RentTrack Review: Building Your Credit By Paying Rent

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This RentTrack review focuses on the pros and cons of using Renttrack as a homeowner and how it improves your credit. By signing up to RentTrack, you can possibly save thousands of dollars in interest charges over the long-term on auto loans, credit cards, and mortgages which in turn helps you improve your credit score.

RentTrack Review

Although homeowners build credit automatically when making timely mortgage payments, renters tend not to receive any benefit because few landlords report rent payments.

RentTrack helps to bridge this divide by reporting rent payments to credit bureaus for a low monthly fee so you can build credit without needing to take on debt or get a credit card.

About RentTrack?

Many people struggle to build credit when starting out. It’s difficult to open up a credit account when you don’t have any credit. It seems like a chicken-and-egg problem, right?

Additionally, a credit account implies you’ll take on debt. In other words, to build credit, you also have to take on debt. But what if you didn’t? That’s where RentTrack comes in. They allow you to build credit by paying your rent.

After you sign up with RentTrack, they will report your rent payments to all three credit bureaus. When you apply for new credit, you’ll already have a credit history.

The upside is that you didn’t even have to take on any debt. This feature is great for anyone building new credit or trying to repair damaged credit.

Pros and Cons


  • Without needing to resort to a traditional loan or a credit card to build your credit, you can improve your credit score by making timely rent payments.
  •  Unlike some of its rivals, they report rent payments to all three major credit bureaus.
  • The monthly cost is $6.95 when you pay via ACH.
  • You are not locked into a long-term contract so when you have built your credit score or you are moving to a new home, you can cancel anytime.
  • Even if your landlord is not participating on the RentTrack platform already you can still join.
  • Your information is encrypted according to RentTrack using bank-level security protocols.
  • Unlike some rivals, they accept online payments for your convenience.


  • Unlike Rental Kharma, which reports prior rent payments, RentTrack can only report previous payments if your landlord is already on its platform, otherwise, it cannot do so retrospectively.
  • If you already have loans or an established credit score, you may not find RentTrack especially valuable.

How RentTrack Builds Your Credit

RentTrack Review

Believe it or not, most renters never get credit for paying rent on time. The reason is that most landlords do not report your rent payments to credit bureaus as part of a tradeline, which is an account that shows your purchase and payment activity.

RentTrack is a credit reporting agency designed to help you build credit when you make rent payments on time. And unlike some of its competitors, such as Rental Kharma, RentTrack reports to all three credit bureaus: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

The way it works is that you receive a positive mark on your credit report each time you make a payment on time. The longer your history of making timely payments, the better your credit score.

renttrack how it works

RentTrack will verify your identity using a government-issued ID, such as your driver’s license, and ask you some other questions to confirm you are who you say you are.

It will also verify your landlord to ensure your rent payment is sent to the right place.

Your landlord does not need to sign up to RentTrack for you to benefit from the service, but if they don’t you will need to pay the monthly cost.

An ACH payment can be set up for a monthly fee of $6.95 which we believe is fair considering the value received.

How Much Does it Cost to Use RentTrack?

renttrack dashboard

RentTrack costs $6.95/month. Landlords don’t pay anything.

There is an additional service available from RentTrack for anyone who wants to report their past rent payments. A history of 12 and 24 months can be reported. The costs are $49.95 and $89.95, respectively.

The way historical reporting works is that you share your rent details with RentTrack. This includes a copy of your rental details and previous leases of up to two years.

Then RentTrack verifies that payments were made on time and per lease terms. The final step is reporting to the credit bureaus.

Once your rental payment history has been reported, a positive rental tradeline is added to your credit report. RentTrack claims that the average credit score improves by at least 29 points.

Once you sign up, all you need to do is make a payment on the RentTrack platform. The payments to your landlord are then made on your behalf.

renttrack dashboard pay rent

What is Reported to the Credit Bureaus?

RentTrack reports your rent payments to the credit bureaus. Rent payments are different from other tradeline payments such as credit cards, car payments, or mortgages.

Rent payments fall under FICO Score 9 and VantageScore. Those are the two scores you’re working to improve each month.

When you apply for new credit, most creditors will use other FICO scores to determine your creditworthiness. You might wonder then what good is it to report rent payments if no one is using them.

Some creditors do use FICO Score 9 and VantageScore. It still is worth reporting to build up these scores.


Is RentTrack Secure and is My Data Protected?

RentTrack takes security and data protection seriously. They employ the latest security technology and best practices. This includes these features:

  • They are an EI3PA-compliant certification holder. EI3PA stands for Experian’s Independent 3rd Party Assessment. It is a measure of a third party’s ability to protect Experian-provided data.
  • Identity verification due to KYC and AML regulations.
  • Secure best practices through the use of encryption and non-storage of sensitive data.
  • PCI compliance ensures your sensitive data is protected.

Is RentTrack Right For You?

If you have no or low credit and your bank supports ACH payments, RentTrack may be a good fit.

RentTrack is a virtual slam-dunk choice if you live in an apartment building that already uses it.

It is also well worth checking out if you need to establish or improve your credit score and don’t want to take on debt.

Just make sure the ACH payment method is available from your banking institution to ensure you keep costs low. Or you can even pay by e-check if you wish to save on service fees.

You may not find RentTrack especially valuable if you already have an established credit score, or make existing loan payments that are reported to credit bureaus.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When does a rent payment show up on a credit report?  

2+ weeks

2. Does the landlord needs to participate?       


3. Am I locked into a long-term contract?      


4. Can I report a rent payment to a credit bureau myself?  


If you have a low credit score or need to establish credit and want an alternative to the traditional channels of borrowing or opening a credit card, RentTrack is worth checking out because you can build your credit over time without taking on debt.

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