How to Keep a To-do List in Slack

A to-do list is a collection of tasks that you have to complete or items that you desire to perform. Slack does not have a committed to-do list tool. However, Slack is used for so much organizational communication these days, and getting things done for most people is a struggle without to-do lists. Therefore, having somewhere to take down notes may be important.

To-do List Applications on Slack

To-Do lists cannot be created directly in the Slack app. However, there are several apps that can assist you in creating your to-do list on the Slack app.


Installing Asana

1. Go to the Slack app directory and search for asana in the search box.

2. Click on the Add to Slack option. If you already have the Asana app installed in your workplace, you’ll see the choice of opening it in Slack.

3. To give Asana access to Slack, click Allow.

4. To continue to your workplace, click Open Slack.

Connecting Your Asana Account

1. Click Apps at the top of your left sidebar on your desktop. If you don’t see this option, go to More and look for it.

2. Locate and pick Asana, then connect to Asana from the Messages tab.

3. Allow Asana access to Slack by selecting Allow. You will be requested to sign in to your Asana account if you are not already after selecting allow again.

4. To return to your workplace, click Open Slack.

Linking Your Channel to Asana

1. Open the channel you want to link to an Asana project from your desktop.

2. Next to the message area, click the + sign.

3. In the search area, enter /the Asana link.

4. To add the slash command to the message field, click Send to message input. Then forward the message.

5. Select the project to link from the drop-down menu.

6. The software will send a message to all members of the chat informing them that an Asana project has been connected.

Creating a Task

1. Next to the message box, click the + sign. To fill up your goal details, search for and pick Asana, then click Create a task.

2. Drag your mouse over a message and choose the three dots icon. Then, from the menu, choose to create a task.

To Set up the Notification

1. Begin by choosing the channel for which you would like the notifications bar on the left, and then type the command /asana link in Slack.

2. After that, press the enter key.

3. You may now choose whatever project you wish to associate with the channel.

To-do Bot

The Slack to-Do app allows you to create tasks while a discussion is taking place. It aims to be more powerful than a to-do list while avoiding the unnecessary burden associated with project management solutions.

To-do lists enable you to manage your tasks. You can add extra details and comments to each task. You could also mark jobs as finished without leaving the Slack window.

If you specify deadlines, the bot will give you daily updates. Channels are used to coordinate all tasks.

By looking at that specific channel, you may obtain a full insight into what your team is working on.

You could also use the command /my to-do to maintain your personal to-do list separate from that of your team.

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To-doist is a task manager and to-do list app for professionals and small enterprises.

It helps users simplify their personal and team productivity and work more successfully by combining tasks, projects, comments, attachments, alerts, and more.

Using the board or list view, users may manage projects and interact with other team members.

To-doist allows each user to take charge of their own work efficiency by combining strong labels, filters, and sorting to create productive workflows that are tailored to their needs.

With natural language, adding onetime or repeating tasks on the fly is simple.


Kyber provides a wide range of project management, task management, and personal productivity functions.

Kyber’s time list consolidates to-dos, calendars, and reminders into one location. You may also send a task as a private message to any of your team members using Kyber.

When a job is not done, you may set up reminders or follow up. You may also create a day-to-day activity plan.

Kyber’s interactive messaging makes meeting scheduling enjoyable. With this useful tool, you can attach documents, add meeting agendas, and manage meeting invitations.

Kyber may also connect with a third-party calendar to bring all appointments into Slack.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can easily create a to-do list on slack. To learn how to read the article above.

Slack interacts with a wide range of task management tools.

To turn messages into tasks, simply type /to-do before the message if you have the simple to-do app on slack.

Workflow Builder is a new visual tool that lets any Slack user to organize normal tasks by designing unique processes.

Workflows aren’t free, they are part of a paid feature in slack.

1. To access the function, open the menu in a specific Slack workspace, scroll down to Tools, and pick Workflow Builder.
2. To begin, click the Create button and give your workflow a meaningful title.

1. Click your workspace and go to the menu.

2. Choose Settings & administration, then Organization settings.

3. Select Enable or Disable next to Workflow Builder.

1. Download a Slack app that can help you do tasks.
2. Once the app is configured, you may add or amend tasks from any channel or direct message.
3. Without leaving your Slack workplace, assign tasks to teammates and mark them as accomplished.

In a Slack channel, type /to do and press enter. To select the space/channel and list for your assignment, use the drop-down choices under ‘Space & List.’

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