Hay Bales and Straw: Stores Nearby Where You can Buy Them

 – Hay Bales and Straw – 

You can purchase hay bales and straw from the farm and feed supply stores like Tractor Supply, neighborhood plant nurseries, and nursery focus, make stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and home improvements stores like Lowe’s or The Home Depot.

Hay Bales and Straw: Stores Nearby Where You can Buy Them

You may likewise have the option to discover neighborhood ranchers in your general vicinity who sell hay bales. Hay and straw can be utilized for rustic l decoration, outside seating, arranging, animal feed and bedding, and construction ventures.

The cost will fluctuate contingent upon how much hay you need and the type; you can hope to pay anyplace from a couple of dollars for a little bundle to between $125-$160 for a ton.

Below, we have point by point every one of the uses for hay (bales specifically), where to purchase straw and hay bales, and what sizes are accessible.

What Sizes of Bales Can You Buy?

The two most regular sizes of bales are huge round ones and little rectangular ones. Enormous round bales gauge many pounds and must be moved with huge machines, for example, tractors and forklifts.

In comparing both, the rectangular hay bales are a lot littler, weighing somewhere in the range of five to 50 pounds.

What Amount Do Hay Bales Cost?

The expense of hay bales will likewise differ generally relying upon the size and sort of hay you purchase.

For instance, hay bales, which are normally used as a steed, feed; cost a normal $140 to $165 per ton as revealed by  Agriculture.com. As indicated by a similar report, mid-quality bales sell for a normal $125 to $150 per ton.

Littler, rectangular hay bales — generally used for littler animal feed, bedding, or adornment — commonly sell for a couple of dollars to around $25-$30 each.

What Can You Use Hay Bales For?

Hay and straw bales can be utilized for exercises going from planting and home upkeep to crafting. Below, we’ve recorded some potential ways you can utilize hay bales.

Animal Bedding and Food

Grassy type bales, for example, hay, alfalfa, and clover are utilized for both animal bedding and nourishment. Straw bales can likewise be utilized for animal bedding.

In case you’re loading your ranch with animals, we have the subtleties on where to purchase guinea fowl. We can likewise enable you to choose on the off chance that you need equine protection for your steeds.


You can utilize hay or straw bales for decoration during the special seasons, particularly for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Hay bales add a regular touch to a pumpkin fix tractor ride, or you can utilize straw bales to stuff scarecrows. In case you’re having a fall wedding, hay bales are an incredible adornment choice for your setting space, as well.

Straw bales additionally add a lovely brilliant shading to presentations and help keep other enriching things, for example, window boxes, wooden boxes, and corn stalks off the ground. On the off chance that you have some extra free straw, you can package it to make artworks, for example, stuffing for dolls.

Event Seating

As a result of their thickness, bales are exceptionally valuable for outside event seating. The bales hold up well to the heaviness of individuals sitting and jumping on them and can later be reused for different purposes.

They are fast and simple to orchestrate and simple to expel when you never again need them.

You can utilize bales for a scope of occasions: open-air/horse shelter weddings, fairs, hustling, carnivals, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

While straw bales are the most widely recognized sort of bundle utilized for occasion seating, any kind of parcel will work.

Gardening and Landscaping

Straw bales are ordinarily utilized in arranging and cultivating. Utilizing different sorts of bales isn’t suggested for cultivating in light of the fact that they may contain seeds, which can grow in your nursery.

When purchasing straw for planting, just use “sans weed” guaranteed straw bales.

Straw bales are ideal for setting up in a nursery for raised beds with the plants planted straightforwardly into the bales.

Free straw is likewise valuable for spreading around on plants in the nursery since it keeps dampness for the plants and control weeds.

Straw bales and free straw can likewise be utilized for soil disintegration control, holding the free soil set up and fending off it from washing when it downpours.

On the off chance that you have to dispose of some soil after an arranging venture, we can enable you to discover where to dump earth for nothing.

Home Construction

Utilizing straw bales for structure development is a deep-rooted reasonable custom, particularly in spots where “ordinary” building materials are inaccessible and tall grasses promptly develop.

Whenever kept dry, straw makes awesome structure protection, decreasing endeavors for both warming and cooling.

Straw bales additionally make strong structure development for dividers as a result of the shape and how strong the bales remain.

Safety Barriers

Many race tracks or building destinations use bales for security.

The strong mass of grasses and straws function admirably to “pad” a mishap, lessening wounds, or by warding off potential mishaps from other individuals and structures.

The shrewd position of hay bales can avoid wounds and even spare lives.

The Best Place to Buy Straw and Hay Bales

The best spot to purchase hay bales will rely upon where you’re found, what your nearby stores have available, and what you need the hay for.

In the event that you just need a little bundle to use for stylistic layout or little planting tasks, you can discover what you need on Amazon, at specialty retailers like Michaels or Hobby Lobby, or at home improvement shops like Ace Hardware or True Value Hardware.

Your nearby nurseries, garden focuses, or The Home Depot or Lowe’s may likewise have little bales or straw tangling you can use for finishing.

The best spot to discover bedding or feed hay for little animals can likewise be found on Amazon, just as some homestead and feed supply stores like Agri-Supply, Tractor Supply, or Stanislaus Farm Supply.

On the off chance that you have a major nursery or horticultural task, have enormous animals to feed, or need hay for something like occasion seating or security boundaries, you may need to buy it in bigger amounts.

Your best choice might be to locate a neighborhood rancher you can buy mass amounts from. farm and feed supply stores may likewise have enormous hay bales in stock, yet it’s ideal to call ahead and check what’s accessible.

Where to Buy Straw and Hay Bales

Where to Buy Straw and Hay Bales

Any store that sells landscape, nursery, garden, or farm supplies is additionally liable to sell bales. We’ve recorded national and local spots where you can usually discover straw and hay bales.

In the event that none of these fit your needs, you can likewise scan for nearby finishing or planting stores that will presumably additionally have bales available to be purchased.

Farm and Feed Supply Stores

This list includes large farms and feeds supply stores. Your region may have other stores, so do not forget to check your local listings for the stores closest to you.

1. Agri-Supply

  • Bale Type: Large and small feed and straw bales
  • Location: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Georgia
  • Offers pick-up and delivery
  • Find your nearest Agri-Supply

2. Atwoods Ranch and Home

3. Farm Supply

4. Orscheln Farm & Home

5. Rural King

6. The Southern States

7. Stanislaus Farm Supply

8. Tractor Supply Company

Hardware Stores

Hardware stores with lawn and gardening centers mostly store straw bales for landscaping, gardening, and decorating purposes.

Hardly will you will find other categories of bales at hardware stores,  this will, however, depend on your location. For more info get in touch with your local hardware store to know what types of bales it carries.

9. Ace Hardware

10. True Value Hardware

Home Improvement Stores

Lots of the big home improvement stores have rectangular straw bales in the landscape and gardening departments. Place in smaller towns may even provide silage bales.

11. The Home Depot

  • Bale Type: Straw bales
  • Location: Nationwide
  • The Home Depot often carries straw bales seasonally in September and October, depending on the location and demand
  • Find your nearest Home Depot

12. Lowe’s

Landscape, Gardening, and Nursery Stores

Landscape, Gardening, and Nursery Stores

Landscape, gardening, and nursery stores mostly stock straw bales or even straw matting. Though the majority of stores are regional and may only have one location, we have added a few regional locations below.

13. Armstrong Garden Center

14. Calloway’s/Cornelius Nursery

15. Earl May

16. Houston Garden Centers

17. Meadows Farms Nurseries

18. Star Nursery

Local Farmers

Local farmers are an amazing way to locate bales. To locate a local farmer, you would have to watch for farms that have bales in the fields, contact your local Farm Bureau, or search via the internet for local farmers.

Retail Stores

Due to the demand for straw bales in the fall, mass craft stores or retailers with gardening centers usually stock rectangular straw bales starting in September and October. Here are a few to keep in mind are:

Regardless of whether you’re obtaining hay bales for decor, animal bedding, cultivating, or some other reason for existing, there’s possibly a store close to you that sells the sort and size of the bundle you need.

Contingent upon the season, they may accessible everywhere chains like The Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Walmart.

Else, you will probably have the best luck at tool shops like Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware, farm and feed supply stores like Tractor Supply, neighborhood plant nurseries, or even nearby cultivates.

Call first to ensure that hay bales are at present accessible in your area of choice before you go.

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