Where to Get Snowcone Trailer for Sale (and How to Start)

Looking for snow cone trailer for sale? You can go wherever the crowds are if you sell shaved ice from your very own, independent concession trailer.

snow cone trailer for sale

Snow Cone Trailer for sale. Turnkey mobile trailers are being provided and are prepared and equipped for service. 

Simply attach one to your snow cone trailer for sale and travel to a fair, festival, or event to get started.

Once you have a snow cone trailer for sale or purchase, you can use it as you want to make money by selling snow cones, snowballs, or shaved ice.

You decide how to spend your time with your snow cone trailer for sale since you are in charge.

Work special events also run a route or sell seasonally. Of course, there are also no franchise fees.

Starting a Snow Cone Trailer Business

These ice treats, sometimes known as snow cones or snowballs, are a favorite across the nation.

By reading this guide, you will learn the crucial steps to beginning your own snow cone stand.

Choose Your Snow Cone Concept

It’s time to work on your concept if the large profit margin has persuaded you that a snow cone business is the correct choice for you. Which kind of snow cone shop do you want to start? Choose whether you want to sell shaved ice or snow cones first.

Shaved Ice vs Snow Cone

Some major contrasts exist between these two frozen sweets. Snow cones are also typically served in cone-shaped cups and are formed from coarsely flaked ice.

Hawaiian ice is prepared from fluffy shaved ice and is typically served in a bigger foam cup.

The product you decide to sell will help to shape your concept. Small carnival booths and concession kiosks do well with snow cones, but permanent booths or food trucks usually do better with shaved ice.

Snow Cone Name and Logo

It’s crucial to create a name and logo for your shaved ice company as soon as possible. Also, in this manner, you may personalize your snow cone materials for increased brand recognition.

For clients to locate you, you also need to advertise your company on Google My Business.

Snow Cone Business Model and Location

The variety of business models available to run a snow cone business is one of its many benefits.

Many business owners begin with a single snow cone stand before expanding to a permanent facility. Look at a few of the possibilities:

  1. Mobile cart: A mobile merchandising cart and a snow cone maker are combined in snow cone carts. Despite being small machines, they have room for all the equipment needed to manufacture snow cones. This is a cheap option that you can bring to carnivals, fairs, and farmer’s markets if you’re just getting started with snow cones.
  2. Permanent Booth: A folding table and a shaved ice machine are all that are required to set up a stationary booth at an occasion. At boardwalks, stadium concession stands, and farmer’s markets, but you can rent out a booth if you’re looking for something more long-term.
  3. Food truck: On sweltering summer days, a snowball food truck may be just as well-liked as an ice cream truck. You can also have the freedom to visit residential neighborhoods, parks, and events with a food truck business strategy.
  4. Brick and Mortar Shop: The most expensive way to start a shaved ice company is with a permanent storefront.They must factor rent and utilities in, which raises the cost of living. It’s better to begin with a mobile cart or stand rather than building a brick-and-mortar store right immediately.
  5. Year round or Seasonal: Since snow cones are a warm-weather delight, unless your business is located in a state like Texas or Florida, the peak selling season is in the summer. You can function in all four seasons because to the year-round sunshine and warm temperatures. When choosing between a mobile and permanent location, keep these things in mind.

Write a Snow Cone Business Plan

Although they may look scary, business plans aren’t as difficult as you would believe.

A strong business plan lays out your idea, your objectives, and how you’ll turn a profit.

A business plan is necessary if you want to operate a shop because you’ll probably need to get financing for it.

However, if you’re just getting started with a little mobile cart or snow cone stand, the business plan can only be a tool to keep you organized.

Each company strategy is divided into pieces that resemble the following:

  1. The executive summary: which should be the first element of your business plan, is best written last. It is an overview of all the sections that come after.
  2. Company Overview – In this overview, you should provide more specific information about your company. What is your goal statement and why do you want to start a snow cone
  3. Cover your business’s concept and the varieties of snow cones or shaved ice you’ll be selling in your concept and menu. Perhaps you have your eye on a variety of toppings and flavor combinations. Or, you may stick to four syrup varieties that are widely used.If you plan to run your shave ice business on your own without hiring any employees, this section should be kept to a minimum. However, if you intend to expand your company, you can lay out the details of your management structure.
  4. Staffing requirements – As said above, you might not need personnel at the moment. But if you want to grow your company in the future, planning for the number of staff you’ll need now will be helpful. If you plan to run your shave ice business on your own without hiring any employees, this section should be kept to a minimum. However, if you intend to expand your company, you can lay out the details of your management structure.
  5. Staffing requirements: As said above, you might not need personnel at the moment. But if you want to grow your company in the future, planning for the number of staff you’ll need now will be helpful.
  6. Competitor Analysis: In this part, describe your target market and evaluate any nearby competitors selling snow cones. What marketing and advertising strategies will you employ for your snow cone stand? Don’t overlook the low-cost possibility of increasing your company’s presence on social networking networks.
  7. Financial Summary – Your snow cone business plan’s financial section needs to give a detailed breakdown of your entire start-up costs, overhead costs, and profit margin. Also include a projection of your expected profits.

Snow Cone Stand Start-up Costs

According to estimates, the entire cost of opening a snow cone stand ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. A snow cone stand has relatively low entry requirements when it comes to new enterprises. The venture may be entirely self-funded because of the cheap startup costs.
Startup costs for a brick-and-mortar storefront should be comparable to those for a brand-new restaurant.

Snow Cone Stand Permits and License

You need the necessary permits and licenses to run legally even if you’re operating a modest snow cone stand. As food products, snow cones and shaved ice desserts require the same permissions as any food service establishment.

Snow Cone Equipment and Supplies

To start a snow cone stand business, not many resources are required. You’ll require an ice shaver or snow cone maker in addition to a supply of ice, flavoring syrups, and serving equipment. Snow cone production is incredibly easy, which keeps the cost of items sold very low.

Find Events for Your Snow Cone Stand

You’re prepared to start selling summery goodies now that you’ve made the investment in a shaved ice machine or snow cone cart! Many of your potential clients connect snow cones with enjoyable warm-weather activities, good times, and fond memories.

With the appropriate positioning, snow cones nearly sell themselves at events.

Public Event

There are no boundaries to where you may take your mobile snow cone business. Snow cones are popular at the following public events:

  1. Boardwalks and beaches
  2. Common Parks
  3. skating rinks
  4. The Arts Districts
  5. Walkways for pedestrians along rivers
  6. Sports Activities
  7. Flea markets in the open
  8. Markets for produce
  9. Festivals
  10. Fairs and Carnivals

Private Event

Don’t overlook chances in the private sector! At these exclusive events, you can charge a set rate to serve snow cones:

  1. Student Events
  2. Weddings, birthday celebrations, and family reunions
  3. Summertime Holiday Events
  4. Office picnics


How Much Money Do Snow Cone Stands Make?

According to reports, sales for shaved ice and snow cone stands can range from $100 to $2,000 each day.

The reason for the wide range is that the success of your shaved ice business is greatly influenced by both the location and the selling season.

Also, to estimate how much money you can make selling shaved ice, it is more simpler to look at the product’s profit margin.

Snow Cone Business Profit

What makes shave ice so lucrative? Each transaction puts more money in your pocket because the cost of items sold is so low and the markup is so high.

Here is an illustration of how the price of items sold per 6-ounce snow cone is broken down:

Cones or cups for snow cones: $0.05
Ice costs $0.03, snow cone syrup $0.06, and napkins $0.01.
Cost per snow cone overall: $.15
Merchandise cost per 12-ounce serving of shaved ice

Shaved ice costs $.09, ice syrup costs $.17, foam cups cost $.07, spoons cost $.03, and napkins cost $.01. The price per serving of shaved ice comes to $.37.


Snow cones are so enticing because of their inexpensive startup costs, little overhead, and the chance to work outside in the sunshine.

You’re prepared to start turning a profit now that you understand the fundamentals of opening a snow cone stand or shaved ice business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the high markup on shaved ice and snow cones, each transaction generates a sizable profit. Snow cones are a fantastic potential for a first business or supplemental income stream because they have low beginning expenses and little overhead, similar to other concession stand enterprises.

Skewers, fluffy dips and bite-sized treats are all welcome alongside an icy snow cone.

It’s crucial to use only brand-new, immaculately clean snow for recipes involving snow. Verify that nothing else, such as the ground or outside furniture, is being touched by the snow. Additionally, make sure the snow is completely white and carefully check any odd colors.

This distinctive flavor was first created in Hawaii in the 1940s at a shave ice shop. Since then, Tiger’s Blood has gained worldwide renown as a popular Hawaiian shave ice flavor. Also, you might wonder what a Tiger’s Blood shaved ice is. It is the ideal combination of Coconut and Strawberry to pique your taste buds.

Cherry. Cherry is a traditional taste.  
Blue Raspberry: For snow cones, blue is the traditional color, followed by strawberry. Anything strawberry-flavored, whether it be ice cream, sweets, or smoothies, is always a favorite. Other popular flavors include mango, watermelon, passion fruit, green apple, and also pina colada.

Custard egg: Egg custard, which is created with eggs, vanilla, and also sugar, was one of the first flavors to gain popularity. A few decades later, movie theaters began using hand shavers to create sno-cones, which also was sold to patrons to keep them cool.

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