The 20 Best California Soul Food Trucks (November 2022)

Are you trying to find Sacramento’s best soul food truck catering? Learn about the top soul food trucks in California, then reserve or rent one for your upcoming catering job, celebration, or event.

soul food trucks

Over the past few years, a dozen trucks have arrived outside the building each day. Though it took some towns some time to catch on to the food truck revolution.

Today there are food trucks in almost every large southern city, serving up meals on par with those found in new restaurants.

However, we have listed where these trucks often hang out, and almost all of them post their weekly locations and menus on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to check before you go.

Find one nearby using our list of the Top 47 and join the line for a sample.

20 Best California Soul Food Trucks

We’ve compiled the best soul food trucks in California just for you, and we are convinced that when you are done going through the list, you can make your choice for your favorite soul food truck.

1. Curbside Truck

Chef and owner of Curbside Nick Hufft are elevating the burger. He buys all of his food from a nearby organic farm and grinds his own beef and fries.

It’s difficult to disagree with the assertion that “Curbside prepares the greatest burgers and sausages you’ve ever placed in your mouth”.

When topping choices like Pork Belly preserves and Praline Bacon are available.

You may locate them at the city’s Wednesday Food Truck Round-Up, downtown, or on the LSU campus.

Lizetta's Southern Soul Food & BBQ

2. Lizetta’s Southern Soul Food & BBQ

San Francisco, California, residents have the opportunity to eat delicious home-cooked meals on the streets; thanks to Lizetta’s Southern Soul Food & BBQ.

It’s a pop-up restaurant with locations all throughout the city that serves slow-cooked BBQ alongside traditional soul food to satisfy curbside hunger.

Get a filling seafood combo with fried fish and shrimp, or indulge in a plate of smoky, crispy wings with fries on the side.

3. American Meltdown

They offer more than just the standard grilled cheese sandwich at American Meltdown. Their menu includes The Matador, a sourdough sandwich with Manchego cheese and Romesco sauce.

Interestingly, Kubla Khan, a sandwich with pulled pork that has been smoked all day, is served with Asian coleslaw, Dijon mustard, and provolone cheese on sourdough.

4. Momo’s Place

In San Jose, Momo’s Place is a pillar of the neighborhood. Besides providing the best barbecue delights, they also give back to the neighborhood with the program hot dogs to feed the less fortunate.

However, there are various ways to feel comfortable at Momo’s Place. For those who enjoy steak, you can look forward to ribeye on a kebab, sandwich, or taco.

In search of those exquisite dogs? With its selection of chili and corn dogs, Momo has you covered.

Best California Soul Food Trucks

5. Biscuit Love

The name of this vehicle pretty well sums it all up, but we’ll explain it a little more.

They also specialize in biscuit sandwiches, such as “The Princess,” which contains Nashville’s own hot chicken, honey, homemade pickles, and mustard.

Customers of Biscuit Love can also create their own biscuits and add cheddar grits or sweet potato fries with sausage gravy as sides.

On Saturdays, you can typically find them parked at the Franklin Farmers Market.

6. Chik-N-Waffle

At Chik-N-Waffle, experiment with a well-liked comfort dish in different ways. This Orange County food truck honors the various ways chicken and waffles go together.

For breakfast, lunch, or supper, it really is the ideal pairing, so get your sweet and savory cravings in gear and book Chik-N-Waffle to cater your next event right away!

7. C&S Brisket Bus

This gourmet delicatessen serves trademark sandwiches like Texas and Baltimore, which serve brisket in mouthwatering new ways.

Or you could simply munch on things like Bacon Caramel Popcorn.

8. Alissia Ray’s Soul Food Cuisine and Catering

Sacramento, come on out and fill your stomachs.

The capital city is seeing the emergence of Alissia Ray’s Soul Food Cuisine and Catering locations serving delicious home-cooked Southern soul food.

Enjoy her barbecued oxtails, pork chops, and beef and pork ribs. Also accompany your meal with mac & cheese, cabbage, greens, or black-eyed peas.

When your guests are craving the comforts of home, look to Alissia Ray’s Soul Food Cuisine and Catering to satisfy their hunger, and book her to pop up at your next event in Sacramento today!

9. Boka Tako Truck

Despite being self-taught, you would never know who chef Patrick Harris was.

He went to Richmond and opened Boka Tako, a restaurant where he combines Asian and American ingredients.

And serves them taco-style after being featured in publications and named one of the “Top 10 Chefs of Tomorrow” nationally.

The menu features lunch specials like a fennel ribeye taco with sweet potato hash, jalapeño remoulade, and cheddar cheese and breakfast alternatives like Mexican toast with agave butter, cinnamon sugar, and banana.

Kenny's Heart & Soul

10. Kenny’s Heart & Soul

Excellent soul cuisine can be found on the Bay Area’s streets thanks to Kenny’s.

Kenny’s transforms dinner into a party with a dedication to providing that sense of coming home to a real eating experience. Don’t forget to eat the cornbread and mac n cheese!

11. Charlie’s Donut Truck

This truck, which is on the picturesque Highway 30A’s north side, specializes in freshly baked pastries and donuts—until they run out.

The best spot to get breakfast before going to the beach is this truck. Every day at 6:30 a.m., Charlie’s opens its doors bright and early and stays open until noon, serving coffee, milk, and other breakfast beverages.

On Somerset Street, you can find it parked next to the amphitheater.

Charlie’s Donut Truck is listed among the best soul food trucks in California.

12. 90 Miles to Go

This food truck offers Freedom Fritters filled with cod, conch, salted corn, sweet corn, and malanga as well as Rellenos filled with your choice of lobster, pulled pork, or ground beef.

It offers unique, authentic Cuban cuisine to its Miami-based customers. This food truck, which combines Cuban traditions with American favorites, is the place to be in North Miami Beach.

This is one of the best soul food trucks you can think of.

13. E’s Sol Food

E’s Sol Food nourishes the spirit. It’s in the name, and it’s what they serve.

A stylish food truck that roams the streets of Fresno, California, serving a fusion of traditional soul, Cajun, and Creole cuisine with a down-home Southern flavor.

Everything at E’s Sol Food is freshly prepared to order using recipes that have been handed down through generations of skilled cooks, from their families to yours.

14. Crepes Paulette

Off the square in Bentonville, Crepes Paulette sells hand-held French crepes in both sweet and savory varieties, or you can create your own.

La Reubenesque with turkey pastrami and cheese is suggested by food critic Kat Robinson, and we advise making use of the food truck’s outdoor seating area.

For lunch, visit them from Wednesday through Sunday at 213 NE A St.

15. California Street Food

You may expect extraordinary soul food flavors in Hemet. Yes, Hemet, California.

California Street Food, which specializes in indulgent mac and cheese, gourmet fries, fried rice, and other dishes, has its headquarters there.

Consider ordering their mac & cheese with carne asada and a special sauce from their menus, such as honey jalapeo or Cajun.

Street Chefs

16. Street Chefs

This food truck, which is run by executive chef Rebecca Kelly, a burger enthusiast, is renowned for its creative takes on comfort food.

Shepherd’s Pie is available as a wrap, grilled cheese with tomato, pesto, and bacon isn’t your mother’s, and The Ritz is a burger worth coveting.

For lunch during the week, visit Street Chefs during Food Truck Thursdays on Tharpe Street and across the city.

17. Hidden Angels

Finding Hidden Angels in Houston, Texas is the best approach to appease your spirit.

Aside from a wide selection of seafood, soul food, cakes, and cookies, this BBQ and soul food truck specializes in premium meat cuts including pork ribs, chicken, and sausage.

In other words, whatever your stomach demands.

Discover Houston’s Hidden Angels, or even better, ask them to grace your upcoming event with their savory soul and smoky ‘Q.

18. Soul Heaven Foods

For a very long time, Soul Heaven Foods has provided Houston, Texas with a wide selection of delicious street food.

They’ve been providing their homemade food for events for the past 20 years, and now they’re loading it all onto a food trailer to provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.

What exactly is Soul Heaven Foods cooking? They provide soul food and Cajun cuisine, which is evident from the name alone and is a definite method to put an end to your hunger.

19. Tucker’s Kitchen

By serving up genuine Louisiana cooking from the window of a food truck, Tucker’s Kitchen is bringing a little bit of soul to the big ol’ state of Texas.

So if you’re craving Cajun food, it’s available here. With a large menu and generous portions to suit even the largest appetites, they have all the spices and ingredients you could ever want.

You are treated to soul food at Tucker’s Kitchen, which is imported directly from the region.

20. Soul Behind Tha Stove

If you live in the Houston area and have ever wondered who the Soul Behind Tha Stove was, it’s most likely Rayna or Marco Ware.

You can taste the husband-and-wife team behind Soul Behind Tha Stove’s first love of cooking in their traditional soul cuisine dishes.

Fill up on their honey-garlic wings, fish and shrimp, or cheeseburger hoagie.


Food trucks are increasingly the preferred option for starting a restaurant business, especially for first-time restaurateurs, because of the inexpensive startup costs and little risk involved.

Undoubtedly, the food truck model has gained popularity among Indians because of an increase in young spending, middle-class spending, conscious consumerism, mobile lifestyles, and the need for sustenance on the go.

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