10 Best Short Task Sites to Earn Extra Cash Quick

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Do you need to quickly make extra money, but don’t have a lot of time? In this case, many of us find ourselves. Even with the limitations, you can still earn extra cash by doing flexible short tasks online.

10 Best Short Task Sites to Earn Extra Cash Quick

A task job is any task or task that can be done in a limited period. The tasks that can be performed differ widely in nature (writing, editing, survey taking, transcription, video watching, online analysis, etc.), as does the pay.

But the reason why this is such a great opportunity for moms is that the assignments can be done at any time, and most short assignments do not require moms to be on the phone, which requires a quiet household.

Here are some of the most promising short task sites to help you earn money fast.

Short Task Sites to Earn Make Extra Cash Fast

1. Lifepoints

Lifepoints is another dedicated survey site. As the name suggests, you earn some points every time you complete a survey on the site.

If you get your hands on the high-paying surveys, you can make about $10-$15 per hour.

On this site, you will earn $1 for every 25 points. On average, their surveys pay anywhere from 40 to 300 points.

Once you reach their minimum points level, you can redeem your earnings using a gift card from a popular retailer or brand.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr showcases a variety of tasks that people will perform at fairly low rates. Originally, as you might guess, the concept was that each task would cost $5.

These days, you can price your tasks for anywhere from $5 to $995. The tasks are called Gig Packages.

With Fiverr, you can perform either skilled or unskilled tasks. For instance, many graphic designers offer logo design packages for a set rate.

Likewise, a writer might offer to write a press release for a flat rate.

But you can also offer unskilled tasks such as administrative tasks or data entry tasks.

3. Spare5

Spare5 operates on a simple premise. You sign up to do short tasks when you please, choosing the jobs you want.

You’ll get paid weekly for the tasks you complete. The tasks Spare5 offers help companies train their artificial intelligence programs and algorithms to work better.

Here are some examples of the tasks you might be doing as a Spare5 member:

  • Providing keywords
  • Assessing language
  • Annotating images
  • Captioning images
  • Completing small writing assignments

Other tasks are available, too. Each task pays just a few cents, so it’s not a great way to make money. You might consider doing it as a way to help advance technology if that interests you.

You’ll get paid via PayPal, and you can also ask Spare5 to donate your earnings to charity.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a great loyalty rewards site that I’ve been using for years. All you do is sign up and start doing short tasks to earn Swagbucks which can be redeemed for cash via PayPal or gift cards to some of your favorite retailers.

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About 1,000 Swagbucks will get you a $10.00 gift card and 2,500 Swagbucks will earn you a $25 gift card.

Some of the tasks include watching videos, playing games, taking advantage of offers, taking surveys, and searching online.

The easiest way to earn points with Swagbucks is to use their search feature which works just like Google so you can earn money by simply surfing the web.

5. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is the ultimate gig platform for people who prefer physical jobs. Here, you can find all sorts of tasks such as running errands, assembling furniture, or cleaning.

First of all, you’ll have to create an account and define your skill set and location. Once you’re a member, you can browse through the site and find jobs in your area.

The payment system is simple; the site keeps 20% of all your earnings. When your earnings reach $25, you can cash them out through PayPal.

This site focuses on data. It offers microtasks to complete, similar to Amazon Mechanical Turk. The tasks will include cleaning up, labeling, and collecting data. You can complete the tasks in just a few minutes and make a few bucks in the process.

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7. Just Answer

Just Answer pays you to answer questions online in more than 100 different categories. This site is best to use if you have specific expertise in a particular area.

You can expect to get paid via PayPal on the first business day of every month if you meet the minimum payout threshold $25 You will also earn $50 Amazon gift card for each referral.

8. Dabbl

Dabbl is an interesting short task site with an engaging UI, making it an excellent choice for beginners. Whether you’re a gamer or a binge-watcher, you can find a task for yourself.

Short Task Sites

You can answer short trivia quizzes, take opinion polls, or play games in exchange for points. Surveys pay around 50 to 500 points each.

You can also earn through their offers in the extra savings section or give out referrals for rewards.

For every 1000 points you earn, you’ll get $1.

9. Fancy Hands

If you’d like to specialize in work-from-home administrative tasks, Fancy Hands may be for you.

The available jobs may include scheduling appointments, making phone calls, price checking products and services, finding hotels, doing data entry, or performing internet research. You’ll have to actually apply for the job, and you’ll make $3 or more per task.

One interesting thing about Fancy Hands is that it allows for upward mobility. If you perform the job well, you could be promoted into a managerial position, which would put you in charge of other assistants.

10. Zaarly

Zaarly is another site that helps you match up your skills with local needs, but it’s actually set up to benefit small businesses. As of right now, Zaarly is only available by invitation for small business owners who are known for their customer service.

Zaarly lets buyers find local businesses in a variety of service areas. Buyers can review service providers in their local area.

So if you already have or are interested in starting, for instance, landscaping, DJ, or cleaning business, aiming to wind up on Zaarly could be beneficial.

That wraps up our list of the best short task sites you can start from home. While the choices are unlimited, you need to identify your needs and preferences when choosing one for yourself.

Short Task Sites

Think about starting as a part-time gig worker and aiming to generate a steady passive income. Once you get accustomed to the working process, you can invest more time and increase your earnings gradually.

We hope you found this article to be informative and helpful; please share it with your friends and family. If you have a question, please leave it in the comments section below.

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