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How Much Does it Cost to Open Rita’s Franchise? 2022 Costs & Fees

Ritas franchise, Italian ice, and custard in a variety of flavors are offered under Rita’s trademark. They have been selling these frozen sweets to a devoted customer base in over 500 locations around the United States and the rest of the world for over 30 years.

ritas franchise

You should know there have been more Rita’s Italian Ice stores shutting than they opening. The franchise saw 159 total locations permanently close for business between 2016 and 2018 alone.

What is the Price to Start a Rita Franchise?

You’ll require $30,000 in net worth and $100,000 in liquid capital. With a franchise fee of $35,000, the franchise’s initial investment ranges from $194,863 to $528,061.

Continue reading to learn more about how to franchise Rita’s Italian Ice, as well as the various benefits and difficulties that come with running this well-known chain of frozen desserts.

Financial Conditions and Costs

The following sums are needed in order to purchase Rita’s Italian Ice franchise.

Charges / Costs                                                                 Amount of money

Capital Liquidity                                                               $100,000

Gross Value                                                                       $300,000

Total Expenditure                                                           $194,863 to $528,061

Franchise costs                                                                 $35,000

Ritas franchise also levies a 6.5% royalty fee and a 3% royalty fee besides these costs. This implies that you will give the company 9.5% of your overall revenue.

When compared to the industry average of 5%, ritas franchise charge is above average. Before concluding an agreement, it might be worthwhile to haggle over this subject with the business.

Ritas franchise provides veterans with a 20% franchise fee reduction. The agreement to operate Rita’s Italian Ice is valid for ten years.

Average Annual Sales or Revenue Ritas Franchise

ritas franchise

The annual income of Rita’s Italian Ice is unknown, although Rita’s outlet in Adamsdale, Pennsylvania reported total sales of $173,866. This company-generated $38,729 in annual cash flow after expenses.

This revenue was based on the supposition that you were operating the business without full-time management.

Even if you hired a manager, the company would only make a profit on a break-even basis. You would enhance the unit’s marketing and sales in order to boost income.

Jim Hagan, a former Rita’s franchise owner in Virginia, claimed that there wasn’t enough patronage to sustain the enterprise in his region.

 Although sales were robust in the first few months, the unit lost money in 2013 because of insufficient traffic.

Ritas Franchise Information

Units overall                                                                   Over 500

Organizational Name Franchise Company Rita’s, LLC

Franchise Since                                                               1989

Industry                                                                            Cold desserts

Subsector                                                                          Food and Drink

Ritas Franchise History

In 1984, Rita’s Italian Ice debuted in Philadelphia. Former firefighter Bob Tumolo opened the shop on his front porch and gave it the name Rita in honor of his wife.

By 1987, Bob and his brother John had grown their network of shops throughout Philadelphia. Since there was such a huge demand for their Italian ice, Rita’s franchised in 1989.

It’s well known that Rita’s Italian Ice comes in a wide variety of flavors. You may choose from over 95 varieties and Rita’s guarantees that each one is freshly baked.

In actuality, batches of flavored ice have a 36-hour sales deadline.

More About Ritas Franchise

Ritas franchise has lately expanded to many Caribbean countries, the Philippines (till 2022), India, and China besides its primary U.S. market. The business had over 600 units at its height.

The vast majority of American businesses follow a seasonal schedule. This shows that they are open from the first day of March to the third Sunday in September, after which they are closed for the winter.

Rita’s stores might be open all year round if they are in malls or in warmer regions.

Ritas franchise offers its patrons a rewards program as well. Once you’ve signed up, all you need to do is scan the app each time you go to Rita’s.

You’ll be eligible to receive a free goodie from the menu after your eighth visit.


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You’ll go over an Operations and Training Overview once you’ve read the material and returned to them. In order to decide whether Ritas franchise is the best franchise for you.

You will also go through a validation process in which they will put you in touch with current Rita’s franchisees. The business will do a credit and background check.

The crew will then meet you at their Trevose, Pennsylvania, offices. Rita’s will give you a tour and let you sample some of their goods.

 You will be provided a ritas franchise agreement to sign once Rita, and you have agreed on the franchise.

You will start opening your Rita franchise and pay all the starting fees. Linda Chadwick currently serves as Rita’s Italian Ice’s president and CEO.

How Much Profit Does Rita’s Franchise Make?

The amount of profit made by Rita’s franchise is not publicly known. However, a business that is for sale claims to have made $38,729 in annual sales. This was for a unit that was only available during the months of March through September.

Benefits of Owning a Ritas Franchise

Owning Rita’s Italian Ice franchise has a lot of benefits. To name a few.

All People                      

They cater to both young and old Rita’s. It has been in operation for 30 years and offers everyone frozen treats.

Although Rita’s originally offered a range of mocktails, no alcoholic beverages are included. Overall though, it’s a family-friendly location with delights that everyone will like.

Food Variety

It’s possible that Rita’s is most renowned for its Italian ice and frozen custard. However, they have a wide selection.

 There are many flavors available as well. You can also purchase food besides beverages and custard.

Simple Business

Overall, Rita’s Italian Ice seems to be a straightforward enterprise. All consumers who adore frozen desserts are the target market for the straightforward product line.

Even reviews of franchises are favorable. According to one review, Rita’s has even given them stability.

Rita’s Franchise Challenges

You must know the difficulties if you want to succeed with Rita’s Italian Ice business. Here are a few to expect.

Units Will Be Closed                       

According to the franchise disclosure documents, Rita’s has closed the following number of units

  • 2016: 65
  • 2017: 51
  • 2018: 43

Given that these closures took place before the health crisis, they do not provide a reliable sign of the viability of the company. Successful business owners don’t simply close their doors.

To make matters worse, the business stopped operating in the Philippines as of January 15th, 2022. This includes locking the doors of seven Manilla-based units.

Periodic Hours

Rita’s runs on a seasonal timetable, as was already mentioned. There will be months when the company is shut down.

This appears to be an important drawback and a challenge because, if you were open all year round, you could generate more sales. You won’t make as much money if you don’t stay open all year.

If you live somewhere in a warmer environment all year round or in a shopping mall, this won’t be an issue. So be sure to thoroughly consider where you will locate Rita in the future.

Employee Problems

A Quora user claimed that most of the challenges his friend faced while running Rita’s Italian Ice were related to the staff.

Some would not show up for their shifts, while others couldn’t properly clean the area. The poster said that the reason for this might have been that the company could only pay the minimum wage.

We can only hope that these problems were investigated and fixed, including ensuring that workers received the required training and that wages were raised even little.

Unfortunately, many units’ revenues can’t sustain paying their employees more.

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a joint venture between Island Way and Dynamic Commodities, started marketing to the food service sector in 2001 and, because of its success, expanded into the perennially well-liked retail sector.

Each sorbet has a smooth, decadent flavor that is both cooling and low in calories.

These sorbets, which are housed in genuine fruit shells, uphold our dedication to healthy living by being free of colorants and preservatives.

Do You Qualify for a Ritas Franchise?

Rita’s has not made its most recent financial reports available to the public, unlike other businesses, making it difficult to determine whether Rita’s is successful.

However, if you’re still interested, you may message Rita’s team to speak with them about your worries directly using the information provided above.

However, as you can see from the instances I’ve provided, you ought to exercise caution and carry out due homework before making an investment in this business.

Over the previous five years, there have been more closings of this idea than openings. This is never a promising development for a franchising company.


You’ve got it now, then! With the help of this manual, I hope you may more clearly comprehend the benefits and drawbacks of owning Rita’s Italian Ice franchise, bye, and good luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

The lowest you can expect to invest is $194,863 if you want to become a franchisee. $528,061 is the most that Rita’s Italian Ice expects its owners will need to invest in a new location. The franchise fee to open a Rita’s Italian Ice unit is $35,000.

With simple operations and lower cost of goods compared to other food service brands, Rita’s franchise owners appreciate the chance to grow their revenues and their business through multi-unit ownership. “Rita’s is a high-margin business,” says South Carolina multi-unit franchisee Brett Hrovat.

By 1987 a second store was opened, and in 1989 the family decided to franchise their business. Today, there are over 600 locations in 30 states and the District of Columbia that serve 45000 people daily.

Linda Chadwick, president, and CEO of Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard went undercover and visited three franchisee locations in an episode of CBS’s “Undercover Boss.

Average Rita’s Italian Ice Owner yearly pay in the United States is approximately $30,000, which is 51% below the national average.

The Franchise fee of McDonald’s goes around 30 lakhs INR; however, this fee is also attached to a 4% monthly royalty fee as a service fee to the brand. The actual investment amount differs, a business owner needs to keep a rough estimate of around 6 to 14 Crores.

How much profit can an italian ice business make? A small scoop of water ice in a cup with a spoon costs around 35 cents to make and will sell well for two dollars. That is almost 600% profit! Italian ice has a long shelf-life if frozen, and it is rare to lose money through spoilage

Rita’s Italian Ice closes after 7 years in business – Bilyonaryo Business News.

How much does it cost to open a typical Smoothie King location? The estimated initial investment for an inline or end-cap store can be between $320,301 and $585,465 (including a $30,000 franchise fee). The estimated initial investment for a free-standing drive-thru store can be between $723,501 and $1,184,865.

There are 30 US States and Territories with Rita’s Italian Ice locations.

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