505+ Most Catchy Rice Name Ideas You’ll Want to Gobble Up

So you’ve decided to start a rice business but can’t come up with catchy name ideas? Don’t be concerned. We have some here that will pique the interest of your potential customers.

rice name ideas

Rice Name Ideas

Rice company names can be perplexing.

You want the name to begin with something catchy, short, and connected to a food product or color.

Following that, it’s all about choosing the right rhyme that fits your brand.

The name you select for your company can make or break it.

Your company name is the first thing target users see, representing your company’s identity.

Rice is a staple meal in over 70 countries and the world’s third-largest purchased food commodity.

It means you’ll be dealing with a large target market!

You must name your company with your target customers in mind.


Types of Rice

Rice is a cooking staple, and due to its numerous varieties, it extends itself to an infinite number of cuisine.

These commonly eaten seeds derived from the plant Oryza sativa come in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures, and tastes.

The list of popular cuisine requiring rice as an active component would only be the beginning.

It’s no surprise that there are so many different kinds. Let’s get started.

Arborio Rice

Arborio rice is medium-grain rice with a distinctive white dot in the core of the grain.

They named this rice after the Italian town of Arborio in the Po Valley, where they grow it.

Arborio rice has a mildly doughy and spongy consistency and develops a creamy texture when cooked due to its high starch content.

This is your go-to rice for any risotto dish.

It retains more starch than other types of rice, which emits when cooked and lends itself to creamy, delicious risotto.

However, once cooked, it will retain a slightly firm texture.

Basmati Rice

Basmati rice grains are long, dry, and separate when cooked.

They give any dish a pleasant, nutty aroma and flavor.

It is popular in Indian and Asian cuisine, but it can be used in a wide range of flavored recipes.

You’ve most likely had it in curry. It has a nutty and aromatic flavor that is similar to Jasmine rice.

This is the rice to use if you want to make your own pilaf.

rice name ideas

Black Rice

The color of black rice, also known as forbidden rice, comes from anthocyanins.

The same antioxidant is in blueberries and blackberries.

Black rice has a slightly nutty, earthy flavor

It has been used in Chinese cuisine for its nutritional properties for a long time. 

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a whole grain with preserved bran and germ layers, which gives the rice its distinctive tan color.

It is firmer and has a nuttier flavor than white rice, and it contains more fiber, vitamins, and minerals per serving.

Brown rice can be used in place of white rice in any recipe to increase its nutritional content.

Brown rice has replaced white rice.

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine rice grown in Thailand will add an exotic pizzazz and mouthwatering accent to any meal.

When cooked, it develops a pleasant sweet aroma and a moist, soft texture.

People use it to make a variety of traditional Asian dishes, including curries and stir-frys.

Although the grain is shorter than that of basmati rice, the two can be used interchangeably.

Long Grain White Rice

Long-grain white rice is the most commonly used rice in traditional American recipes.

As well as in Asian and Mexican cuisine.

When cooked, it has a milder flavor and a lighter, fluffier texture than brown rice.

White rice also cooks faster than brown rice, in exchange for its less nutritional value due to the milling process.

As the name implies, this classic white rice is long and thin, which makes it fluffy when cooked.

The shorter the rice grain, the more likely it is that it will stick together.

The longer the length, the fluffier.

Parboiled Rice

Rice that has been slightly cooked in its inedible outer husk is known as parboiled rice.

This method improves the texture of the rice and reduces cooking time.

It also preserves some of the rice’s original vitamins and minerals.

Because it is a way of cooking rather than a variety, it can be found in long, medium, and short-grain rice varieties.

It becomes dry and firm after cooking.

Sushi Rice

This is a type of short-grain white or brown rice with a soft, tender, and sticky texture.

They make it by combining white or brown short-grain rice with sugar, salt, and vinegar.

They usually brand it as short-grain white or brown-grain rice on its pack to show that you can use it to roll up sushi.

rice name ideas

Sticky Rice

Sticky rice is also glutinous rice or sweet rice.

It is a long-grain white rice with a low amylose starch that produces a highly sticky texture when cooked.

It is primarily grown in Southeast and East Asia and is used in a variety of savory and sweet Asian dishes.

Sticky rice has less amylose than other types of rice, causing the grains to stick together when cooked.

It can be boiled or steamed, but it can also be cooked like risotto.

Valencia Rice

Valencia rice is best known for making paella and is named after the region where it is commonly grown — Valencia, Spain.

It has short and round grains and may also be referred to as bomba rice.

It has a superpower in its water intake higher than the rest.

This means more flavor than many other types of rice.

Wild Rice

Surprisingly, wild rice isn’t rice at all.

It just appears, cooks, and acts like rice, so it gets the name.

Wild rice is actually made from the seeds of a sort of marsh grass.

It contains more antioxidants than actual rice and may help improve heart health and lower diabetes risk.

Wild rice has a fluffy texture, similar to long-grain white rice.

Rice Brand Name Ideas

1. Ethicca

2. Evitas Rice Co.

3. Festiva Nature

4. Flourish Rice

5. The Aroma of Rice

6. Rice Plus

7. Big River Rice Co.

8. The Healthy Grain

9. Sunrise Star Rice

10. The Delightful Rice

11. Grains Unlimited

12. Tropical Reign Rice

13. Paddy’s Rice

14. The Grain Elements

15. World Harvest Rice

16. Agri Life Inc.

17. The Flourishing Rice

18. Green Meadow Rice

19. The Healthy Valley Rice

20. Taste of Good Grains

21. Majestic Cook Rice Co.

22. Rice in Paradise

23. Sacred Earth Grain

24. The Sweet Rice Paddy Co.

25. Valley Of Harvest

26. Golden Sun Rice Inc.

27. Taste Of Mother Nature

28. Flavorful Grains Co.

29. Delighted Paddy’s Rice

30. The Rice Belt

31. Victorious Rice Inc.

32. Bliss Valley Rice

33. Rice Time Express

34. Sun Alley Rice

35. Organic Rice Co.

36. Happy Rice Enterprise

37. Grains and More

38. Wild Rice Inc.

39. Elegant Grains

40. The Paddy Journey

41. Desert Palm Rice

42. The Farmer’s Favorite Rice

43. Grain Of Life

44. The Forgotten Rice Fields

45. Karma Rice Co.

46. The Place Of Rice

47. Adventurous Rice

48. Marvella Rice Inc.

49. The Wild Paddy

50. Finest Of Grains

Catchy Rice Names

1. Pure Heaven Rice

2. The Good Life Rice

3. The Sunrise Grain

4. Rice Traditions Inc.

5. The Joyful Rice

6. Sacred Earth Imports

7. The Rice Co.

8. Soho Grains Inc.

9. The Savory Grain

10. Spring Rice

11. Taste of Rice

12. Rice to Riches

13. Rice Up

14. Raining Rice

15. Rice Rocket

16. Peace of Rice

17. Rich Paddy

18. Rice Incorporated

19. Rice Exporters

20. Lily Rice Inc

21. Big Bowl of Rice

22. Golden Grain

23. Rice Harvesting

24. Rice Bowl

25. Rice Baby

26. Rice Mill

27. Rice Exporters

28. Sunshine Rain Rice

29. Paddy’s Reign Paddy

30. Taste of Tapioca

31. Taste of Tastindia

32. EZ Raw Asian Rice

33. Thorn apple Desert

34. Ie-Doi Rice House

35. Sweet Rice Paddy

36. Rice and Gold

37. Indo Rice Studio

38. Basma’s Rice

39. I Love Indo Rice

40. Empire Paddy

41. Udipi Patties

42. Sacred Earth Soya

43. Basman Rice Company

44. Siam Asian Kitchen

45. Basamiso

46. Basmatti

47. KiCee Vietnamese

48. Reduce & Dilute

49. Indo Indian Rice

50. A Plus Grill

Funny Rice Names

1. Dah Man Tha Rice

2. Rice in Paradise

3. Tail Rice

4. Rice Insurance Agency

5. Matsuri Rice

6. Paddi’s Rice

7. Paddy D’s Gourmet

8. Hibiscus Raiment

9. ChaBa Rice House

10. Pali Bhai Vips

11. Sacred Earth Imports

12. Taste of Bosa

13. The Rice name

14. Tropical Reign Rice

15. Soho Grains

16. Sunrise Star Rice

17. Omni Rice

18. The Paddy Queen

19. Lemon Rice & Cafe

20. Paddy Punjabi

21. Umar Rice & Grill

22. Taste Of Rajasthan

23. Leang Kabob

24. Jalai Rice

25. The Rice Crew

26. The Rice Addict

27. Laughing Brown

28. Sticky Rice Co.

29. The Insta Rice

30. The Delighted Roti

31. Far West Rice

32. Seed Of Life

33. Real Reign Grains

34. Tribal Grain

35. Simply Nepal

36. The Rice Express

37. Rice To Cook

38. Pot Red Rice

39. Golden Raising Rice

40. Nuke’s Microwave Rice

41. Fast Cook Rice

42. The Dainty Rice

43. Heat and Eat

44. Pinnacle Rice Coop

45. The Rice Dash

46. The Maple Cook Rice

47. Warm Queen Wild Rice

48. The Rice Oasis

49. The City Of Rice

50. Empire Rice Back

Creative Rice Names

1. Good Ol’ American Rice

2. Rice of The East

3. Your God Given Rice

4. New Way to Wok

5. Good Morning Rice

6.  Rice and Shine

7. The Rice Will Suffice

8. Rice on dawn

9. Rice Up Co.

10. Asia’s Best Rice

11. The Early Ricers

12. The Rambling Rice

13. Rice Garden Co.

14. Unlimited Brown Rice

15. Quick Cook Rice

16. Hot Basmati Co.

17. The Duck and Rice

18. The Eastern Dragon Rice

19. Ready to Eat Rice

20. Rice to Go

21. The Super Cook

22. Level of Red

23. The Medium Grain

24. Fragrant Red Rice

25. Stick to Rice

26. Rice Product Names

27. The Feel Good Rice

28. Brown Rice Extravagant

29. Rice N Sweet

30. Give Us Rice

31. The Pride of Asia

32. Lotus Rice

33. (Your Name)’s Rice

34. Finest Rice in All the Land

35. Sticky Treats

36. Home Grown Rice

37. The Local Farmer’s Rice

38. Rice Up Together

39. Quality Jasmine

40. Top Notch Roti

41. Special Fried Rice

42. Quick Indo Rice

43. The Sunny Basmati

44. Lord of The Rice

45. Rice Balls

46. The Aspire Rice

47. Fresh Rice

48. For The Love of Rice

49. Sacred Earth Rice

50. Quick and Sticky


Final Words

We hope that list gives you some ideas for naming your rice business.

Simply include a badass logo, vision, and mission statement, and you’re done.

Remember that the food industry is a highly competitive market, so choose a memorable name that stands out.

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