How to Resolve Kernel-Power Event ID 41 on Windows 10?

Do the Windows in your computer shut down without warning? This article will guide you on how to fix Kernel-Power Event ID 41 and stop Windows 10 crashes.

How to Resolve Kernel-Power Event ID 41 on Windows 10?

You may encounter the kernel power event ID 41 if your PC is shut down unexpectedly, such as out of power or your PC reboots unexpectedly.

The critical error of the kernel power is a vital error that you can never ignore because it can induce instability in Windows.

And an error in kernel power 41 is mostly caused by an underpowered or failed power supply, but there are other causes, such as an outdated driver.

Often a BSOD followed by the 0x8000400000000002 error code is caused by the kernel power 41 error. This is how to Resolve Kernel-Power Event ID 41 on Windows 10.

Method 1. Update Audio Drivers to get rid of Kernel-Power Event id 41 error

Maybe some type of driver is lacking an update and this is preventing you from fixing Kernel Power 41 error on Windows 10.

How to Resolve Kernel-Power Event ID 41 on Windows 10?

As a solution, we recommend updating Audio Drivers with the help of the following instructions:

  • Right-click on Windows key and select Device Manager.
  • Expand Sound, video, and game controllers on the left
  • Click the Action tab and select Update Driver Software.
  • After that, select Browse my computer for driver software and select High Definition Audio Device driver from the list.
  • Click Next and then Yes.
  • When the process is finished, restart your PC.

If that did not help, you should check the list of device drivers and update the ones that are marked with a yellow exclamation mark or the ones, which haven’t been updated for ages.

Method 2. Disable Duplicate Device Drivers to fix Kernel-Power Event id 41 error

  • Right-click on Windows key and select Device Manager.
  • Expand the Sound, video, and game controllers section and check if there are any duplicate entries.
  • If you found a duplicate driver, right-click on it, and select Disable.
  • If that did not help, check all devices for duplicate drivers and remove the duplicates.

Method 3. Modify Power Settings as an alternative to fix the error

In some cases, modifying power settings might help if any other alternative options were found unsuccessful.

Try to fix Kernel-Power 41 Error on Windows 10 by taking a look at the following guiding steps:

  • Press Windows key + S to open Settings.
  • Select Power Options and find your current power plan.
  • Click on Change plan settings button.
  • Select Change advanced power settings.
  • Expand the Hard disk section and click Turn off the hard disk.
  • Set it to Never or enter 0 value.
  • Now locate the Sleep section and turn off the sleep timer.
  • Click Apply and OK to confirm the changes.

Method 4. Turn Off Fast Startup to get rid of Kernel-Power Event id 41

  • Press Windows key + S to open Settings.
  • Select Power Options and click on Choose what the power button does.

How to Resolve Kernel-Power Event ID 41 on Windows 10?

  • Select Change settings that are currently unavailable.
  • Locate the Shutdown settings and uncheck Turn on fast startup (recommended) option.
  • Click Save changes and reboot the system.


Method 5. Uninstall recent Windows Updates

In order to fix Kernel Power 41 Error on Windows 10, you might have to uninstall recent Windows Updates as some upgrades might have triggered the error’s occurrence.

For a clearer view of this method, look below:

  • Go to the Windows search zone and type Settings.
  • Select the Update & Security section.
  • Press on the View installed updates history function.

How to Resolve Kernel-Power Event ID 41 on Windows 10?

  • Select Uninstall updates.
  • Reboot your computer system.

Method 6. Deactivate Auto-restart to remove Kernel-Power Event ID 41 error

  • Type Advanced Settings in the search section.
  • Open “View advanced system settings”

How to Resolve Kernel-Power Event ID 41 on Windows 10?

  • Choose the Advanced section.
  • Find the option that says “Settings” and click on it.
  • Deselect the mark which is near the “Automatically restart” box.
  • Confirm changes.

Method 7. Check for incompatible hardware

Finally, Kernel Power 41 error can be caused by a failing hardware component. By failing, we do not mean that it is broken, but an under-performing PSU, also known as a Power Supply Unit.

These components come with different power levels, e.g., 500W.

Power Supply Unit powers everything that your computer needs for proper operation and, the more powerful other components, the more capable PSU you need.

Therefore, if you are installing more RAM or equipping your PC with a powerful graphics card, a less powerful PSU could not be able to convert the electrical current correctly, hence resulting in Kernel Power 41 Error.

One of these seven fixes will bring your Windows 10 computer back to full health. You might need to try a combination of fixes to stop the Kernel-Power critical error.

For me, reseating my hardware and updating Windows 10 cured the issue.

We are confident that this article contains all the information you need, and we also hope that it serves its purpose of addressing your search intent. Do well to leave a comment if you have any further queries

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