5 Rude Restaurants to Visit for a Laugh (Rude Restaurant Near Me)

What are some rude restaurants near me? This is one question people keep asking. Sometimes you want something more than a typical dining experience. If you want to have a hilarious and raunchy time, go to an intentionally rude restaurant. This article has all the information you need. 

rude restaurant near me

Rude Restaurants to Visit for a Laugh

Below are some really rude restaurants to visit for a laugh.

1. Dick’s Last Resort

Dick’s Last Resort

Dick’s Last Resort must be included on any list of rude restaurants. This classic rude restaurant is well-known for its obnoxious staff and outlandish decor. Prepare to wear a paper hat with your waiter’s choice of insult.

As a long-standing rude restaurant, I can always count on Dick’s staff to be amusing and entertaining while serving delicious burgers and barbecue food.

With nearly 20 locations across the United States, this is a great place to go when you want to let loose. Check out their drink menu for sugary concoctions like the Sucker Punch and the Lil’ Dick Margarita.

2. Wiener’s Circle

Wiener’s Circle is the place to go for a late-night snack and some verbal abuse. Wiener’s Circle is a Chicago institution known for its hot dogs, burgers, and late-night revelry.

According to legend, Wiener’s Circle was once a popular hangout. However, following a 1992 incident in which they chastised a disobedient customer, the restaurant became notorious for hilariously hostile exchanges between diners and staff.

If you want a nasty insult as a side to your char-grilled food, go late at night, or if you’re more sensitive, go during the day when they operate as a typical restaurant.

3. Wong Kei

Wong Kei, in London’s Chinatown, has earned a reputation as the city’s rudest restaurant. The restaurant serves Cantonese cuisine and has seating for up to 500 people. The rudeness at Wong Kei was never part of a deliberate ruse.

Rather, amusing stories about rude waiters drew unusually positive attention and piqued the interest of diners.

Although the current management claims that there are no longer any issues with rudeness, tourists and food enthusiasts continue to flock to Wong Kei hoping to be yelled at to sit or chased for leaving a bad tip.

4 Shopsin’s

rude restaurant near me

At Shopsin’s, you can experience old-school New York City attitudes. Shopsin’s General Store is a decades-old diner made famous by Kenny Shopsin, its cranky owner and head chef.

Kenny Shopsin was known for his strict restaurant rules, such as no parties larger than four people and no asking waiters for food recommendations before his death in 2018.

Aside from the rules, Kenny Shopsin won over Greenwich Village with his unique and delicious menu items.

5. Ed Debevic’s

Ed Debevic’s in Chicago is a retro take on the rude restaurant concept. The waiters at Ed Debevic’s play 1950s diners inspire campy versions of 1950s archetypes. Imagine Dirty Dick’s mingling with the cast of Grease.

Ed Debevic’s delivers on its promise of classic American diner food and obnoxious yet endearing characters.

While your goofy jock waiter forgets your name, enjoy a cheeseburger and milkshake, and keep an eye out for a surprise dance routine by the soda counter!


Themed restaurants can be hit-or-miss, but I believe a restaurant that understands good food and entertainment will be successful.

The eateries on this list are a great starting point for trying out rude restaurants in the US and abroad, whether you’re looking for a themed restaurant that’s rude on purpose or a quirky institution known for its unconventional style.

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