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Everyone has a passion and finding your passion; that thing you do with ease is a struggle you’d want to find early in life.

scholarships for English majors and writing lovers

Finding your passion early in life is amazing and extremely important for everyone as it can become the force which drives your actions and activities, help to connect you with new friends  and can help you understand and pursue the right career.

Most people pursue careers to get some college vocational certificates and degrees while others enjoy studying, researching and learning. English majors tend to fall into the category who get interested in learning.

One of the most common feature among these institutions, is their cost which can be very expensive.

For this reason, more and more people are getting more interested in getting a scholarship for English Majors and Finding good English scholarships is the key to turning your passion for reading into a successful career.

A few of the scholarships for English majors and writing lovers are listed below.


1. Anne Trabue Scholarship Fund

Built up by the Women’s Southern California Gold Association (WSCGA) out of appreciation for its establishing mother and first president.

The Anne Trabue Scholarship Fund is granted every year to female graduating secondary school seniors and full-time college undergraduates at any authorized U.S. foundation with a significant in English or news coverage.

Qualified candidates must play golf, be Southern California inhabitants, have a combined GPA of 3.0 or higher, and present an article on applicable vocation interests.

2. Augustana College Fryxell Scholarship

In memory of Dr. Lucy Fryzell and Dr. Donal Fryxell who taught English at the school for more than three decades, the Augustana College Fryxell Scholarship is given for $1,000 every year.

It’s given to incomers and freshmen who wish to study the humanities, with unique thought given to competitors with an enthusiasm for English and reporting.

Alongside the application, undergraduates must present a recommendation letter, official secondary school transcript, complete rundown of expert objectives, and a 700-word investigation on an assigned poem.

3. Bill Gove Scholarships

Supported by the National Speakers Association (NSA) in memory of a remarkable individual from the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame, four Bill Gove Scholarships for $5,000 each are offered every year.

This is offered to full-time undergrad or graduates who are studying English, journalism, news coverage, with a concentration in speech.

Choice for the non-renewable grant depends on application, exposition, proposals, school transcript, and showed responsibility to spoken word.

4. Carl and Christine Huebner Scholarship for the Arts

Directed by the Community Foundation of Northeast Michigan (CFNEM), the Carl and Christine Huebner Scholarship for the Arts is offered every year for $2,000 to graduating seniors from any secondary school in Iosco County.

People who are wanting to go to an authorize U.S. organization with a significant in creative  writing, English, performing expressions, or music.

Every single qualified applicant are required to present an introductory letter posting vocation objectives, three letters of recommendation, and duplicates of secondary school transcripts.


5. Colorado Springs Press Association Scholarship

Made through commitments and raising support directed by the Colorado Springs Press Association (CSPA), this $1,000 grant is given every year to a meriting sophomore or junior-level undergraduate.

undergraduates who is effectively seeking after a college degree in English, news coverage, or speech communication.

Qualified applicants must be selected full-time at any certified advanced education organization in Colorado, have a combined GPA of in any event 2.5 or higher, and show guarantee as a growing writer for the Pikes Peak locale.

6. Dorrit A. Sibley Scholarship

At San Jose State University, the Department of English and Comparative Literature concedes the Dorrit A. Sibley Scholarship every year for $2,500 to undergrad or graduate undergraduates.

People who are at present selected with a major in English, exploratory writing, relative writing, or English training.


So as to meet all requirements for the renewable grant, undergraduates must be selected full-time in any event 12 semester credits, have an aggregate GPA of 3.0 or higher, and show guarantee as poet

7. F. Lammont Belin Arts Scholarship

As a renowned yearly grant invested by the Belin Family, the F. Lammon Belin Arts Scholarship offers up to $12,000 to U.S. residents who live in the northeastern locale of Pennsylvania and are effectively seeking after a vocation in the respectable crafts of painting, form, photography, music, dramatization, move, writing, or creative  writing.

Qualified applicants must give in any event three letters of recommendation, arranged spending plan, and proposition for how the honor cash will be used.

8. George McCandlish Fellowship in American Literature

Inside the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences at the George Washington University, the George McCandlish Fellowship in American Literature is intended for doctoral qualification applicants enlisted at any rate low maintenance in the English or American writing programs.

To be qualified for the cooperation, salary, stipend, and a 18-credit hour educational cost grant, applicants must show extraordinary guarantee in the field of writing, have a base aggregate GPA of 3.4 or higher, and exhibit money related need.

9. Hope College Distinguished Artist Awards in Creative Writing

Every year, Hope College introduces a limit of six recognized Artist Awards (DAA) in Creative Writing for $2,500 each to undergraduates with solid scholastic records, exceptional inventive capacities, and a significant in creative writing or English.

Undergraduates must have a combined GPA of 3.0 or higher and be selected full-time with at any rate one exploratory writing course for every scholastic year.

Qualified competitors ought to present an application, composing test, 500-word paper, and a letter of proposal.


10. Jacqueline Woodson Fellowship for a Young People’s Writer of African or Caribbean Descent

Every year, the Jacqueline Woodson Fellowship for a Young People’s Writer of African or Caribbean Descent is accessible to Youths.

Youthful grown-up authors of African or Caribbean drop who have been acknowledged for enlistment in the Solstice Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing or English program.

So as to be qualified for the $1,000 grant toward the main semester’s educational cost, candidates must present a concise one-page article that explains qualifications for the fellowship’s criteria and a writing sample attached

English Scholarships conclusion

If you’re looking for a way to bridge the financial gap so you’ll be able to afford earning an advanced education degree that will help you in expressing your inborn and natural creativity, there are lots of scholarships for those studying English like you.

So, check out these top 10 scholarships for English majors which cover the cost of the increasing tuition expenses

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