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– Sell Men’s Clothes –

Sell Men’s Clothes – With the sudden unemployment spike in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are seeking new ways to make a little extra cash from home. Did you know your closet is the first place in your house to look for extra money? Read on to find out more.

Sell Men’s Clothes

You can sell clothes online to make money. In the process, you declutter your house. Flipping clothes is also a business. If you enjoy fashion trends, you now have a new money-making hobby.


There are plenty of places for women to make a buck off their used linens, but ever wonder where men can do the same? Well, we have a list of places for you. Here’s a list of both online and brick-and-mortar men’s consignment stores that we found.

Linda’s Stuff

Sell Men’s Clothes

Despite the name, Linda’s Stuff isn’t just for women’s clothing and accessories. It also has a sizeable men’s section with everything from jeans to shoes to swimwear.

This company strives to sell your luxury items at a price that will net you the most money and interest the most buyers. The platform lists items for one year, but if they don’t sell in that time, it is the consignor’s responsibility to initiate the return process.

Linda’s Stuff pays sellers monthly and takes a sliding commission based on how much you sell: 20% of sales over $5,000, 25% of sales between $1,000 and $4,999, and 40% of sales under $1,000.


Sell Men’s Clothes

If your closet is full of streetwear this is the place for you, Grailed is one of the best online selling platforms for menswear. The site interface is extremely user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing and more importantly, sales only entail a 6% commission, not including PayPal fees.

Grailed standards, however, are a bit high as the Grailed community is fashion-educated and the marketplace is curated. Streetwear brands like Supreme, Off-White, and Vetements do well here.



Etsy is a marketplace that specializes in the sales and purchases of handmade and vintage items. You can manage your orders, chat with buyers, and buy and print discounted postage for a super smooth experience.

When you sell an item, keep in mind that there are a small commission and processing fees you’ll need to pay the site. Get it for free for iOS or Android.



Carousell works in the same way as OfferUp or Craigslist, you can actually meet your buyers, or choose Caroussell’s delivery options. You can sell everything you want here, there are no limits. Listing and selling are free, the only thing you need to pay is a 2.14% transaction fee.

Selling with Carousell is simple. All you need to do is register and follow some easy steps. Both the website and the mobile app have plenty of tips to help you with the process.


sell men’s clothes

Vinted is one of the biggest online market places around to sell men’s clothes. It’s similar to Depop in that pretty much anything goes – you upload your items, set the fee, and package things off when they’re sold.

As with most platforms for second-hand clothes, if you’ve got anything that you’ve bought recently but doesn’t fit, it’s better to sell than something from years ago. Even better, if you can bag a popular high street item that sells out in store quickly, you’ll be able to sell it for twice the price on here.


Depop is another platform for selling your pre-owned clothes, bags, and accessories. You create a profile and using either their website or app list your items for sale.

You set a reasonable price, pick up keywords, make a proper description, take clear pictures, and provide all the information about the thing you plan to sell. You don’t pay any cost for listing, but once it is sold you’ll be automatically charged 10% of its price.


The buying and selling site we know and love has been a go-to for years. If you want to sell your clothes (or anything, really) all you have to do is set up an eBay account, choose a starting price, and watch people make bids on your item.

There’s also an opportunity to use both methods at once, and see what people will offer on the clothing. You can purchase one of their labels or ship it on your own. Get it for free for iOS or Android.

Menswear Market

Menswear Market

Menswear Market may sell your pieces on its own website or through its selling account on eBay. They offer free item pickup in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, or prepaid FedEx shipping for out-of-state sellers.

You will receive 50% of the net sale price via a monthly check over your collection’s selling period.

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