Ross Near You in the US & Tips to Get the Best Deals at Ross

If you love to shop from Ross, this article will help even more to show you the ones near you and the best deals. Ross is the number two “off-price retailer” in the U.S. behind T.J.Maxx/Marshalls and ahead of Burlington Coat Factory. Read on to find out even more.

Ross Near You in the US & Tips to Get the Best Deals at Ross

About Ross

Ross Stores, Inc., operating under the brand name Ross Dress for Less, is an American chain of discount department stores headquartered in Dublin, California. 

It is the largest off-price retailer in the U.S.; as of 2018, Ross operates 1,483 stores in 37 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Guam, covering much of the country, but with no presence in New England, northern New JerseyAlaskaPuerto Rico and areas of the Midwest.

Ross – Dress for Less by States

Popular Ross Dress for fewer Locations in the USA – by Shopping Mall

How to Get the Best Deals at Ross

  • The Best Deals

Given that most Ross prices are about half the comparable value price, many of the best deals in the store don’t actually list a “comparable value” like this Nike shirt, listed at 70% off retail.

  • Shop Monday Afternoons

Shop Monday afternoons and ask your associate what’s been marked down. Every Sunday, Ross store managers receive the weekly markdown list from headquarters.

Markdown departments vary from one week to another but are generally the same nationwide. Most departments are marked down about once per month.

The only way to know where markdowns are happening is to ask (read: it might not be Monday for every department at your store).

Or if you’re an introvert, shop while the markdown team is working and observe behavior. You can probably creep browse behind the people with the pricing guns all morning.


If you see a suitcase priced $49.99 at Ross, you’d better believe they paid $25 for it. And if you’re thinking that leaves room to haggle, you’re wrong.


The Ross point-of-sale system is not compliant with manager overrides. I once tried to purchase an item with a wrinkled barcode sticker and after five minutes of trying, the Ross manager told me they would be unable to sell me the $29.99 item. So, managers have very little say.

  • Ross and T.J.Maxx Clothes

Ross has more clothing and less home inventory than T.J.Maxx. Not only does Ross have more clothing racks, they also have more brands.

In athletic wear, for example, T.J.Maxx carries primarily Nike, Adidas, Reebok, and New Balance. Ross carries Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, Reebok, Saucony, Columbia, New Balance, Betsey Johnson, Calvin Klein, and many others.

  • Compare Ross Perfume Prices with Walmart

You can’t be sure you’re getting a deal on Ross fragrances, and comparing with Walmart pricing is a must. Sometimes you’ll save a bit when you buy at Walmart, and sometimes you’ll save when you buy at Ross. It’s a crapshoot.

  • Cross Check 

Use the Amazon or eBay app to pull up the current selling price of any item while you shop.

Keep Ross honest by using either the Amazon app or the eBay app to compare prices you find. This way, you’ll know if you’re getting a deal or if the current selling price is the same elsewhere.

  • Check Inventory

Call additional stores to check inventory. Ross doesn’t have an SKU lookup system, but most store associates will go look for an item based on its description when you call them.

  • Ross Gift Cards

Watch Raise for Ross gift cards that offer up to 15% off your purchase. Raise buys unwanted gift cards and sometimes they’re out of stock, but when you can find one, it’s a score. You’ll pay less than face value!

Ross gift cards and store credit don’t expire. In California, Ross Dress for fewer gift cards with balances less than $10 are redeemable for cash.

  • Return Policy

The Ross return policy gives you 30 days, and after that, you can only get the current selling price. You’ll need your receipt, and if you don’t have one, make sure you have a valid picture ID.

For returns without a receipt, you’ll receive a store credit, or you can make an exchange at the item’s current selling price.

  • Ross Black Friday Sales

Ross Black Friday sales don’t exist. Ross hasn’t had a Black Friday sale, ever. They open a little early (around 7:30 a.m.) on Black Friday, but that’s it. And it’s the same for holidays and other big sale seasons.

How to Get the Best Deals from Ross, Marshalls & TJ Maxx

  • Ross – (Dress for Less)

People either love or hate Ross store. There is not a lot of middle ground when it comes to the discount store. But people go for the amazingly low prices, not the ambiance. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your next shopping trip.

  • Shop With an Open-Mind

The secret to shopping at Ross is walking into the store with an open mind. You have to be aware that you’re probably going to have to dig for a deal and maybe even step over a child throwing a temper tantrum to receive the aforementioned deal.

Give yourself plenty of time to look through the racks of often unorganized clothing, shoes, purses, luggage, and home goods.

  • Snatch Up Deals ASAP

Ross replenishes their inventory at least 3 times per week. Their buyers do NOT buy a ton of any certain item as they try to keep inventory costs as low as possible.

What this means to the shopper is that deals are here today, long gone tomorrow. 

1. Marshalls

Here are some shopping secrets for shopping at Marshalls.

  • Look For Red Tag Items

When you see an item at Marshalls with a red price tag you should snatch it up quite immediately. It means that the item is on clearance and the price will NOT get any lower.

  • Shop in January & July

A couple years ago, Marshalls style expert, Sonya Cosentini, let the cat out of the bag about red tag items. She said that items are only marked down to clearance prices in the months of January and July.

This obviously makes sense as it’s the end of the cold and warm seasons so they have a lot of clothing to clear out to make room for new styles. So be sure to shop for those two months to maximize your savings.

  • What About Purple Tags?

For those that are highly fashion-conscious, you’re going to want to look for items with a purple sales tag at Marshalls. They signify clothing items that were seen on the runway during Fashion Week.

Apparently, these items move pretty quickly so you’ll have to be persistent to find them. Items including not only clothing but also shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

  • Get To Know an Employee

I think Marshalls has some of the friendliest and most helpful employees of any large chain store I have been in. Whenever I ask one of them a question they actually take the time to stop and help me.

2. TJ Maxx

When it comes to finding the best deal at TJ Maxx there are some important nuisances to consider:

  • Shop on Wednesdays

Historically, TJ Maxx marks down merchandise on Wednesdays. While this can vary from store to store, your best bet for finding new markdowns is on Wednesday mornings right when the store opens.

Also, most TJ Maxx locations get new arrivals 3-5 days a week so the selection is constantly changing.

  • The Scoop on “Irregular” Items

Over 95% of the items at TJ Maxx are first quality while the other 5% are “Irregular”. This doesn’t mean they have a hole or a big stain on them, but rather an error in the manufacturing process.

Things like the wrong color dye or wrong material. In other words, they are irregularities that the average customer is not even going to notice.


We hope this article was helpful, if it was, do well to share with friends and loved ones. 

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