Good Restaurants near Me with Outdoor Seating in Florida

Are you looking forward to enjoying a date night dinner in restaurants near me with outdoor seating in Florida? Check out these restaurants with the nicest outdoor areas in the city for both a beautiful outdoor atmosphere and great food.

Good Restaurants near Me with Outdoor Seating in Florida

These are the spots that will make you gaze around and murmur a prayer of thanksgiving that you’ll never have to find out what black ice is—places where sitting outside is the whole idea.

The Top Best Restaurants near Me with Outdoor Seating

The Top Restaurants in Florida with Outdoor Seating are listed below. Keep reading to learn more.

Vergina Restaurant

This restaurant attracts a consistent audience for both lunch and dinner due to its convenient location among stores and tiny boutique hotels.

The cuisine has a unique and erratic style. There are options ranging from zuppa di calamari (hot) to octopus salad (cold) under the cold and hot headings for appetizers (hot).

restaurants near me with outdoor seating

Thistle Lodge 

The trip is worth it despite having to pay a toll to get to this location. The food has both expected and unexpected flair, and there is a feeling of old Florida grandeur here. There are two extremely unique food martinis available.

One is a brandied cocktail sauce, and the other is a jumbo shrimp cocktail with rock shrimp. The other is a martini with a Maryland jumbo lump crab cake and remoulade.

Sale E Pepe

Visits to Marco Island are already justified by this eatery, but this new resort also offers distinctive amenities to its visitors.

This standalone restaurant has an Old World ambiance and an Italian palazzo feel and is connected to the main structure by a cobblestone walkway.

Hand-painted frescos, Roman-style arches, and quiet dining nooks can be found inside. The chef’s Piedmont background is reflected in the cuisine, which features daily scratch-made entrées.


Island Cow

Children adore this restaurant, if only for the outrageous décor and smartly crafted menu that makes fun of cows in all their forms.

However, the menu is wide and varied, giving customers a sort of all-inclusive dining experience. Good breakfast is popular here, but so are the sandwiches, BBQ, and chili.


In Wynwood, there aren’t many consistently excellent eateries with large outdoor seating areas. However, Doya excels at filling that void.

Additionally, they offer a lovely patio with sufficient chairs and umbrellas for shade. With a large menu full of excellent meze platters ideal for sharing, it’s a great place to go with a group.


Lagniappe is more of a place to drink than eat, but the Edgewater wine bar does feature a limited food menu that’s tasty enough to make coming here for dinner acceptable, despite the fact that the flatware is plastic.

After grabbing a bottle of wine inside, proceed outside to the grill to place an order for food. In addition to the excellent meat and cheese plates, good selections include churrasco, mahi, salmon, chicken, and sautéed vegetables.

Ella’s Americana Folk Art Café

Next up is Ella’s Americana Folk Art Café in Southeast Belmont Heights, which offers some of Tampa’s best outdoor dining. It is located off of North Nebraska Avenue and East Shadowlane Avenue.

At Ella’s, there is plenty of space on their expansive outside deck area, which has wooden booths and a high-seat bar, surrounding a huge oak tree that glows wonderfully at night.

restaurants near me with outdoor seating


This location is the original Hawaiian restaurant in Florida for the Roy Yamaguchi-founded brand, albeit it is no longer the only one.

Hawaiian fusion cuisine is abundant on the menu, including Roy’s unique Hawaiian blackened island ahi and the wood-grilled baby-back pig ribs with Szechuan spices.


Baleen is all about catering to guests putting on the dog, celebrating, conducting business, or otherwise living large, as one might expect of the signature restaurant at a very upscale oceanfront hotel.

The indoor-outdoor strategy gives the proceedings a welcome air of informality. Start your evening with a seafood platter featuring shrimp, oysters, gulf catch ceviche, and more.

You may also start with the “Floridian Salad,” which is made up of shaved hearts of palm, grapefruit, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, and blood orange vinaigrette.

Continue with main courses including the chef’s famous grilled yellowtail snapper with red onion and olive relish, purple potatoes, mojo-marinated jumbo shrimp, finger lime, pickled jalapenos, and choclo corn.

Best Restaurants with outdoor seating in Florida

Campiello Ristorante

It has a minimalist, subtle elegance that can only be found in the best California-Italian bistros, like this one, which is located in Naples, Florida, not Italy, and is tucked away in the old Mercantile Building.

The lunchtime atmosphere here is reminiscent of the boom-boom ’80s power lunch trend. Everyone looks like a high-powered CEO who has just closed a major deal when they bite into a spit-roasted pork sandwich with red onion and smoked mozzarella.

They are all affluent, healthy, and content. However, it could simply be the quality of the cuisine. Presentations at lunch and dinner are straightforward, and the flavors rely bravely on top-notch fruit and slow-roasted meats.

Capri Fish House

Located on the Isle of Capri, just three miles from trendy and popular Marco Island, and features a choice menu, with a clear emphasis on fish.

The seafood is fresh and comes from Florida boats, particularly those plying the nearby Gulf of Mexico. Appetizers look to oysters, mussels, conch, shrimp, and calamari, while the entrées, somewhat limited, include three pasta choices and a half-dozen meat and poultry items.

The selections are well-prepared and served in a homey atmosphere where the walls bespeak all things nautical.

One entrée favorite is the Chicken Key Largo—grilled chicken breast stuffed with shrimp and lobster, then baked with a rich lobster cream sauce.

HB’s on the Gulf

This restaurant, which is three miles from the trendy and well-liked Marco Island on the Isle of Capri, offers a delectable menu with a strong emphasis on fish. Fresh seafood, especially from Florida boats that cruise the nearby Gulf of Mexico, is served.

Oysters, mussels, conch, shrimp, and calamari are popular choices for appetizers, while the fairly limited selection of entrées includes three pasta dishes and a half-dozen meat and poultry options.

The dishes are expertly cooked and presented in a cozy setting with nautical-themed décor. The Chicken Key Largo is a popular entrée—grilled chicken breast that has been filled with shrimp and lobster and baked in a decadent lobster cream sauce.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you call “outdoor seating”?

Eating outside is known as “outdoor dining,” also referred to as “alfresco dining” or “dining alfresco.”

2. What can I use for outdoor seats?

Steel furniture is heavier than other types of furniture, making it harder to move yet more stable in the wind. The finest materials for outdoor furniture are galvanized or stainless steel, because ordinary steel corrodes and rusts quickly when exposed to the weather.

3. How do you build an outdoor seating area?

Never before has building an outdoor living area been so simple or enjoyable. A straightforward wicker couch, two wicker chairs, and a table should be placed there. Add some cushions and a variety of vibrant throw pillows to make them more comfortable. Potted plants beautify any space and keep the air pure.

4. How do you build a seating area on grass?

Never before has building an outdoor living area been so simple or enjoyable. A straightforward wicker couch, two wicker chairs, and a table should be placed there. Add some cushions and a variety of vibrant throw pillows to make them more comfortable. Potted plants beautify any space and keep the air pure.

4. What type of furniture can you put on the grass?

Due to its lightweight and resistance to rust and rot, plastic is one of the best materials for garden furniture on grass. It is very simple to move and install.

5. Is vinyl flooring suitable for the outdoors?

Like laminate flooring, vinyl flooring can fracture or expand in extremely hot or cold environments. However, vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and can manage liquid spills like a pro, unlike laminate flooring, making it the ideal option for outdoor applications.

6. How long will laminate flooring last outside?

Laminate flooring can last anywhere between 15 and 25 years.

7. Can you put vinyl flooring over concrete outside?

Vinyl flooring can be laid on the patio since it is moisture resistant, long-lasting, and needs little upkeep.

8. What is the least slippery outdoor flooring?

Concrete is highly durable and slip-resistant, as are concrete pavers, brick pavers, and rubber tiles.


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