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255+ Clever Speakeasy Business Names and Password Ideas

The speakeasy was an illegal institution that served alcoholic beverages in Prohibition-Era America in the 1920s and 1930s speakeasy names.

 It was also known as a “blind pig” or a “blind tiger.” It prohibited the production and sale of alcoholic beverages throughout the country during Prohibition.

After Prohibition ended in 1933, the speakeasy names as we know it essentially vanished. The phrase is frequently used today to denote speakeasy-themed, retro-styled bars.


The term “speakeasy” first appeared in a British naval record from 1844, referring to a location where alcoholic beverages were sold without a license.

 Because of the custom of conversing quietly outside and inside the pub so as not to tip off the police to its location, the name was first used in the United States speakeasy names.

What is a Speakeasy Names

An illegal business that distributes alcohol is known as a speakeasy, sometimes known as a blind pig or blind tiger, or a retro-style bar that imitates features of former speakeasies. In the United States, speakeasies became popular during the Prohibition speakeasy names era.

Ideas for Speakeasy Names

speakeasy names

When choosing a speakeasy bar name, there are many examples from the 1920s and 1930s to consider. Slang might inspire the name concept from the 1920s, gangster names, or cocktails that rose to popularity around this time speakeasy names.

  • Honey Bee Bliss
  • Inn at Ben’s Cloaked
  • Bar Black Rabbit
  • The Workplace
  • Boston Broken Chandelier
  • Theater Alcove
  • The Piano Pat
  • Caddy’s Bar
  • Club after hours
  • Drinking Cabaret
  • club California Kings
  • Cave Carter
  • Charleston Hidden Room
  • Excursions That Are Secret
  • Den Dubonnet
  • Violated Elegance
  • After Dark Underground
  • Unauthorized Train
  • The Underground Gatsby
  • Harry’s Retreat
  • Covert Cordials
  • Secret Haven
  • the cellar
  • the liquor cabinet
  • Texas’s Hidden Star
  • The Wall is a Hole
  • Jazz and gin
  • Lee’s Den
  • Seattle’s Lost Spirits
  • Speakeasy Mistress
  • Secret of Sean
  • solitary oak club
  • Speaking hole Sly Fox
  • Talkative Wagon
  • Inn of the Madman
  • Martini with a mask
  • The Subterranean
  • drunken whispers
  • Subversive Infusions
  • Veiled Journeys
  • Purple Veils
  • vivacious Valencia
  • Whimsical Whiskey

Ideas for Names with a Prohibition-era Theme

Italians with mafia connections ran many speakeasy bars on the East Coast of the United States.

It may be appropriate to use Italian or gangster names for this novel bar concept. Making use of additional historical slang, such as “flapper,” can give the place a more realistic sound speakeasy name.

  • Genuine Speakeasy
  • Fantastic Speakeasy
  • the stale room
  • Flapper Room
  • The Club of Italy
  • The Secret of Grandpa
  • Bar Book Nook
  • Lounge 112
  • Sicily while sitting
  • The Elegant Suit
  • Spanky Club
  • Clandestine Club
  • Carnival Speakeasy
  • Deleted Midnight
  • House of Meatballs
  • Criminal Era
  • Vintage Lounge
  • Speakeasy Heavenly
  • Hotsy Totsy Bar
  • Drinking Bites
  • Aims for alcohol
  • Top Hat Club
  • The Club Tree
  • Inn at Pine Club
  • Alcohol Hop
  • Alcohol Nook
  • Alcohol Plate
  • Alcohol Zest
  • Drink All
  • Liquorry
  • prohibition on missions
  • gang restaurant
  • Liquor Before
  • Theme of Prohibition
  • Thunderous Revolution
  • Undertones of smoke
  • Bowl Speakeasy
  • Speaking of Dreams,
  • Eatery Speakeasy
  • Hop Speakeasy
  • muffled music
  • Presumably Prohibition
  • Evergreen Residence
  • Swinging collectively
  • era of the flappers
  • The Underworld Prosper
  • The Watchman
  • The Silent Words
  • Not a Speakeasy
  • City Theater

Ideas for Speakeasy Name Passwords

Only a tiny group of frequent clubgoers knew the speakeasy clubs’ passwords, which were kept in strict confidence.

 The passwords were absolutely unconnected to alcohol or drinking and were passed from person to person by word of mouth.

To make the code harder to decipher or overhead, establishments frequently employed absurd expressions. Some businesses required a secret handshake or business card besides passwords to get inside speakeasy names.

Most Well-liked Speakeasies During Prohibition Era

speakeasy names

Legal saloons had to close when the prohibition took effect. Men had nowhere to drink or hang out. The speakeasy’s illegal bar areas—which may be anything from seedy back rooms to opulent ballroom clubs with dance floors and jazz bands’ speakeasy names.

Became the Prohibition Era’s dens of vice. The most well-known of these dens have been portrayed in motion pictures forever speakeasy names.

  • 112 Club
  • Chumley’s
  • Club Entry We
  • Tobacco Club
  • Delmonico’s
  • Club Dil Pickle
  • Epicure
  • Gallagher’s
  • KGB
  • Wild Kat
  • Wild Kat Klub
  • Pub Light Horse
  • Secret Room
  • Club New Stone
  • Smokey Road
  • Branch Club

Qualities of an Effective Speakeasy Names

Someone primarily knew a speakeasy as an illegal tavern because of its anonymity. For most of those who weren’t yet “in the know,” these places remained unknown.

They drew customers to the establishment because of its secretive location. The best joints could go years without being discovered speakeasy names.

Speakeasy name operators frequently have the means to buy off police officers so they wouldn’t bother them.

The most well-known bars frequently featured live music. Customers could unwind and have fun while enjoying their drinks thanks to music.

 And even those, even if they were just dark back rooms, had games like dice or darts. If they raided the clubs, they would present themselves as jazz, dancing, or pool rooms and only sell iced tea.

A contemporary speakeasy ought to be a warm place that has the appearance and atmosphere of an old-fashioned dive bar.

Qualities of an Effective Speakeasy Name Ideas

Customers want the same level of service that their forefathers would have received over a century ago, therefore staff members must know speakeasy names and their needs.

Bartenders should be able to mix and prepare excellent cocktails. These modern restaurants continue to honor the era even though prohibition ended a few generations ago.

Since the repeal of prohibition, any bar, taproom, saloon, or ginmill might be considered a modern speakeasy. Today’s speakeasy is more about the atmosphere and design than the actual alcohol being offered speakeasy names.

At the contemporary speakeasy names, you may also get beverages with this era’s cultural influences. The creation of cocktails like the Mint Julep and Whiskey Sour was one of the major innovations of this time.

In the past, high-proof liquors such as homemade moonshine, bathtub gin, and Cuban rum were used to make speakeasy names the cocktails.

 These days, you can buy vodkas or gins that were made lawfully and bought from speakeasies named liquor stores to substitute these substances.

Spice Speakeasy Names Business

  • I’m Basil.
  • The Calm Safran
  • The Wild Spice
  • Tobacco and Co.
  • The Spice’s Secrets
  • Wonderful Herbs
  • Amount of Taste
  • Chili and Rack
  • By the Pound Savor
  • Varieties of the Sun
  • Aye, oregano
  • The Crucial Accent
  • cayenne remedy
  • This bag of spices
  • The Peaceful Fennel
  • Sage College
  • Spice and Kick
  • Cumin’s Flair
  • We Stock Every Spice
  • Spices in a Duet
  • Magic Acre
  • The Spice Store
  • Spices by River Mark
  • Enhancing Life
  • Spice Satchel
  • The Greek of Fenu
  • Kitchen Loft Spices
  • Spice Works
  • Natural Kitchen
  • The Palace of Pepper
  • Spices by Penzeys
  • Spice Palace (Your Name)
  • The Spice Dealer
  • Danville Pepper
  • Spice World in Indo
  • Village Spice New
  • Infusion Of Love
  • Spices that Save Big
  • ‘Hot Sauce’ with (Your Name)
  • Eastern Market for Food

Speakeasy Names in San Francisco to Visit

A nice cocktail is one of the few things San Franciscans adore more than anything else, along with an exclusive place to enjoy one.

 The best speakeasies in San Francisco provide secrecy, hidden doors, and some of the tastiest drinks in town. They range from tiny bars concealed inside cocktail bars to password-protected basements.

It will impress your friends that you even know about these places because they provide all the exclusive atmosphere and experiences of a private club without the pretentious membership fees.

Therefore, it can take a bit more effort to find one of these speakeasies in San Francisco, but they’re all worthwhile whether you’re looking for shady back rooms (within some of the top restaurants in San Francisco) or cozy whiskey bars.

Here is our list of the swankiest, shadiest spots to have a drink in San Francisco, including lounges with tropical themes, Spanish tapas restaurants, and secret areas inside hotels.

  • Cold beverages
  • The Pawn Shop
  • Linden Room 
  • Final Rites
  • Wilson & Wilson, 
  • WesBurger ‘N’ More’s The Den


This article should assist you in thinking of a creative speakeasy business name. What alcoholic beverages from this era do you want to serve?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Church on Sunday.
  • One Drunk Guy.
  • Yesterday1mdrunk.
  • Pass Me the Bottle.
  • Bottom’s Up.
  • My Drinking Game.
  • Going to Church.
  • Just Got Rum.

The most famous of them included former bootlegger Sherman Billingsley’s fashionable Stork Club on West 58th Street, the Puncheon Club on West 49th favored by celebrity writers such as Dorothy Parker and Robert Benchley, the Club Intime next to the famous Polly Adler brothel in Midtown, Chumley’s in the West Village …

speakeasy also called a blind pig or blind tiger is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages, or a retro-style bar that replicates aspects of historical speakeasies.

  • 112 Club.
  • Chumley’s.
  • Club Entrée Nous.
  • Cotton Club.
  • Delmonico’s.
  • Dil Pickle Club.
  • Epicure.
  • Gallagher’s.

On small tables like those at which “zozzled” (drunk) flappers and “jelly beans” (their boyfriends) once illegally imbibed “foot juice” (cheap wine) or “jag juice” (hard liquor), you can read explanations of speakeasy slang.

Increasingly popular, the modern-day speakeasy is essentially just a bar meant to be shrouded in secrecy. Since alcohol is no longer illegal, these establishments hinge on the feeling of discreetness, often hidden inside other restaurants or other venues, and embodying a prohibition vibe, some with dim lighting.

How much profit can a speakeasy bar business make? Entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry suggest planning on breaking even by your third year. While factors such as size and location should be considered, the average revenue generated each week is between $20,000 and $30,000.

In many cases, the best advertising for a speakeasy is word of mouth. Regardless of the setting, patrons that have a great experience always encourage friends to seek out the same experience, so make sure that patrons have a great one each and every time they visit.

Speakeasies received their name as patrons were often told to “speak easy” about these secret bars in public. Speakeasies received their name from police officers who had trouble locating the bars due to the fact that people tended to speak quietly while inside the bars.

1 Chumley’s (86 Bedford St.) This 1922-founded speakeasy catered to the literary crowd. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, and Willa Cather imbibed here, among others.

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