SlideJoy App Review: How Does the App Make Money?

With SlideJoy, you have the opportunity to earn some money at least a day. I will share everything you need to know about this app in this Slidejoy app review.

slide joy review

Slidejoy is an app for lock screen rewards developed in 2014 by Robert Seo and Hovan Yoo. The headquarters of the company is in New York City, NY.

When they share their lock screen on their mobile device, the app pays its users. When a user unlocks their mobile after installing the app, an ad card is served to them.

You get to read the details of the ad if you swipe to the left. You will get a new ad when you swipe up. In addition, you get on the phone when you swipe to the right.

SlideJoy Pros & Cons


  • Multiple options included other than displaying ads.
  • Make money for doing nothing. Just install the app and use it normally.


  • PayPal option is closed.
  • Only available for Android. So, that’s bad news for iOS users.
  • The referral program doesn’t pay carats.
  • Not available in all countries.

How Does Slidejoy Work

In return for installing the app on their phones, Slidejoy makes money from advertisers who put ads on their website and then pay commissions to users.

The company’s business model is to pay its users to keep the app on their smartphones.

This app provides a win-win because users make cash, while advertisers get visibility from Slidejoy ads.

Slidejoy displays a few ads when you unlock your phone once you install the app on your phone. You will be rewarded whether you slide left to view ads or not. The download is free with Slidejoy.

How to Join Slidejoy

Slidejoy is not available globally or at least, that’s what the feedback from other users is saying.

Upon checking their policies, Slidejoy appears to be only available in the United States, the European Economic Area, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland.

The problem though is, there is no clear information on their website on who is eligible to become a member or not.

The only real way to tell is if you check Google Play and see if you are able to download the app.

If it is available to download, then you are eligible to become a member.

They also don’t mention on their website about any specific age requirement to become a member.

However, in my experience, apps like this usually require that you have to be at least 13 years old or older to participate.

But seeing as it is using PayPal as a payment method, you will have to be at least 18 years of age to receive payment via PayPal because that is the minimum age required to create a PayPal account.

So, keep that in mind before you decide to use this app.

If you were able to register as a member, remember that Slidejoy reserves the right to terminate carats of inactive accounts of over 3 months.

So, you need to make sure you have your lockscreen enabled at all times to prevent this from happening.

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How Much Does Slidejoy Pay Per Slide?

The Slidejoy platform does not make it public how it calculates rewards. It uses an algorithm to determine the earnings for its users and does use a pay-per-slide method.

But it is unclear how much it pays per slide. Some people make 15 cents per day, while others may be making 45 cents per day.

As an Android user, your income from the Slidejoy app would be in the range of $5 to $15 per month. The average income from this app is roughly $0.2 per day.

The minimum threshold for a payout is only $2, which is equivalent to 2000 carats. It can take quite a while to reach $2 with an average daily earning of $0.20.


Until your rewards accumulate to the minimum payout amount, they are called “carats” by Slidejoy.

After installation of the Slidejoy app, when you slide the screen and see the ads, some carats are credited to your account.

But it is not clear as to how the Carats are determined and calculated.


When you reach the minimum payout amount, you can request a payout. You can get your mobile phone recharged by the income from the Slidejoy app.

When you have reached the $2 minimum, you can get your cash through PayPal, gift cards, or donate to charity.

How Do You Increase Slidejoy Carats?

The earnings from lock screen ads are one of the many ways to earn Carats and money. They have many different plans, which promise additional income by doing work on the app.

These additional tasks include:

  • Playing games
  • Quizzes
  • Participating and conducting surveys
  • Watching videos

Ascend Media offers more opportunities to earn money, while Cint and Peanut Labs surveys also offer opportunities to earn in addition to screen lock ad plans.

Bottom Line

There you have it. My Slidejoy review in a nutshell. If you’re looking to make a significant income from this app, it probably isn’t going to happen based on the averages.

But if you don’t mind lending your lock screen to brands, in exchange for a couple of dollars a month, this might be right for you.

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