ShopRunner MasterCard: Benefits and All It Has To Offer

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ShopRuners MasterCard: As far as you using a credit card that can save you up to $79; while offering unlimited free shipping is quite a good card just for you. Furthermore, all this is being provided by ShopRunner. It normally charges a subscription fee of $79 a year for unlimited shipping. The perks are offered by MasterCard.

ShopRunner MasterCards: Benefits and All It Has To Offer

It’s a partnership of top retailers and brands that have joined together to help you save time and money. You’ll have access to a variety of online stores and millions of products to find everything you need right from your computer. Read on to understand fully what they are all about and what it has to offer.

ShopRunner in Details

It’s a paid service that provides free, two-day shipping for online shopping at more than 100 retailers. Rather than pay shipping charges on several purchases throughout the year; Users can pay one annual fee to skip the charge on qualifying purchases. Free returns are also included.

When shopping online with a participating merchant you can choose ShopRunner as your shipping method. The merchant still ships the product, but ShopRunner covers the cost. Covers return shipping costs also.

Their members enjoy:

  • Unlimited Free 2-Day Shipping on Thousands of brands at great stores
  • Member deals
  • Convenient shopping tools at ShopRunner.com

Is it worth it?

If you own a card that includes ShopRunner membership – or can qualify for a free trial period with a PayPal membership–signing up for the service is a no-brainer. You can save money on shipping fees and get your online orders quicker.

If you don’t have a free membership, the annual fee is high for the number of merchants that qualify, especially when compared with similar services like Amazon Prime. Calculate how much you spend per year on shipping from eligible retailers before deciding if it is right for you.

Mastercard Customers Sign-Up for ShopRunner

To sign up for ShopRunner as a MasterCard cardholder you can go to the MasterCard website card benefits page and click on “Free Shipping.” You will be directed to the registration landing page for ShopRunner.

With just your name, email address, and MasterCard account number, you will be registered for ShopRunner free shipping.

As an aside, if you don’t have a MasterCard account and have no intention of ever getting one, you can sign up for ShopRunner on its website and pay the $79 subscription fee, though it does offer a free 30-day trial.


How ShopRunner Works

After you sign up for ShopRunner and create your account, receiving your perks is easy. You can shop with your favorite online retailers through the ShopRunner website or app to see all participating brands or choose to shop on the merchant website as normal.

When you shop on the website, you can view search results from 100+ stores that qualify for free, two-day shipping.


Alternatively, check for a ShopRunner logo as you shop normally with participating merchants.

You’ll always complete your payment through the retailer’s website. Just sign in to your ShopRunner account to unlock the free, two-day shipping and returns.

ShopRunner MasterCard

For most users, it charges a $79 annual fee for its services. But many credit cards include membership as a card perk, allowing you to enjoy free, two-day shipping at no extra cost.

All American Express business and consumer cards come with the benefit, in addition to World Mastercard and World Elite Mastercards.


Unfortunately, there are some restrictions that limit ShopRunner’s perks. For example, many of the retailers that participate in the program require a minimum purchase amount to qualify for the free, two-day shipping.


Due to size, shape, weight, or other factors that affect shipping, not all products qualify for the deal either. That means you might have to receive your order in two separate shipments–if your whole cart doesn’t qualify.

While ShopRunner includes free returns in addition to free, two-day shipping, some merchants charge a restocking fee on returned items. So you still might be charged some extra fees, despite using the service.

Additionally, it does not allow users to combine shipments from multiple stores. While you can shop multiple brands on its site, you’ll still have to pay on the merchant website and ship orders by brand.

How it Compares with Others

Both Shop Runner and Amazon Prime offer free, two-day shipping for members for an annual fee, but they differ quite a bit from there. Below are their differences;


Amazon Prime

Annual fee


Annual fee


What it includes

  • Free 2-day shipping with 100+ merchants
  • Free returns
  • Special discounts with online retailers
What it includes

  • Free 2-day shipping for over 100 million items
  • Access to Prime Video movies and tv shows
  • Access to Prime Music
  • Free 2-hour Whole Foods delivery in select cities
  • Discounts on certain items

They can help you get your items faster from over 100 retailers. At select retailers, you can pay faster with Express Checkout.

The best way to get a free membership is with an eligible American Express or Mastercard product. You’ll get a free subscription for as long as you’re a cardholder.

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