10 Best Sites Like Craigslist to Buy or Sell Items 2021 Update

Craigslist offers you the opportunity to sell and buy literally anything you can imagine. But, other people are just looking for sites like Craigslist because the website is just not their jam.

Craigslist has become one of the most popular and effective websites for doing business online.

Craigslist promotes everything from selling cars, and homes, seeking hookups, posting insane classified ads, and even getting into anonymous online feuds with your neighbors. The list is long, and we can go on and on …

While Craigslist is one of the largest and most popular classified sites out there, it’s not the only site of its kind.

When Craigslist withdrew her personal section shortly after the 2018 U.S. Senate passed the “Allow States and Victims to Tackle Online Sex Trafficking Act Bill.” Many users have begun to search for other websites that could replace Craigslist.

Alternatively, some people are just looking for Craigslist substitutes because the platform is simply not their jam. So, what are some of the other sites like Craigslist?

Sites Like Craigslist to Buy (or Sell) Items

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has more than one billion users, ensuring you have a mature audience to market to. Facebook provides two simple ways to buy and sell items.

The Facebook Marketplace includes a classifieds-like app where you can browse near you newly added products or check for unique things.

Facebook also creates buy-and-sell groups based on particular products, such as gardening supplies or outdoor gear.

If you are looking for something unique to buy or sell, joining a buy-and-sale community will help to narrow down your chances even further, particularly if you have a niche item.

If you are going to ship your item, you will have to handle all the shipping information by yourself.


This site prides itself on being “a work, car, and real estate search engine.” It has a smartphone app that you can download for convenience.

Torvit usually pulls its search results from other classifieds websites, so you don’t have to search through multiple sites to find what you’re looking for. Even if you are unable to sell directly through their website, your product listing on another website may appear in TorVit.

Also, you can use their premium ad service that allows you to pay, so that your product listing can appear in their search results.


If you’re just looking to buy and sell products, then Mercari is a listing app that lets you dig out all the needless extras and concentrate on buying and selling.

The app’s design and usability (and the site) are excellent, and with a fast delivery system that significantly expands the number of people you can meet, Mercari makes it simple.

Yeah, there is a discount of 10 percent, but the extra feature makes it worthwhile. On the purchasing side, finding cheap used tech, used clothes, and lots of other things is a great spot.

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As far as Craigslist alternatives go, Offerup is relatively small. But, it still has a lot of product listings and has become more popular recently with 23 million app downloads.

It was also awarded “App of the Year” by Geekwire. Sellers and visitors can also broadcast their listings on Facebook.

Both buyers and sellers can receive ratings. This can help make the sales process feel more secure and keep scammers to a minimum.

To live up to its name, Offerup allows you to accept the seller’s listed price or make your own offer. You can also add listings to your watch list if you are not ready to buy at once.


Letgo is most likely the most common and best substitute for craigslists. The platform enables you to search for unique keywords or general categories such as vehicles and fashion, making it much easier to use.

Letgo is thought to be more stable than Craigslist. What’s that for? Well, you need to first check your Google or Facebook account in order to create a Letgo profile.

The platform is fairly easy and effective, allowing sellers to obtain more information. You can post videos and pictures of things you wish to sell, for example.

The Letgo app enables you to connect with prospective buyers or sellers or to interact. That way, you don’t need to post your email address or phone number. This unique feature makes some customers feel more comfortable when transacting with foreigners.


Recycler allows individuals to create “ads” for their products and list them at various prices. You can enter the city or town of your choice, and specify the distance you want to search.

These kinds of setting options make Recycler quite user-friendly. You can move quickly through a variety of categories and sub-categories to find what you want, set price ranges, or simply search by the major city if you prefer.

A number of businesses often advertise their used goods on the site as well.


EBay is the best platform for anyone looking to buy and sell stuff. Listing the products on eBay is super easy.

If you want to sell something on eBay, just enter the item category you want to sell, eBay will provide you with a list of items that resemble yours, allow you to set your item’s conditions, and finally, the platform will send you recommendations for pricing.

One big issue with eBay is that they charge fees for listing and selling. These charges will cut your income deeply when you sell. While you can still increase the price of your sale to cover the fees for listing and selling.


On the other hand, Bedpage.com seems to be an exact duplicate of Craigslist but it still allows for users. The gui used is nice and new, maybe a lesson from Craigslist that had an 80 ‘s look to it that often seemed too old despite being easy to use.

The registration process here is cumbersome, validating all the details to make sure that no fake users get to even begin with the registration process past.

Bedpage.com has put rigorous measures in place to avoid the ever-prevailing plague of fake users, the personal sites.

Although this is a method worthy of emulation from other pages, some locations on Bedpage appear empty. For those who possess many users, you can be sure to enjoy the benefits of a site that cares.

Perhaps with time, all locations will be full of requests and with 100% real users.


This is the number-one Craigslist rival. With roughly 1.8 million users, this free website is booming. Oodle, like Craigslist, is a classified add-to-list service website. Oodle is reinventing classifieds online by leveraging the influence of social media.

It provides a friendly marketplace for consumers, where they can purchase, sell, and trade. Some of the categories they offer include; Merchandise, vehicles, rentals & real estate, jobs, pets, tickets, services, etc.


Swappa helps you buy and sell a wide variety of electronic items, such as:

  • cell phones
  • cameras
  • watches
  • video games
  • tablets

And much. They also help you buy and sell smart home appliances like voice assistants, gaming devices, and thermostats. As a seller, you will not be charged any sale fees on Swappa.

Buyers pay a small fee while buying on Swappa, as Swappa helps with the sale to make sure everything goes smoothly. The charge is (typically) refundable if the buyer is not satisfied after the product has been purchased.

Bottom Line

Sites like Craigslist will be a better option than the others, depending on where you live. Time and experience alone will help you learn the best alternative sites for your area.

Give one of those a try the next time you’re ready to buy or sell locally online. Perhaps you will be surprised at the results.

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