Simply the Best Schitt's Creek
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Simply the Best Schitt’s Creek

– Simply the Best Schitt’s Creek –

Throughout the course of Schitt’s Creek, the song Simply The Best has become synonymous with Patrick and David’s blossoming romance. In this article, you will get to know some updates on simply the best Schitt’s creek.

Simply the Best Schitt's Creek

Simply the Best Schitt’s Creek

If you’re a fan of Schitt’s Creek, you’re well aware of the importance of the song “Simply the Best” to the program.

It moves the song aids in the telling of Patrick and David’s love story, and.

And it appears that fans aren’t the only ones who were moved by Partick’s first serenade of David in the episode. Move over, the cast of Schitt’s Creek was likewise moved by the event.

However, “Simply The Best” is a cover of Tina Turner’s legendary song “The Best.” Dan Levy, who co-created and acted in the program, told Entertainment Weekly that Turner’s song has always captivated him.

Furthermore, this is because of the wonderful lyrics. He decided he wanted to write it into the show after learning that Noah Reid, who plays Patrick in Schitt’s Creek, is a good pianist.


Noah Reid Reimagined ‘Simply the Best’ for ‘Schitt’s Creek’

Simply the Best Schitt's Creek

When it came time to recreate the song for Schitt’s Creek, Levy offered to have an interpreter brought in.

Reid, on the other hand, asked to sit with the lyrics for a while so he could come up with something on his own.

The result was a slowed-down, sentimental, and lovely rendition of Turner’s song, which he first gave to Levy in a voice memo.

Reid’s cover struck a chord with Levy right away, and he felt the music would give the scenario he’d written the emotional weight it required.

Other Things to Know

But how was it to shoot the scene in which Patrick serenades David with “Simply the Best”?

Levy claimed that filming was simple for him because it was easy for him to act moved when he was genuinely moved.

Another member of the Schitt’s Creek ensemble, however, had a harder issue with the moment because her personal reaction wasn’t exactly what fans expected from her character, according to Levy.

The actress who played Moira Rose, Catherine O’Hara, was moved to tears during the performance.

Dan Levy Reveals his Fellow Cast Member was Moved to Tears

Simply the Best Schitt's Creek

“When it came time to shoot it, all we had to do was sit back and listen to him sing,” Levy said of the famed Schitt’s Creek scene.

“And it moved Catherine [O’Hara] so much that she couldn’t finish the episode; she couldn’t finish the sequence without crying.”

And having Moira weep didn’t really help us out, so we had to find a way to go around that.”


More Things to Know

Though viewers don’t get to watch O’Hara cry, they may notice the actress brushing her tears away. Levy explains about his fellow Schitt’s Creek cast member.

“At one point she sorts of turns back to seek for a tissue, which was not part of the play.”

“But it’s a funny little I mean, you toss that in because I think it’s important to demonstrate the candidness of television now and then.

” But it was a great moment, one that meant a lot to me since it was a parent standing by their child.”

The Song has Become an Important Part of the Show

The “Simply the Best” sequence clearly meant as much to the Schitt’s Creek cast as it did to the audience.

Despite the fact that the show is ended, we have a feeling that fans will remember the beautiful scene for years to come.

Schitt’s Creek: What The Cast Is Working On Now

Schitt's Creek: The Cast

Schitt’s Creek finished with an Emmy sweep and a syndication contract, and here’s what the award-winning cast is up to next.

As a Canadian sitcom, it ended in 2020, and here’s where you can see the cast next. It was aired on CBC Television in Canada for six seasons and was broadcast on Pop TV in the United States.

The sitcom follows the rich Rose family as they are forced to relocate to the little hamlet of Schitt’s Creek after losing all their own. Father-son pair Eugene Levy and Daniel Levy created it.

The Rose family’s reconnection with one other and their community was praised in Schitt’s Creek for its inclusive and cheerful tone, as well as its empathetic and nuanced portrayal.

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