15 Restaurants with Private Rooms Near Me in Atlanta

Atlanta has long been a center for hospitality. However, if you are yearning to know the best 15 restaurants with private rooms near me in Atlanta, this article is here for your search intent.

15 Restaurants with Private Rooms near Me in Atlanta

What You Should Know About Restaurants in Atlanta

There are many mouthwatering foods to pick from on the Atlanta eating scene. A renaissance of chef-owned restaurants, cocktail bars, and luxury diners serving I have observed expertly created cuisine and drinks from throughout the globe in the metropolitan area.

Restaurants in Atlanta come in a wide range of styles and varieties, from low-cost fast-food meals and cafeterias to middle-priced family restaurants to expensive luxury venues.

Although many restaurants also provide takeout and food delivery services, meals are often served and consumed on the premises.

15 Restaurants with Private Rooms in Atlanta

Private dining rooms in Atlanta meet all of your needs, whether you’re looking for a mahogany-adorned steakhouse, southern comfort food on a sunny patio, or hand-crafted cocktails 30 stories above.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional steakhouse with a French boxer-inspired design, a tapas-inspired bar, or a contemporary deli, Atlanta has the ideal location for you and your group.

These well-known spots have space for you and your guests, whether you’re dining with a group on the run or want to throw a private supper for your loved ones.

1. Bones

Speaking of steakhouses, have a look at Bones, which according to Zagat has the best ratings for both food and service of any steakhouse in America.

Whatever the occasion, you may find a size that suits you and your event among the over 10 private dining rooms that are available, both large and small.

Even though it’s a steakhouse, there are still lots of options for people who want to cut back on meat.

2. King + Duke

This chef-owned restaurant, which is all about making a statement, will impress your guests the instant they see the 24-foot open hearth in the middle of the room.

restaurants with private rooms near me

From there, things only get better with specialty drinks and a variety of foods with a seasonal theme.

3. Cooks & Soldiers

After our little lesson in mythology, here is a quick review of geography: The Basque Country is a region with a unique culture that lies on the border of northwest Spain and southwest France.

Cooks & Soldiers’ menu reflects the passionate sense of pride that Basques have in their heritage. The Basque equivalent of tapas is pintxos, which are just as delectable.

If you want to relax while sipping a sparkling dry white wine, try txakoli. A group of up to 80 people can fit into the restaurant’s space, but a buyout can get you 250.

4. Aria

There are many supporters of Aria, including the James Beard Foundation, Zagat, Atlanta magazine, and Wine Spectator.

Aria is accommodating and can accommodate gatherings of any size, accommodating up to 120 standing guests if you want to book the entire venue.

Although elegant, the ambiance is not stuffy. Since they are only open for dinner, your lunch meetings must be held somewhere else, but this will undoubtedly make your day.

5. Saltyard

At Saltyard, private dining entails choosing from a bespoke menu selection that has been professionally crafted for your guest list.

restaurants with private rooms near me

The arrangement of the room allows for versatility for groups of various sizes, and for an added special touch, use their events team to ensure that your soiree runs well.

6. Empire State South

Whatever you have in mind, Empire State South can turn it into a reality with its welcoming, classy atmosphere, whether it be cocktail parties, private dinners, or a full restaurant buyout.

Enjoy their variety of energizing cocktails and refined southern food whether you choose to eat inside or outside.

7. Marcel

Marcel successfully portrays the spirit of a classic restaurant and its sense of good times. The restaurant offers outstanding food in a setting that is traditional, elegant, and quirky with a hint of French inspiration.

You can host more intimate gatherings for a casual cocktail hour at the bar or go all out with a sumptuous sit-down meal in the dining room.

8. Bar Mercado

It makes sense that folks who want to indulge in robust Latin American and Spanish flavors frequent Bar Mercado. “Donde Comen Dos, Comen Tres,” was their catchphrase. “Where Two Eat, So Does Three” in translation.

This Spanish proverb basically means that there is enough food for everyone, which is a concept that customers who can eat tapas and drink margaritas greatly appreciate.

There are a couple different options for private dining here, but if you want to do a buyout, you can fit up to 150 people seated or 200 people standing.

9. Pricci

Pricci is frequently listed in “best of” type roundups if you’re searching for traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist, not to mention it has received the esteemed Wine Spectator Award of Excellence.

Admired executive chef Piero Premoli, a native of Milan, is in charge of the menu and infuses his food with a feeling of authenticity.

Here, there are three private dining rooms that are perfect for any event, from a team celebration dinner to a business luncheon.

10. Empire State South

Head to the southern restaurant Empire State South if you’re in the mood for a four- to a six-course meal, like one does. A seasonal and regional tasting menu is offered here.

Who can resist a buttermilk pie? Over 60s can play bocce on the terrace in between meals, but private dining room buyouts and half buyouts are other options.

11. Atlas

Given that Atlas is a part of St. Regis Atlanta, it makes sense that it is sophisticated enough for the time.

Whether you want to host a large event for 90 people or something more intimate for 10., your private dining requirements can be quite flexible here. Despite the consistently high degree of competence, the dining room menu is always changing.

12. Blue Ridge Grill

Do you need a private dinner for between 8 and 45 people? Blue Ridge Grill is a well-known hangout for Atlanta’s influential people.

With a stacked stone fireplace, wood salvaged from an 1890s cotton mill, and painted log walls, the restaurant with the same name strives for the look of a centuries-old cabin. Don’t be fooled by the rustic appeal; this is a high-end establishment with a dress code.

13. Nikolai’s Roof

At Nikolai’s Roof, the view is everything. This gastronomic aerie has panoramic views of the entire city and is located above the Hilton Atlanta.

In 1976, a concentration on Russian cuisine was introduced, however, that was long since swapped out for a more comprehensive European menu.

However, their famous caviar service and house-infused flavored vodkas continue to be a welcome kind of indulgence. For the 30-floor-up gastronomic adventure, the private dining room can accommodate 100 guests.

14. Bacchanalia

Mea apologies to those who were hoping to dodge a little mythology lesson here. The ancient Roman Bacchus festival is where the word “bacchanalia” originates.

Bacchus, the god of wine and pleasure, was responsible for these fairly infamous celebrations, which literally became the stuff of legend.

Despite its scandalous etymology, “Bacchanalia” nowadays conjures up a respectable notion of food and drink revelry.

A location for an event (above board). Bacchanalia has a dining room that seats up to 90 people and a bar section that seats 20 people for semi-private events.

This modern American restaurant is frequently regarded as one of Atlanta’s best, and its industrial chic design tops it all off.

15. The Capital Grille

Unquestionably a national favorite, The Capital Grille has 61 locations spread throughout 25 states and Washington, D.C.

This network of upscale steakhouses has established itself as the benchmark for a carnivorous night out since the establishment of its first location in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1990.

If you want to impress some colleagues with your pick of the restaurant, this one will be more than enough because it is a bold-face name among elite restaurant chains.

Whether it’s a seated dinner or a business cocktail party, a private dining room is ideal for an event where food is the focal point.

The best thing about the aforementioned locations is that you can accommodate the number of guests you want.

If the event is huge in scope, consider choosing a semi-private experience in a closed-off section, renting out a private dining room, or doing a full buyout.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a private room meaning?

A private room is one that you can hire separately from the full house. It could be a room in a private home or a rented property. Although each guest has their own room, they all share common areas including the living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

2. How do private rooms work?

When you reserve a private room, you may share some places with other guests besides having your own private sleeping area. To get to your room, you might have to pass through areas that are being used by a host or a guest.

3. What is a private room accommodation?

We define private accommodation as a nightly stay that is not at a business institution but rather at a relative’s, friend’s, or acquaintance’s house.

4. Can couples share a hostel bed?

Hostels do not allow couples to share beds. The carrying of any other in a hostel room is frequently expressly prohibited. Neither if a couple reserves two bunk beds there.

5. What is Airbnb private room?

A private room is one that you can hire separately from the full house. It could be a room in a private home or a rented property. While each guest has a private room, there are some shared areas, including a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

6. Do Airbnb hosts check on you?

While the community guidelines of Airbnb prohibit hosts from disclosing visitors’ private information, they do not prevent hosts from monitoring their properties using live feeds from security cameras.

7. Can you Airbnb just a room?

You may enjoy the advantages of extra money while still being able to remain in your own house by renting out only a room, which is less stressful than renting out a whole property. It could be a terrific way to make additional money and get to know people from all around the world while also making new friends.

8. How do I list my private room on Airbnb?

Clarify that you have a private space.

9. How much money can you make renting a room on Airbnb?

The average monthly income of an Airbnb host is $924, according to research from low-interest lender Earnest. Of course, your revenue will depend on your location, the frequency of your rentals, the standard of your house, and the services you offer.

We hope we have been able to cover everything you need to know about in this article, and we are hopeful that it serves its purpose of meeting your search intent.

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