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3 Best Slack Standup Bots in 2022 (Everything You Need to Know)

Standup bots on Slack have quickly become a must-have for high-performing agile teams. Teams that use Slack effectively will always be responsible and consistent without losing time.

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What is a Slack Daily Standup?

A daily stand-up session, also known as a daily Scrum meeting or Scrum event, is your way of staying informed about your team’s needs and achievements.

It’s more than a daily or weekly meeting; the culture of Scrum and Agile is deep.

But you don’t have to fully immerse yourself to benefit from what this ideology has to offer you, your group, and the work that you do together.

Fortunately, various Slack integrations exist to help you organize real-time standup meetings in Slack.

A Scrum meeting’s goal is to enable all parties concerned to synchronize themselves with one or more “north star” goals. 

You achieve synchronization by notifying your group through open and honest communication, responses, and a complete accountability system.

They are better prepared to tackle the work ahead because of this insight and your assistance as a supervisor.

Let’s talk about which Slack Standup bot is best for you and your team.

3 Best Slack Standup Bots

These slack bots provide teams with the perks of standup meetings.

Such as knowing what the rest of the team is working on, communicating where people are trapped, and making connections.

All these without the need for long and tedious meetings or disruptions to workflow.

There are multiple choices to choose from.

We recognize that sorting through them and deciding which tool is best for you can be difficult and time-consuming.

That’s where we can help!


1. The Geekbot

Notably, on Capterra, Trustpilot, and G2, Geekbot has more customer reviews than all other Slack standup bot competitors combined.

Geekbot has pre-programmed responses to various types of queries you can ask your team.

When creating a new standup in the Geekbot dashboard, simply choose from a list of pre-programmed questions such as:

Team Appraisal, Sales Report, Team Feedback, Meeting Minutes, Botches Log, and Pizza Toppings.

Also,  among the features are ‘Today I learned,’ Product Update, Default Questionnaires, “Time” and “Timezone”, “Period & Days”, and “Event summary.”

All of these features allow you to run a successful meeting without missing a beat.

What Happens when you Build a Geekbot Standup?

When you create a standup, Geekbot sends a reminder to all attendees in their Slack work area at the time and date you stipulate.

Attendees can respond when they are prepared after the standup commences.

Unlike Standuply and Polly, there are no time constraints by default.

The lack of a time limit allows team members to finish the standup at a suitable time that does not interfere with their task.

For example, if you’re in the location and scripting at 2:00 PM, you don’t have to stop because a standup meeting is about to finish in 5 minutes.

Running standups via a Slackbot has the added advantage of recorded history of reactions.

This is in addition to the benefits of not obstructing tasks and being amenable to virtual workers mentioned above.

Many patrons use Geekbot’s home screen or Slack to audit the record of their standups for specific projects.

These data will assist them to work better on new projects and avoid making the same mistakes.

It also enables teams to hold more effective meetings.

2. Standuply

Standuply excels at having diligent supervision.

Leaders can direct all standup responses to themselves.

(instead of being shared to a public Slack channel that everyone can see).

It is an excellent choice for global enterprises that are less concerned with clarity and convenience.

Instead, it is preferable for businesses that want to restrict reactions to specific persons or supervisors.

To run a standup, you can choose your routine, and meeting attendees, and personalize the standard standup meeting queries.

You can also use data requests to capture data from third-party apps.

When you create a standup, Standuply sends an alert to all respondents in their Slack workspace at the date and time you specify.

What Happens After Standup Participants Finish Answering?

Standuply can be customized to show results via Slack channel, email, Webhook, or Excel.

The answers record and team analysis tools can be transferred to PDF.

Webhooks can be used to send responses and data to other products.

As a result, it’s critical to note that the Standuply Team is developing a trend of using the bot as a capable digital assistant.

Their actual intent is that Standuply can assist you in finding any info you require.

And it’s quite interesting and beneficial because it fixes the work issues of big enterprises when the search for needed data becomes a real hassle.

To pick the right plan, you must first ascertain the number of staff and the set of features that your team requires to finish various tasks.

Standuply’s website provides a thorough explanation of each plan.

Another advantage of this bot is that Standuply provides a free 30-day trial with the most popular bot features on Slack.

3. Polly

Polly provides a Slack standup bot that does the job, but it lacks the layout focuses of Geekbot and Standuply.

This matters because a standup bot is just one of Polly’s features.

Unlike Geekbot and Standuply, their product does not rely entirely on Slack standups.

Polly is a fantastic Slack app for assessing and getting feedback at scale via polls for diverse Slack workflows (not just daily standups).

While it is costly, they provide survey workflows within Slack for:

Staff training and involvement, IT Helpdesk health, Slack adoption, and much more!

Polly’s numerous toolchains can provide the most value to large business firms.

Polly performs standups in the form of a survey.

This differs from the chatbots of Geekbot and Standuply.

Some consumers love to chat with a bot because it is more enjoyable and informal.

Polly sends out notifications to prod coworkers who haven’t ended their standup responses.

You can also choose how you want to receive your standup reports.

Once the answers are concluded, you can unlock the results online through a web dashboard.

Polly’s Pricing and Plan Options

Polly has a wide range of plans spanning from $29/mo to $79/mo (billed annually).

They also supply a personalized enterprise plan.

Polly can be more pricey than rivals because it provides more than just a Slack standup bot.

It also contains a variety of other components to help run assessments within Slack.

They’ve already been mentioned.

If your principal utilization situation is a Slack standup bot for computerizing and enhancing standup meetings, we believe a solution centered on that issue is more practical.


Final Words

We sympathize with anyone who believes that meetings are frequently a pointless exercise.

The value of a daily stand-up meeting, on the other hand, cannot be overstated.

Especially if the efficiency of your team in regards to your overall objectives is important to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are free Slack bots

Deliver reminders to you and your teammates in channels and DMs.

Notify someone when you mention them in a channel they’re not a part of.

And more!

Start Each Standup with an Icebreaker.

Appreciation Time

Minimize Irrelevant Updates.

Any member can start it




Avoid micromanaging the team.

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