Server Proxies vs Mobile Proxies: What to Choose?

Proxy servers are used to intermediately transmit requests from the client to the server. They perform a number of functions, such as filtering traffic, improving security, and managing cache, and can also be used to bypass blocks and anonymize the user.

Proxy servers can be either server-based or mobile-based, dependmoorecains negozitata harmontblainescarpe blundstoneprezzi scarpeovye andcamicienegozi gioie-di-gea harmonte-blaine negozitata donkeyluckycat kleankanteenkinder borsalamilanesa uspoloassnscarpe negozigeox saldigeoxing on their location and use. If you want to buy e-commerce proxies, then this article will help you learn more about this type of proxy.

Server proxies belong to data centers and are distributed among users by them. By purchasing a server proxy connection, the user receives an IP address that remains unchanged.

The sites that the user visits see this address, as well as the time zone, network fingerprint, and some other data.

If there is the slightest suspicion of unwanted activity on the part of the user, the site almost instantly blocks this user by IP. The most common unwanted or suspicious factors include:

  • Frequently changing IP addresses
  • Network fingerprints do not match the user device type
  • Time zone mismatch with IP address location
  • Logging into different accounts from the same IP address

Even a hint of such activity may cause the site to block your IP address. Sites have learned to distinguish between types of proxy servers, in particular, to distinguish server-based proxies from others.

Many people have blacklists of server proxies, and they study newly noticed server IP addresses with particular scrupulousness. For some, the very fact that an address belongs to the server category is already a reason for blocking.

The main advantages of server proxies are their low cost and prevalence. However, you will be forced to regularly invest in the service to regain access to resources.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies have the same function as server-based, residential, and other types of proxy servers – accepting and processing outgoing and incoming data.

A mobile proxy server is a mobile device, i.e. a cell phone, smartphone, or tablet, that belongs to a real user and acts as an intermediary through which data passes from your device to the end server and then back to you. IP addresses are not provided by data centers but by mobile operators.

The mobile proxy server has an IP address that masks your real IP address once the proxy connection is established. Dozens of users can connect to this IP (IPv4) address.

The so-called NAT technology has proven to be an effective way to compensate for the shortage of IPv4 addresses.

Despite the high activity from these addresses, websites do not block them because they know that they belong to real users.

They see genuine network fingerprints and correct time zone data. Even if there are signs of suspicious activity somewhere, they are in no hurry to block these addresses.

Otherwise, by blocking just one such address, the site will lose an entire group of users. In this case, traffic will drop significantly.

How Are Mobile Proxies Used?

Mobile proxies are gaining popularity and are gradually replacing server ones. This is because static server proxies cannot provide the security and anonymity that dynamic mobile proxies offer. Although both perform the same function, they work differently.

Main areas of use of mobile proxies:

1. Social Media Marketing (SMM).

To successfully promote products and services on social networks and search engines, it is advisable to have several accounts on Instagram, Facebook, Google, etc.

This will help you reach a large audience in a relatively short time. But this practice goes against the principles of these resources, and as soon as they notice that you have more than one account, your static IP address does not match the operating system fingerprint, time zone, etc., they will block you.

However, with a mobile proxy, your actions will look completely believable and you will be able to easily carry out the project.

The use of mobile proxies is very useful for solving a number of problems in e-commerce.

2. Brand protection

Using mobile proxies, you can incognito monitor websites that may be owned by scammers and used to illegally obtain confidential data or copyrighted information.

Mobile proxies allow you to browse these websites, discreetly monitor their activities, gather information, and strategize against these activities to protect your brand and revenue.

Although these unscrupulous sites are good at blocking unwanted visitors, they will not be able to block you.

3. Advertising verification

Mobile proxies are trusted by advertisers who need to run effective advertising campaigns and ensure that all their ads are on the right platform and reach the right audience.

They need to know that they are dealing with a reputable platform and not with scammers. Otherwise, the ad may end up in an inappropriate or even offensive context, or on a page from a fake or fraudulent website. This can lead to serious reputational and financial losses.

Mobile proxies allow you to verify the legitimacy of the publishing platform several times before placing an ad on it without disclosing your data.

In turn, advertising publishers can use a mobile proxy to ensure the reliability and integrity of the advertisers placing ads.

4. Price comparison.

Thanks to their high level of anonymity, mobile proxies are already perceived as an integral element of the pricing process.

If you are selling goods and services, you need to build a specific pricing policy. With the help of mobile proxy servers, you can visit competitors’ websites and study prices for goods and services similar to yours, without fear of being blocked by them.

With this information at your fingertips, you can set competitive prices for your products and services and beat your competitors.

Also, you will have the opportunity to find out real prices (for example, for tickets), since some companies pursue a discriminatory pricing policy towards customers based on geography.

Final Thoughts

The use of mobile proxies is more preferable today, in particular for e-commerce, since the addresses of mobile proxy servers belong to real users, so they look absolutely natural and do not arouse suspicion among sites.

We recommend using the mobile proxy service on the platform. Here you can test the functionality of mobile proxies for free for two days, and then choose one of three convenient packages.

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