10 Sites Offering Free Samples Without Surveys in 2020

10 Sites Offering Free Samples Without Surveys in 2020.

Are you looking to get freebies by mail? Look no more. Just Browse through the list of sites below and request as many as you like.

10 Sites Offering Free Samples Without Surveys in 2020

The best way for companies to introduce their products to you is to give away free samples and freebies, and many will send you free samples in the mail with free shipping.

A list of sites that offers free sample by mail can be seen below. When you sign up for free samples, remember that most businesses take 6-8 weeks to fulfill sample orders.

Top Sites Offering Free Samples Without Surveys

Free Stuff:

The freebies are rated by category on this fun platform. The more valuable items could require additional work, but look no further if you’re looking for free samples without strings attached.

You’ll also find entry forms for hot products such as smartwatches and Google Pixel phones for sweepstakes and givingaways.

Sweet Free Stuff:

Fresh free samples every day, ranging from cosmetics and food to magazines and wellness products, are highlighted on this site. Sweet Free Stuff has been updating its website daily since 2002 to put freebies in the hands of its loyal tourists so they can enjoy the best deals and free samples out there.

Women Freebies:

Some of these deals are not for women only (hello, free pizza and pet food)! However, Women Freebies has a wide range of samples of beauty products, including free lipstick, hair care, and things for skin care.

The platform also offers incredible prizes, such as a Samsung smartphone, Acuve contacts, and Dell laptops, free daily giveaways.

Free Stuff Times:

This is a well-populated platform with many easily available free-sample tools for anyone. Free Stuff Times also provides guests with the ability to shop for free ebooks, movie tickets and subscriptions to magazines.

Internet Steals and Deals

The woman who runs this site is called Becky, and for the best free samples, she personally spends hours combing the internet.

The freebies on her web are numerous, and none include surveys, from shampoo and makeup to home decor and baby items. She also has plenty of tips on how to save and more popular stores at Amazon.com.


This site automatically orders free samples for you, making it as easy to enjoy your freebies as possible. It is updated every day and provides a wide range of free samples to search and try out easily.

Sample A Day

This site’s creators have a great sense of humor about what makes us happy – and those are free samples! From skin care and beauty to free Amazon Prime trials and PlayStation games, they can hook you up with direct ties to brands you love that already offer the best freebies.

My Free Product Samples

This resource has a great deal of free goods, sweepstakes and great offers to sell. The platform is periodically updated keeping its content new.

In addition, there is a dedicated page and tutorial that enables you to spot scammers who promise but never deliver things. How awesome is it?!

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Freeflys has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, The Doctors, Fox News and a handful of other media outlets as yet another strong contender in the freebies room.

This site utilizes email notifications to inform users about free-sample deals This site has gotten media attention from Fox and ABC TV for a good reason, it seamlessly links companies to consumers.

as they happen, similar to most of these pages. The platform also allows you to use their handy search bar to search for a particular product.

I Love Free Things

One of the most established sites of the online free sample scene, I Love Free Things has been around since 2006 and offers a wide array of goodies, such as free perfume, magazine subscriptions and skin care products.

Sample Source:

This site has a fantastic attitude of “try before you buy” that we can certainly get behind. You will get free samples of makeup, beauty treatment, household cleaning and even food and snacks delivered right to your door with a free membership.

Free-Sample Scams: How to Avoid

When in doubt about the validity of a website or “special offer,” remember these tips to ensure you don’t fall into a free-sample scam.

  • Focus on looking at the products that you want.
  • Remember that surveys are not your job–you don’t have to fill them out.
  • Free-trial requirements are not part of a free sample.
  • Look for websites that send you to the actual company offering the free sample.
  • Free samples never require more than your basic information, such as name and address. If a site asks for credit card information or social security numbers, leave immediately.
  • Like your favorite companies on social media. They might promote samples directly through Facebook or Twitter in exchange for you “sharing” the offer or product with your followers.

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