Should I Join the National Guard?

– Should I Join the National Guard –

You might have considered joining the national guard but because there is not enough information to hold on to, you gave it a pause. Fortunately for you, this article will help you take a step and also tell you why you should join the National Guard.

Should I Join the National Guard?

About Joining the National Guard

Being a member is a great honor for many people. It makes it possible for you to visit various locations without being a soldier in active service.

You can apply the knowledge and abilities you gain through serving in the National Guard to help you land a job in the private sector.

Should I Join the National Guard?

Here are some advantages to think about if you’re still debating on joining the National Guard.

1. Acquire Trade Skills

Taking a decision to know this can be greatly facilitated by joining the National Guard. If you already possess some of these abilities, then, this is a terrific place for you to work.

When you join the civilian workforce, your abilities will advance further and give you the chance to get recruited at a higher wage rate.

If you don’t already possess these skills while joining the National Guard, you can learn them. You can develop your mechanical, communications, and medical abilities by joining the National Guard.

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Other Things to Know

You can work on many different sorts of engines and machinery if you have mechanical expertise. In the real world, you might work as a boat, airplane, or vehicle mechanic.

Last but not least, these skills you gain while serving in the National Guard may help you launch a successful medical career.

It may be simpler to enroll in medical school and afterward get employment if you have experience from the National Guard to list on your resume. You learn discipline, hard effort, and willpower from them as well.

2. Increase your Fitness

the National Guard

During your time in the National Guard, you will receive extensive training. In the event that you are sent to a conflict zone, they want to ensure that you are capable of serving in the military.

Additionally, you must be in shape to respond to natural disasters. You might have to remove debris from the road or assist persons who are stuck under it.

It’s crucial to be physically fit and able to endure throughout missions. From most jobs, it’s a significant departure. Regular office occupations confine you to an office.

You must use self-discipline to go to the gym and eat healthfully. Otherwise, you’d just be sitting on a chair at the office every day.

More Things to Consider

Your health later in life may suffer significantly as a result. Joining the National Guard can be beneficial if you need some extra motivation to exercise or are out of shape.

They’ll make sure you eat the appropriate foods in the right amounts to quickly develop muscle and burn fat. Additionally, they’ll assist you in becoming stronger than before.

Joining the National Guard can be a good foundation for keeping great weight and muscle mass for the rest of your life if you are interested in maintaining your health.

3. Create an Extended Family

One advantage of joining the National Guard is that you get to meet new families. The instruction is difficult. You could experience loneliness and isolation when deployed since you are so far from home.

You can have a sense of family through your fellow guardsmen. You’re all on the same team. Guardsmen are instructed to rely on one another as part of their training.

When they cooperate, they can achieve their objectives. Those strong ties are unbreakable. It’s not unusual for those friendships to continue after your time in the National Guard is over.

Other Things to Know

Additionally, you are forming friendships with others in your neighborhood or nearby, which is advantageous. Bonds are formed between active-duty soldiers and men and women from different states.

When a soldier’s tour of service is complete, keeping in touch with them afterward is more difficult. Even while you are not in service, the National Guard guarantees that your fellow members are at least in your state.

Your friendships can be kept up more easily. Even if your family or friends are difficult, you can find a supporting one in the National Guard. It may alter how you view the world and your interpersonal interactions.

4. A Taste of Military Life

You may be debating whether it is worthwhile to enlist in the National Guard if you are also considering military service.

You could be curious as to which is superior. It would be best to initially enlist in the National Guard. This is so that you may get a sense of what life is like in the military.

You’ll go through training that resembles that of the military. You could also go into conflict areas. You may get your first taste of what it’s like to be a soldier on active duty through it.

You might discover that you don’t like it. You can avoid being stuck as an active-duty soldier for years if you don’t like it by getting a taste of it first through the Guard.

5. Covered School Tuition

Your school’s tuition will be covered as one of the most significant perks of joining the National Guard. This is the primary motivator for many people to enlist in the National Guard.

Your benefit’s total amount will vary depending on a few distinct variables. The kind of funding that each state offers differs.

Many universities offer full tuition reimbursement. Some others will only pay up to a specific point.


Other Things to Know

Limiting how much you pay can have a significant impact on the rest of your life, especially because many students accumulate a debt of between $60,000 and $100,000.

You might be able to graduate from college debt-free. Purchasing a home, a car, or making investments in your professional career will be simpler for you.

Your stress levels can be much reduced if your school’s tuition is paid for. You might be able to pay for college only by enlisting in the National Guard. It’s a fantastic method to invest in your future and yourself.

Finally, if financing for college is an issue for you, joining the National Guard is worthwhile. It’s also a terrific chance to experience military life for the first time and decide if you want to serve in the military in the future.

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