Should you Pay Your Life Insurance Premiums Monthly or Annually

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Life Insurance Premiums: For many, life insurance could be a reliable way to give monetary security to their adored ones once their death. However, the method of buying insurance is commonly riddled with confusion. As an example, you’ll ponder whether you ought to choose term insurance or whole life insurance, or what insurance company most closely fits your wants.

Life Insurance Premiums

Amid these key selections, you furthermore may got to take into account however you’ll pay your insurance premium.

Payment plans and insurance rates vary from policy to policy. Most suppliers permit policyholders to pay monthly, semi-annually (twice a year), quarterly (four times a year), or annually. Here, let’s look into the advantages of making payments annually and monthly.

What is a life insurance premium?

Insurance may be a contract between the insurance company and the life guaranteed and each contract to be enforceable under the law must include a substantial consideration. In this case, the premium is the thought or consideration which makes the contract complete.

An insurance premium is for the most part communicated as a premium per thousand rupees of sum guaranteed and is outlined within the frame of tables of premium rates by insurance companies. Premium changes across.

Paying Life Insurance Premiums Annually

One of the greatest benefits of choosing yearly installments is cost savings, as most life insurance companies offer critical discounts for paying in full once a year.

Depending on the arrangement type, you will be able to spare anywhere from 2 to 8 percent of the full yearly premium.

If you’re paying your entirety or permanent life insurance premium yearly, you will indeed discover that the reserve funds and return on speculation can be higher than a few great stocks. Of course, it’s continuously best to weigh all investment options before making your decision.

If you’re considering making a yearly installment to save money, at that point shopping around for different life protection cities is key.

Whereas most of the top life protection companies do incentivize yearly installments, they don’t do so similarly. Liberty Mutual, for example, regularly offers a yearly installment discount of 8 percent, whereas Pacific Life offers a 2 percent discount for yearly payments.

In addition to saving what may be a considerable sum on your arrangement premium, paying yearly gets life protections out of the way and liberates your month-to-month budget for other commitments.

Just simply pay your premium once, in full, and you’ll disregard almost the installment for 12 months.

Paying Life Insurance Premiums Monthly

Depending on your age, health, and therefore the insurance sort (term life or permanent) and also the policy quantity you select, you will pay from a couple of $100 a year to a couple of thousand.

If your monetary state prevents you from parting with the complete value just once, creating monthly payments could also be ideal.

Monthly premium payments spreads the payment out over a year. Permitting life assurance to affix the ranks of your alternative monthly bills, like mortgage payments, utilities, and telephone bills will build it easier on your budget.

Monthly premium payments might also give you a lot of liquidity and earning power. You’ll be able to invest the money you’d have spent in one annual payment in assets which will yield higher returns than what a permanent life assurance policy provides.

Savvy investors ought to weigh the returns on their policy versus alternative investment strategies, like mutual funds or stock choices.

How Do I Pay for My Life Insurance Premiums?


Paying with Paper Checks

If you would prefer to send a paper check for each life assurance premium, you need to decide on to pay annually. If you rather have a monthly payment schedule, most firms would force you to line up EFT payments.


It’s a lot easier to forget to pay your premiums if you wish to send a paper check monthly. It’s a lot of work for insurance firms to keep track of all of their customers’ paper checks coming back in very often. And once customers forget to pay, the underwriter as a courtesy sends out payment reminders.

More policies would lapse a lot usually requiring grace periods and reinstatement processes to occur way more often. All of those things value time and money—which would mean forcing customers to pay a lot more.

To keep prices lower, firms need automated EFT payments for people who value more highly to pay monthly.

Paying with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

EFT payments mechanically withdraw premium payments directly from your checking or bank account every month. you’ll be able to select this feature if you pay annually, however it’s needed if you pay monthly.

It’s a simple way to ensure your premium gets paid on time therefore your policy doesn’t lapse

Paying with Money Orders or Cashier’s Check

Having to pay your life assurance premiums with cash orders or cashier’s checks is mostly not permissible since the insurance firms need to ensure you have got a U.S. checking account.

Paying with Credit Cards

There are some insurance firms that enable you to pay your initial premium payment on a MasterCard, however, the bulk of firms don’t enable it on your future payments. Most firms don’t enable MasterCard payments whatsoever.


There are a few reasons why life assurance firms don’t enable MasterCard payments:

  • Typical merchant fees charged for credit card transactions are 3-4% and can be higher for cards that have to be keyed in (versus swiped)—which would be all premium credit card payments.
  • Credit card payments would add an additional step to the posting process. The processing staff would have to post the payment and then key in the credit card numbers. These steps are extra time and money, not to mention there is an extra opportunity for errors.
  • Credit cards expire whereas savings and checking accounts do not. Life insurance companies would be reaching out to their customers frequently needing updated card information to ensure policies don’t lapse. Again, these steps would require extra time and money.

Life insurance firms are handling numerous policies at any given time. so as to stay up with the tasks needed to process and monitor MasterCard payments, they might rent extra employees.

This could trickle down and force candidates to pay a lot more. Overall, it saves shoppers cash if the life insurance firms don’t enable credit cards for premiums payments.

When it involves life insurance prices, make certain you’ll be able to pay the bill, whether or not monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. If you can’t make the payments, then you risk a stoppage in your life insurance coverage.

Life Insurance Premiums bottom line

If you’re trying to find the most effective ways to economize on your life insurance policy, then contemplate creating an annual payment, which may save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your policy.

However, if you can’t make the huge sum of annual payments, don’t let that deter you from life insurance. Many people also pay their premiums monthly.

Consult your life insurance agent to best understand your payment choices, and find out how a lot of you’ll be able to save by paying annually.

Try to spot the advantages of annual or monthly payments and ascertain what works along with your specific monetary situation.

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