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The 18 Best Small Rice Cooker for Your Kitchen for Easier Meal Prep

– Rice Cooker –

Rice may be a pain to prepare, and the last thing any of us needs is another thing to worry about. Fortunately, a good rice cooker will ensure that you get it right the first time.

Rice Cooker

We’ve gathered alternatives for everyone below, as commanded by the most enthusiastic Amazon reviewers.

Whether you’re not much of a chef (or that into technology) or have owned many rice cookers in the past.

To make comparing rice cookers even easier, we’ve included the number of cups of uncooked rice each machine holds, so you can pick one that best suits your needs.

18 Effective Best Small Rice Cooker for Your Kitchen

Rice Cooker

 Having rice as your to-go meal, necessitate an efficient cooker. Moreso, We have compiled lots of rice cookers and narrowed them down to the top 18 based on grain type, preparation, and other features vital to rice connoisseurs.

1. Dash Mini Rice Cooker, 2-Cup

Rice Cooker

We believe it goes for $21 on Amazon. This two-cup mini–rice cooker is the tiniest on the list.

But it’s also the cheapest and best-reviewed machine we discovered and it cooks enough rice to feed a couple of people.

Also, One reviewer called this rice cooker a “singles gift from God,” saying she’s used it to make beans, lentils, [and] quinoa besides rice.

It is excellent for a family of two with no leftovers, so we enjoy freshly made rice, another reviewer comments.

2. Zojirushi Rice Cooker, 3-Cups

We believe it goes for $53 on Amazon. The simplicity of this three-cup rice cooker from Zojirushi appeals to reviewers who don’t need to create enormous quantities of rice.

I love this rice cooker, one customer says, preferring it over a fancy larger one. It’s simple and easy, and it gets the job done.

We had one of those sophisticated rice cookers with ten different buttons, which I now use only for porridge. We don’t have 45 minutes to wait for our rice. I acquired this gadget since it appeared like the least complicated rice cooker out there.

Also, another reviewer comments. Really, all I needed to do was cook rice without becoming distracted and scorching it to the pan’s bottom. This is fantastic.

3. Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker, 5.5-Cup

We believe this goes for $191 on Amazon. This Zojirushi rice cooker includes “fuzzy logic” technology.

This allows the rice cooker to “think” for itself, fine-tuning heat and cooking time to deliver precisely cooked rice.

One ecstatic reviewer adds. you will not be disappointed or regret a single dollar you toss at this machine.

Rice cooks flawlessly on its own, changing the time and texture within the cooker, For you, it will be soft, fluffy, and wonderful.

Also, The cooker will “detect the amount of water based on the amount of rice/type of rice being cooked,” even if your water-to-rice ratio is wrong.

4. Hamilton Beach Digital Programmable Rice Cooker, 4-Cups

Rice Cooker

We believe this goes for $191 on Amazon. When cooking rice in a saucepan, it can be difficult, messy, and inconsistent, but not with this cooker.

Says a reviewer of this Hamilton Beach cooker, which supposedly creates flawless rice every time. Customers don’t seem to mind that this rice cooker is smaller than the Aroma Housewares model.

Since, as one reviewer put it, the smaller size makes cleanup “fast and easy with little to no wasted rice.”

Moreso, others agree you won’t cook more than you need in this one, and many praise the convenience of use of the supplementary steamer basket. Also, Which allows you to prepare an entire meal with only one device.

Not only does jasmine rice come out perfectly cooked, but it also tasted great. We also cooked zucchini squash in the steamer basket, and it came out great.

Although some reviews point out that certain vegetables may need to simmer longer than the rice. This function is a terrific plus at a great price because you can still kill two birds with one stone by preparing wet rice and steamed vegetables.

5. Black+Decker Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, 28 Cups

Rice Cooker

We believe this goes for $40 on Amazon. Although some of the multi-cookers on this list have a greater capacity than this Black+Decker rice cooker.

However, none are as easy to use as this eight-cup choice especially if you’re cooking rice for a crowd.

Multiple reviews characterize it as big, This rice cooker has changed my life, according to another reviewer, who characterizes himself as a moron who can’t cook two things.

After living on beef jerky and coffee for most of his life, he’s spent all of his time since purchasing this machine-making rice, You can’t screw it up even if you tried.

He writes, adding that you can even leave it on for six days, or until your roommates discover you’ve left it on again while you were asleep. Because it automatically shifts to keep warm after cooking the rice.

(However, we must state that this is not something we endorse.)

6. Toshiba Rice Cooker with Fuzzy Logic, 3 Cups

We believe this goes for $89 on Amazon. This Toshiba rice cooker also uses the above “fuzzy logic,” technology. But it’s half the price of the Zojirushi because of its smaller, three-cup capacity.

The concept of fuzzy logic has always intrigued me. “What was it about them that was so unique?

One originally skeptical reviewer expresses his thoughts. “At least now I know.” Even in the stay-warm setting. This product creates the most amazing and fluffy rice without burning.

For a long time, you had hot rice that is simply excellent. Also, Another reviewer put a variety of kinds of rice to the test, including Koshihikari rice, Jasmine rice, and tri-colored quinoa.

And was “amazed at how well all three turned out with no effort on my part. Way to go, fuzzy logic.”

The Toshiba, according to a third reviewer, is the greatest rice cooker I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried a few of them.

It outperforms standard single-function devices and pressure multi-device solutions.” “A variety of other kinds of rice and even quinoa” have turned out brilliantly for them, and they argue that “fuzzy logic is crucial!!!.

7. Aroma Housewares Digital Rice Cooker, Slow Cooker, Food Steamer, 10-Cups

Rice Cooker

Over 300 five-star reviewers especially mentioned the steamer feature as a terrific addition to this rice cooker–slash–slow cooker.

According to one reviewer, “the rice is flawless every time,” and including the steam and slow-cook functions means that this machine can replace my rice cooker, my Crock-Pot, my steamer basket, and even my soup pot.

Because it kicks them all to pieces. Also, Hundreds of additional reviewers laud the insertable steamer bowl’s ability to cook rice and steam other meals claiming that it makes rice with minimal bother and provides me some vegetables to eat with it at the same time.

Unlike a few of the other rice cookers on this list, which only have a manual switch and don’t show how much time is left.

This one has a digital display that counts down how much time is left and provides many choices of buttons and selections for cooking various items.

Because each selection determines the time for the type of rice or grain to be properly cooked. We believe this goes for $40 on Amazon.

8. Tiger Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer Basket, 5.5-Cups

Rice Cooker

We believe this goes for $77 on Amazon. This multifunction rice cooker, according to customers, can handle a variety of rice varieties and other grains. And offers a variety of useful features and cooking settings.

We make rice or quinoa several times a week, one reviewer says, and this cooks it perfectly.

Moreso, many buyers also praise the “synchro-cooking” function, which allows you to cook many dishes at the same time. 

9. Aroma Housewares Ceramic Rice Cooker/ Multicooker, 6-Cups

This rice cooker from Aroma Housewares has a ceramic inner bowl, which makes it very popular with purchasers who want to avoid the more commonplace Teflon-coated nonstick bowls due to health concerns.

I LOVE this rice cooker, writes one reviewer. I bought it because it is ceramic, and I don’t want a nonstick (I just don’t trust it). It’s easy to clean, cooks delicious rice, and is just as good, if not better, than a nonstick, and far healthier.

Also, Another praises the ceramic inner pot as “easy to clean,” and adds that it seems very durable. I don’t need to worry about the coat scratching like I would with a nonstick inner pot.

Even though the price is a little high, it’s worth it. We believe this goes for $229 on Amazon.

10. Aroma Housewares Digital Touch Mini Rice Cooker, 3-Cups

Rice Cooker

We believe this goes for $30 on Amazon. They designed most of these rice cookers to be set on a counter.

This one is ready to use (in the before times, when we used to leave the house to go to work). On-the-go rice (and more) made easy. My working hours and places vary.

Also, One reviewer comments, “Some areas I don’t have access to a microwave or refrigerator.” “All I need now is a power outlet and a drinking fountain!”

They go on to say that it’s also “very forgiving” when it comes to water measurements: “The first time I tried it.

I made a lot of mistakes. Even so, it worked out!” Another person describes it as a “lifesaver” for preparing lunch at work. “I can make an entire mini-meal in here, she says.

11. Hamilton Beach Mini Rice Cooker, 4-Cups

Rice Cooker

We believe this goes for $30 on Amazon. Unlike the rice cooker above. this equally portable, space-saving version also has a steam basket, making it perfect for folks with limited kitchen space.

According to one buyer. If you’re going to a potluck and need to bring the cooker with you, the handle is the greatest.

Another says that it’d be ideal for a student for dorm meals, having cooked not only rice but also vegetables and dumplings in the steamer basket.

Also, another says it’s simple to clean and small enough to leave out on the counter all the time.

While another adds, It’s really compact if you don’t have a lot of storage or counter space, and it cooks rice well.

It’s also simple to transport. Seven reviews call it “cute,” with one of the most enthusiastic comments, Cutest little rice maker!. Rice comes out fluffy and delicious. I really like this R2-D2-style device.

12. Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

We believe this goes for $20 on Amazon. Over 75% of reviewers rate this Joseph Joseph microwave rice cooker five stars. And many remarks on how convenient it is to cook rice in the microwave.

This small gadget is excellent,” writes one buyer, who admits to being “skeptical at first because properly producing a great pot of rice seemed too easy.

They quickly converted to the microwave rice-cooking method after using this rice cooker.

Also, It was incredibly simple, and the result was a wonderfully cooked, fluffy pot of rice.” It comes highly recommended by me. Moreso, It saves so much time and eliminates the need for pots and pans!

Many other reviewers have praised the quick and clear operation of this rice cooker. “It’s seriously the simplest thing to use,” said the user.

However, I used the maximum, which is 2 cups of dry rice, one buyer comments. I followed the instructions to the letter and produced excellent white rice in 17 minutes. This isn’t a joke.

I added vegetables and chicken as soon as it was done, and I was done for dinner with some leftovers for lunch the next day.

13. Cuisinart Rice Cooker, 4-Cups

Rice Cooker

This looks very elegant with our other stainless-steel appliances, writes one reviewer. One of nearly a dozen who adores the appearance of this rice cooker?

However, as one user points out, the performance made it a keeper, although Stainless steel was the draw. This is due to its ease of use and surprising versatility.

Just plug it in, add your rice, water, and butter (following the cooking instructions on the side of the rice), cover it, and forget about it until it’s done, one reviewer adds.

Makes great rice, noodles, steamed vegetables, and my favorite, mac n cheese, says another client. How we can make Everything from scratch, in one pot, in only minutes, is so cute, and it’s very simple.

14. Aroma Housewares Digital Cool-Touch Rice Cooker

We believe this goes for $33 on Amazon. While this rice cooker may cook a variety of grains. Over 20% of reviewers recommend it for rice.

All you have to do is scoop rice, pour it into the bowl, rinse, add enough water, press the button, wait, and eat.

Another reviewer claims that this machine does justice. To white rice, brown rice, and sweet brown rice equally, because it comes with several preset timers for different rice.

Another reviewer was looking for a less expensive option for a Zojirushi rice cooker but was still “ready to pay top dollar” for a machine that cooks excellent brown rice.

“I thought she was crazy,” she said when her sister told her about this Aroma unit for around $50. I’m so relieved she wasn’t. My hubby and I are eating our wonderfully cooked brown rice right now.

This cooker can steam a complete meal besides preparing rice. I’ve also steamed fish while the rice was cooking and that, too, turned out beautifully.

Regardless of what’s cooking, reviewers praise the nonstick nature of the rice cooker and scooper that comes with it. One person says about the scooper.

15. IMUSA Electric Nonstick Rice Cooker, 8-Cups

Rice Cooker

This rice cooker is ideal for individuals who want a simple, one-and-done solution. This cooker is easy to clean, looks wonderful, and is very easy to use, one satisfied customer writes.

Whether it’s white rice or brown rice, it mysteriously knows when the rice is done. He’d even “recommend this cooker to everyone,”

The cooker has a removable nonstick pot, which one buyer claims is the best and “most convenient feature since it allows you to rinse the rice, in the supplied nonstick saucepan and not lose a single grain while emptying the starchy water. 

Thus you can readily see where to fill it Another consumer claims that you need nothing more opulent than this.

In the past, I’ve had costly rice cookers with a plethora of settings and possibilities. In a nice way, this isn’t like those, he says.

Its simplicity astounded him because it produces good-tasting rice in the same way as more expensive versions, but at a fraction of the cost. We believe this goes for $23 on Amazon.

16. Aroma Housewares Rice Cooker and Food Steamer, 3-Cups

Rice Cooker

Reviewers like that this no-frills rice cooker is tiny and easy to use, as well as being less than half the price of the one above.

This small rice cooker makes one reviewer feel “like I’m a chef at a five-star restaurant, although they claim they’re not a decent cook at all.”

They go on to say that the price “couldn’t be topped and that their “only regret is not buying this sooner.

Also, another reviewer, who had previously found rice cookers to be too big for their counter, was “amazed” that this one was so compact and goes for only $20  Amazon.

They add that It’s easy to clean, and lightweight, and I have adorable rubber feet. I also like how the handles on the sides and the lid don’t get in the way.

17. Oyama Traditional Rice Cooker – 3 Cup

Rice Cooker

Another wonderful alternative is the Oyama 3 Cup Traditional Small Rice Cooker. It can cook 3 cups of uncooked rice (6 cups cooked) in it.

With a basic one-touch cooking function, it has fewer bells and whistles than some of the others on this list.

When the rice is finished, an automatic keep-warm function is activated. The interior bowl is also non-stick, making cleanup a snap.

Oyama specializes in kitchen equipment, and while their rice cookers are their most well-known product, they also create excellent air fryers.

18. Panasonic Small Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

This Panasonic Mini Rice Cooker removes all the guesswork from flawless rice cooking. It’s a 1.5-cup rice cooker that yields three cups cooked rice.

The rice cooker has a glass lid so you can monitor it while it cooks.

Also, they included a rice cooker measuring cup with the Panasonic electric rice cooker. The term “one-switch automated cooking” refers to the ability to cook by simply flipping a switch.

When the rice is finished, the rice cooker automatically shuts off. A non-stick coated aluminum pan is included on the inside, making cleanup a breeze.

However, It also uniformly distributes heat to ensure that the rice is cooked to perfection.

Moreso, you can also prepare foods other than rice. It’s also good in oatmeal, soups, and stews.

Frequently Asked Questions on Rice Cooker

Rice Cooker

1. How Does a Rice Cooker Know when The Rice is Done?

It isn’t the case. The rice cooker only knows when the water has boiled away, and it doesn’t even know that. It only knows when the temperature of the pot climbs above 100° C, which occurs when the water has boiled away.

That should happen when the rice is done, assuming you have the appropriate proportion of water and rice (around 2:1).

A rice cooker can detect when the temperature increases above 100° C in a variety of methods. But the original patent employed a magnet to hold the switch that keeps the circuit to the heating element closed.

Permanent magnets lose their magnetism forever, whereas contact magnets (such as those found in paper clips) lose their magnetism until they come into contact with another magnet.

Also, the switch’s magnet is a contact magnet that loses its magnetism at temperatures slightly above 100° C. Its magnetism comes from a permanent magnet that loses its magnetic at temperatures far over 100° C.

The heat pushed into the pot by the heater will only turn the water into steam as long as there is water in the pot.

2. More Details on How Does a Rice Cooker Know when The Rice is Done?

That implies the water won’t get any hotter than 100° C, but the pot will be cooled to the same temperature.

As a result, the pot will remain at 100°C, indicating that the contact magnet is still functional.

When the water runs out, there’s nothing left except the pot and the rice to turn the heat off.

And because both the pot and the rice can reach temperatures much beyond 100° C, the temperature of the pot rises. As does the temperature of the contact magnet.

However, when the contact magnet becomes too hot, it loses its magnetic qualities, and the switch is released, the rice cooker enters the warming mode.

Moreso, the permanent magnet quickly regains its magnetic characteristics when the contact magnet cools. When magnets become too heated, they lose their magnetic properties.

3. Is it Okay to Open a Rice Cooker Lid While Keeping it Warm?

Yes, but with some key caveats. To begin with, do not open the cover until the rice cooks entirely ever! If you do this, you will lose the heat/steam, which will cause the cooking process to take longer.

Worse, because the water and oil or butter must now come up to temperature, the food will either scorch or be overcooked because you needed to add more water.

It’s fine to cover the rice when it’s fully cooked and merely sitting on the stove, but it will dry up and become chewy or worse, hard as pea stones when bitten.

My greatest advice is to only expose it after it has totally cooked in order to serve it fast.

We wish you the best in getting an amazing and effective rice cooker. We hope this article (rice cooker) has been inspiring to you. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. 

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