What is Polly and How to Use Polly in Slack

Slack Polly is an engagement tool designed specifically for Zoom Apps, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. Internal teams of all sizes may quickly make better decisions based on data thanks to Polly.

With more than 30 templates available in Polly, it’s simple to receive quick input without spending a lot of time crafting a poll. Polly is a productive office solution that integrates with both Slack and Microsoft Teams.

An interactive slack poll is a great method to increase engagement, better assess team satisfaction, and offer everyone a voice.

Whether it’s a brief survey asking for feedback on how to enhance standup meetings or a longer survey asking for suggestions on how to enhance team communication.

Slack doesn’t have a polling feature by default, although adding one is simple and frequently included in most free subscriptions.

What is Slack?

It is designed to function in a setting where users are accustomed to being connected, giving prompt responses, and viewing outcomes immediately.

You’ll probably never stop using Polly in Slack once you start. There are a plethora of effective methods to utilize Polly. Polly will come in handy if the employees in your Slack workspace need to collaborate closely.

Simply conduct a fast poll or pose a yes-or-no question when you can’t come to an agreement. It demonstrates democracy in the workplace.

Consider Polly to be Slack’s devoted companion. Your workdays will be easier to manage when they function together.


What is a Poll?

A poll can be sent as a direct message or to a Slack channel, and you can select from a range of question types, such as multiple-choice, rating-scale, and open-ended questions.

You don’t need to bother about downloading spreadsheets because you can view poll results immediately.

Simple Poll

You may add polls straight to Slack using Simple Poll.

These native polls are simple and quick for your team members to respond to, and you can even set up recurring polls that will automatically post in accordance with your team’s workflow.

The best location to share those polls is Slack.

There are a few ways to create or share a poll on this platform, even though there isn’t a unique Slack poll option.

Emoji reactions can be used for a quick poll, or a polling tool or form builder can be used for a more involved one. For additional information on how to use any of these options, continue reading.

Emoji Slack

Slack’s emoji polls are quick and casual, but they can only be used for single-question surveys.

You’ll need to compose the poll question and any responses you want your team to utilize before you can create one.  message after giving each response a unique emoji.

Additionally, you have the choice to limit votes to one per person or make polls anonymous. Making a poll is as simple as copying  pasting, which might help you acquire results more quickly.

Why Use Polly?

Here are some justifications for why Polly is the ideal Slack app for your business:

  1. It’s built specifically for Slack and designed to function effortlessly and attractively there!
  2. Instant feedback: Send a poll and receive results in a matter of seconds, either voluntarily or anonymously.
  3. Send a poll to a channel or a direct message to specific channel members to obtain a quicker answer.
  4. Multiple-choice questions: what are they? Grading system? Open-ended inquiries? We have your back!
  5. Break the ice: Use brief, enjoyable activities like quizzes to mingle with your audience and lighten the atmosphere.

How to Use Polly to Create a Poll in Slack

You can ask the inquiry after you’ve entered that command. You use quotation marks to demarcate the choices in your poll. Simply press the enter key after that.

You’ll get the link you need to create the poll on the Polly web app. The online app also provides access to other polling options.

But starting from the web app is another way to create a poll from scratch. Utilize your dashboard and the “Create Poll” button to their full potential.

Use the web app directly if you want to construct a survey, which is a little more involved. If you want, you can make your surveys and polls anonymously. You can even keep the team’s other members from seeing the voting results.

How to do a Poll in Slack

  • Create a New Slack Poll
  • Name your Poll: You can decide where you want your poll to be broadcast and give it a name. You can choose at this point whether the poll is anonymous. When you want your team to communicate or vote without worrying about consequences, you may sometimes choose anonymous polls.
  • Write Your Questions: Next, you’re going to write the question(s) you want your team to answer.
  • Select Your Participants
  • Plan your Slack poll
  • Distribute a Slack poll: You can schedule the distribution of your Slack poll once you’ve completed all the required fields.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polly’s pricing has never been easier to understand. For teams of any size, Polly is available without cost forever. Upgrades to premium plans are available!

To begin composing a message that launches your poll,

  1. Click the compose button.
  2. For easier reading, select emojis for each vote option and add them to the message using blockquote formatting.
  3. Your message has been sent.
  4. Wait for your team members to cast their votes using emojis!

Yes, as part of the AWS Free Usage Tier, you can get started with Amazon Polly for free.

Go to either your personal DM or a test channel on Slack. To start a Polly, use the /Polly command. Complete all the fields you want to test, then click Send.

You may start creating the polls you’ll need to send throughout the meeting once you’ve added the Polly tab to your meeting. To create any questions, quizzes, or Q&A sessions you might need for your forthcoming meeting, just click the “Create” button on the tab. Any polls you generate won’t be visible to the audience until you send them.

  • In your Teams Calendar, modify the meeting.
  • Choose the Add a tab option from the top menu.
  • Click Add after selecting Polly.
  • On the tab setup page, click Save.
  • Start making your pollies!

Only Polly senders need a license.

Agile polly’s asynchronous Standups solution was created with best practices in the Agile Scrum methodology in mind. You may quickly post the Standup series to a channel or group chat thanks to features that are integrated with each one that is recurring and non-anonymous.

Message sent via chat
The quickest and simplest approach to launch a poll is to start typing @polly. This will give you the option to launch a simple poll or a more complex poll using the Poll Builder.

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