How To Save Money On a Visit To Georgia State Park

Having a trip to Georgia state Park doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In our article are tips to guide you when visiting the various state park in Georgia without breaking the bank.

How To Save Money On a Visit To Georgia State Park

Georgia may not be home to the big-name national parks of other regions, but there are tons of state parks here that each has their own unique look and personality.

Georgia’s state parks have mountains, waterfalls, trails, forests, wildlife, wildflowers, and impressive rock formations. And it typically only costs a $5 parking fee to enter them! Here are our favorite Georgia state parks that everyone should visit.

How To Save Money On Camping Fees

Visit during the off-season

The campgrounds in the Georgia parks are far more expensive during the busy season from December through March. To save money, why not go in the off-season instead?

Spring and late fall can be quite nice in the parks. October and November are especially appealing with near-perfect weather, fewer visitors, and cheaper camping fees.

The summer months are the cheapest, but also not ideal when it comes to weather. With temperatures climbing into the 90s, high humidity, and rain nearly every day, it may be a little more uncomfortable to visit this time of year.

Get the monthly rate

If your schedule allows, the best way to get a deal on camping in the parks is by paying the monthly rate. Most RV parks offer a significant discount if you pay for a month at a time. Be sure to reserve early though as those spots fill up fast.

State parks are cheaper than private parks

There are four Georgia State Parks in the Keys that offer spacious sites close to nature for a reasonable price. With the average per night price for private parks running over $100 (during the winter months), the state parks are by far the best deal in the Keys.

Save Money On Fun In The Sun

Set limits & stick to them

If this is your first time visiting the Georgia Parks you’re going to want to do it all. The options for tours and experiences are numerous and they all sound like fun.

But…if you go on the glass-bottom boat tour, sunset cruise, boat trip to the Dry Tortugas, guided kayak trip, deep sea fishing excursion, and rent that jet ski…you’re going to spend a LOT of money.

Instead of breaking the bank during one epic week, set limits and stick to them. Do some research ahead of time and decide on one or two things that you really want to experience instead of trying to cram it all in.

Shop around for the best deals

With a little diligence, it is possible to find discounts and deals on popular activities in the Georgia parks. There is a lot of competition between the numerous outfits that rent kayaks, bikes, and jet skis.

As a result, many offer deals and special prices to draw in the customers. By taking the time to shop around and compare prices you can often find good deals. In addition to deals on rentals, many of the popular attractions like museums and aquariums offer online coupons and discounts.

Before you go, check their website for coupons, or visit one of these deal websites:

  • Keys Coupons
  • Keys Cash Saver
  • Key West Chamber of Commerce
  • Mile Marker Coupons

Don’t miss out on free fun

There are countless ways to have fun in the Georgia State Parks for free. You could spend the day at one of the free public beaches, try your hand at fishing off one of the bridges, ride your bike on old US 1 (if you don’t have a bike you can rent one for around $10/day), walk down Duval Street, enjoy free entertainment at the sunset celebration at Mallory Square, tour the Wild Bird Center, go for a hike in the Key Deer Wildlife Refuge, or simply sit outside and enjoy the warm weather!

How To Save Money On Food

Eat out early for the best deals

The Georgia State Parks has some amazing restaurants. From fresh seafood to Caribbean & Cuban-inspired cuisine, eating out is always a pleasure in the Keys.

But in order to keep your budget in check, try going out to eat earlier in the day. Lunch is always cheaper than dinner, and many places offer happy hour deals and discounts.

Expensive does not always mean better

Sometimes that cheap hole-in-the-wall place has better food than the fancy waterfront seafood restaurant. To save money on good eats, seek out smaller places off the beaten path.

Eat and cook at home

Even if you enact a strict budget plan for eating out in the Georgia Keys, the fact remains that if you eat out for every meal things are going to get pricey very fast. One way to save money is by preparing and eating food at home.

When you’re camping—especially in an RV—cooking at least one meal a day at home is simple. There are plenty of grocery stores in the Keys to keep your pantry stocked. In addition to pantry staples, there is also an abundance of places to buy fresh seafood produce.

Seafood markets

Fresh seafood markets are located all up and down the parks. Here you can buy fresh fish, lobster, clams, crabs, shrimp and so much more for a fraction of the cost you would pay in a restaurant.

Farmers Markets

While the Georgia State Parks might be a chain of islands with not much space for growing crops, the rest of Georgia  is bursting with produce. Fortunately, the Keys are close enough to some of the major growing areas that local produce is easy to come by.

The produce at these markets is far cheaper than what you will find at the grocery store, and probably much fresher as well.

How To Save Money On a Visit To Georgia State Park


1. Are ATVs and off-road vehicles allowed in state parks?

ATVs and off-road vehicles are not allowed in state parks. All vehicles are subject to license safety requirements and regulations of the Georgia Department of Public Safety. Park roads are public roads.

2. Where do I find job and internship postings with the State of Georgia?

Explore career and intern opportunities available with the state of Georgia.

3. How do I make a reservation?

Please call 800-864-7275 or visit www.gastateparks.org/reservations.

Bottom Line

Georgia’s State Parks are affordable destinations for vacations and quick getaways. Waterfalls and lakes, salt marsh and mountains are just some of the beautiful environments of the state parks. Most state parks offer fishing, boating, hiking, camping, geocaching, birding and more.  Accommodations include campsites, cabins, lodges, even yurts, and vary by park.

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