsey maintains several positions, including membership on the boards of Norwegian Cruise Line and Encompass Health.

Likewise, it is unknown how much money he made in these positions, but Wallmine, an investment website, alleges that he made $332,791 from Encompass Health.

Is it the Right Decision to Have a Subway Franchise?

subway franchise profit

Besides having the most popular selection of snacks on its menu, Subway is one of the most valuable brands in the US, right behind McDonald’s and Starbucks, according to Business Insider.

Global Statista figures show that the amount is $18,766. (Starbucks is worth $44.503 million in US dollars, and KFC is valued at $15,131.)

Family-friendly food and a strong brand allow it to benefit from substantial assistance and marketing from the corporate office. The corporate headquarters guide franchisees through:

  • choosing/launching a site
  • On-site assistance
  • Owner of software, sales/rental equipment, and mortgage
  • both regional and national media

Every Subway location is a franchise. There are no subway eateries owned by the corporation. McDonald’s owns 20% of the restaurants, with independent franchisees owning and running the other 80%.

Subway surpassed McDonald’s to become the biggest restaurant chain in the world. In a prepared statement.

 A McDonald’s (MCD, Fortune 500) spokeswoman said that her company will keep concentrating on its operations and offering services to its clients.

What is the Price of a Subway Franchise?

subway franchise profit

Do you want to know how much a Subway franchise costs? Prior to opening a Subway franchise, it’s critical to understand the startup costs, including the franchise fee and working capital.

A Subway franchise can be opened for as little as $182,550 or as much as $506,900 in investment.

Remember that you should set aside additional funds so that you have enough money to support yourself as the Subway business grows.

Depending on the franchise opportunity, this could take anywhere from six months to over two years. To learn the exact cost of launching the franchise and how long it takes to 1)

Launch a Subway business 2) pass break even, meet with at least five Subway franchisees. 3) Achieve a sizable income.

 There may be enough profit to hire a day-to-day manager and work fewer hours in the firm once (and if) you have reached the stage of producing a sizable income from your Subway franchise.

Important Things a Subway Owner Should Consider Before Opening a Franchise

  • Location

 The neighborhood and surroundings of the Subway franchise affect annual earnings.

For instance, if you discover that there are a lot of individuals in your neighborhood and no

Equivalent fast-food eateries or submarine sandwiches, you will undoubtedly draw a sizable number of clients.

  • Fees

 As was already established, the parent corporation charges extremely expensive fees for every Subway franchise location, sometimes much more than other franchise locations.

 Use each franchise to the fullest. This also considers the franchise’s location, which impacts the cost of the property and the resources needed to operate there.

  • Competent Team

You need teammates that are just as committed as you are if you want to play your part to the fullest. Although it’s extremely uncommon.

You could need to add more personnel to handle the extended hours required. Keep it running to benefit from the franchise rights. You should also know places that are busier need more staff.

  • Cost of Groceries in the Midwest

Even the minimum salary and the price of supplying raw materials are subject to change. However.

 Especially throughout the $5 life cycle, this won’t impact how much Subway charges for sandwiches. Franchisees made little money from this.

They can provide pricing in specific places, such as airports or big commercial districts with a lot of pedestrian traffic.

How Much Does it Cost to Own a Starbucks Franchise?

Let’s now examine the cost of a Starbucks franchise. I should have said Starbucks licensing fee. You need to invest about $315,000 to create a legally permitted store.

There are nearly 10,000 Starbucks locations globally. 4,400 of which are stores with a license. To learn more about where to find their allowed stores, visit their website.

What Kinds of Franchise Opportunities Can Subway Provide?

You have two franchise options as an investor in the business: traditional restaurants and non-traditional eateries. Depending on the size and location.

 Each franchise opportunities have different expenses, fees, and upfront investments. Let’s examine these franchise opportunities in depth so that you can decide which one is best for you:

Restaurants in the Old World

These are full-sized eateries offering options for carry-out, delivery, and dining-in. These units are frequently independent buildings and need a lot of areas.

 Traditional Subway restaurants, on the other hand, offer a roomy seating area and a comprehensive menu.

The Restaurant that is Unconventional

Non-traditional restaurants offer full service as well but operate in shared spaces with other companies.

Gas stations, highway rest stops, convenience stores, hospitals, parks, universities, schools, airports, theme parks, national parks, department stores,

Military bases, business complexes, assisted living/nursing homes, sports arenas, convention centers, bus, and railroad terminals, and other similar locations are typically where you can find these non-traditional Subway units.

Eligibility for Subway Franchise in the USA

subway franchise profit

To select the ideal individual, Subway has established strict eligibility requirements. Check your application eligibility before continuing to apply for a Subway franchise in the USA.

I must have the following values and characteristics in order to join the Subway family

Leadership: You should be a strong leader who is passionate about inspiring your team.

A candidate should have the self-assurance to handle problems on their own while adhering to a set of norms and regulations.

The franchise owner must be dedicated to the business’s operations and personnel.

Strategy: the candidate should have a strong ability to analyze a situation and come to a choice on their own.

In order to create something to leave your family, you should be goal-oriented as a part of a worldwide business like Subway.

Why Purchase an American Subway Franchise?

When you own a Subway franchise in the USA, you join one of the most recognizable brands in the world and the largest restaurant chain.

You’ll also benefit from the associated help and experience. Here are several justifications for why purchasing a Subway franchise is worthwhile.

Excellent Development

Since its beginnings, the Subway franchise model has experienced extraordinary development, ranking as the world’s leading QSR chain. A typical year sees existing business owners purchasing 70% of new franchises.

Low Capital Expenditure and High-Profit Margin

Franchise opportunities for Subway have modest startup costs and tremendous profit potential. It provides pre-existing marketing and training help.

 It produced a sizable amount of profit margin, making expansion simple.


The benefits and downsides of purchasing a Subway franchise in the United States are comparable.

These benefits may outweigh these disadvantages when opening a franchise, but they must be taken into consideration.

So, before applying to become a Subway franchisee in the USA, take your time and make sure you understand what you’re getting into.

The greatest advice we can provide you in this situation is to create a business strategy, conduct market research, and investigate the location where you intend to build a Subway.

The ideal location should have few to no similar fast-food establishments and no Subway franchisees nearby, bye and God bless you.

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