How to Use Slack’s Donut Bot to Foster Connection for Team Building

It can be difficult to maintain communication and relationships when employees are dispersed across numerous places with varying time zones. Slack Donut comes in handy here. The mission of Donut is to make it simple for everyone to form meaningful relationships with their coworkers.

slack donut

Slack Donut Bot

It can be challenging to keep a sense of belonging in a young business with new arrivals nearly every week.

You find it even more difficult when your team is scattered across numerous locations in different nations, time zones, and teams.

Consequently, you are unable to run into someone for a friendly chat.

How could supervisors pair people up globally in an easier manner?


Donut Connection on Slack

Donut allows team members to pair up within Slack and plan an outing.

It could be both virtual and physical.

Donut began as an experiment where participants were arranged to meet for coffee and a snack.

They later upload photos and recordings from their outing to the designated Slack channel so that everyone can discuss it.

Donut administrators oversee the details of how people run the programs.

from timing to who is included, to the program’s purpose, and how it is communicated to all participants.

The introductions are a quick and easy way to link up with teammates within Slack.

Donut will randomly select people from your Intro stream and send them a DM inviting them to meet up for lunch, donuts, or a virtual coffee over video chat!

It then tries to connect people who would never meet otherwise.

The bot accomplishes this by analyzing who is active in which channels and matching people who aren’t active in many of them.

Settings on Donut

Teammates can choose to leave in a variety of ways.

This includes briefly sleeping while on vacation or disabling intros for a lengthy period of time.

There’s also a menu of options in Donut’s “Home” tab in Slack, where they can evaluate their latest intros.

And they can track the progress of those gatherings, and send unexpected accolades to colleagues.

In addition, people can request a donut meeting and update their set of teammates they don’t want to be connected to for any purpose.

If your team has Outlook or Google Calendar integration enabled, teammates can control their chat schedule times.

Donut also keeps track of who has previously been introduced in order to avoid repeat introductions.

Doughnut Puns

Who doesn’t enjoy a good donut?

It works just great when you want to give the kids a treat after school.

You can also enjoy a donut with your morning coffee.

There’s never a bad time to splurge on this delectable snack.

Whatever your favorite flavor is, there is a donut to match it.

From pumpkin spice (it’s the season) to a quintessential glazed.

As you’ll see, these puns are as varied as the donuts themselves:

Some are cute, a few are simply delightful, and a couple is reserved for donut aficionados only.

Funny Donut Puns

1. What is the most nutritious part of a donut? The center.

2. Taekwon-dough is a type of donut martial arts.

3. What made the donut visit the dentist? To have a filling.

4. What did a frustrated donut say to his wife? Donut speak with me.

5. Donut go breaking my heart (I couldn’t if I fried).

6. What is the theme song for National Donut Day? “Donut Give Up Believing.”

7. Donuts began going to therapy because they felt something was missing and they never felt hole enough.

8. Why are donuts, such bad teachers? They constantly glaze over the important details

9. Don’t be concerned about aging donuts; they’re simply going through a-dough-lescence.

10. What made the donut visit a therapist? He felt empty on the inside.

11. What became of the renegade donuts? They vanished in a glaze of glory.

12. Donut worry about anything.

13. What do you call a pastry who is also a priest? A Holy Donut!

14. What kind of evidence can a donut not bring to trial? Anecdoughtal evidence.

15. Why did the donut go to the doctor? He was feeling crumby.

16. What is a donut’s favorite day of the week? Fry-day.

17. How did the strawberry donut taste after dinner? Jam-packed!

18. Someone sent me a donut in an email. It was an e-clair.

19. You donut enjoy donuts? What a shame!

20. A donut’s favorite drink is hole-y water!

21. Even though you are old, you donot appear to be.

22. I donut feel whole without you.

23. What is a donut’s favorite lullaby? “Sprinkle, Sprinkle Little Star.”

Final Words

Slack Donut promotes team spirit and team bonding.

This is because it allows both distant and nearby coworkers to connect regardless of distance.

It can be useful when you feel isolated in your surroundings.

It ensures that you do not run out of topics during meetings by generating ice breakers to make your meetings more enjoyable!


Frequently Asked Questions

If your team uses Google Meet or Microsoft Teams video, you can select them as your default option for Donut meetings.

The Donut for Slack is an app that allows users to automatically introduce teammates in Slack via direct messages. 

It has a free plan. But standard plans start at $49 USD per month (billed annually)

Donut will select people from your Intro channel, and will send a DM encouraging them to meet up for lunch, donuts, or a virtual coffee over video chat!

Donut is American English while the British prefer Doughnut

Once the app is installed, anyone in your workspace can connect their Office 365 account with Slack to use it.

Teams navigation is more focused on teams, while Slack puts more emphasis on channels, and work areas that users create around projects, topics, or teams.

Slack games are ways to use the communication platform Slack for fun and remote team bonding.

For example, you can play tic tac toe, ping pong, and hangman.

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