Relaxed Hair vs Natural Hair: The Pros & Cons

Choosing the perfect hairstyle is difficult! Should you let your natural curls take the spotlight, or should you go ahead with relaxed hair for a sleek and professional look? One can answer these questions easily with the help of the ultimate method of creating a pros and cons list.

It always works and helps us make more informed decisions.

So if you have been wondering what will be the best approach for your hair, here is a thorough comparison between relaxed and natural hair. 

Relaxed hair

For women who like wearing their hair straight, a hair relaxer has been an enormous help. It provided them with perfectly straight hair without any hassle or regular strengthening.

It saves them time and regular visits to the salon, as with a hair relaxer kit, one can get relaxed hair in the comfort of their home.

Although recently, it has been surrounded with many controversies, as many women have been joining the hair relaxer lawsuit, it is still a quite popular hairstyling method among African American women.

Here is the list of hair relaxers’ pros and cons to determine whether it would be the right choice for you. 

Pros of Hair Relaxers

  • By relaxing your hair, you can get straight hair that will last longer and help you create a more professional appearance. 
  • With hair relaxers, you can save much of the time you would have otherwise spent detangling and styling your curls. 
  • It also makes managing your hair effortless, as detangling and styling curly hair or afro is an excruciating process.
  • Last but not least, hair relaxers prevent your hair from getting frizzy or puffy in all kinds of weather. 

Cons of Hair Relaxers

  • To maintain your hair beautifully straight, you need to continuously apply chemicals, which are never good for the health of your hair.
  • People who relax their hair often suffer scalp irritation, scarring, and inflammation.
  • The continued use of hair relaxers can lead to hair thinning and hair loss. Alopecia is a common side effect of relaxed hair.
  • Chemically processed hair is weaker than natural hair. Thus, damaged hair is a common disadvantage of relaxing your hair. 
  • The chemicals in hair relaxers significantly cause life-threatening illnesses like cancer. 
  • Relaxed hair is also not ideal for permanent coloring.
  • Styling choice with relaxed hair is very limited. After some time, it becomes boring. 

Natural Hair

Natural hair refers to the raw state of hair without altering its appearance with any chemicals. Many women prefer keeping their hair natural, as it provides them with a unique look that is not made in a salon or with harsh cosmetics. 

To ensure that natural hair is the right approach for you, here is the complete list of the pros and cons of natural hair. 

Pros of Natural Hair

  • Why your hair is 100% Natural, they are healthiest compared to chemically processed hair.
  • Natural hair provides you with more ways to style your hair. You can try something new almost every week.
  • When your hair is 100% natural, you can grow them as you like 
  • Easier to maintain and does not require you to spend hundreds of dollars on products and salon appointments.
  • Natural hair has more volume than relaxed hair.

Cons of Natural Hair

  • Styling or managing natural hair is time-consuming and a huge hassle. Detangling your curly can be painful and will require a lot of effort.
  • With natural hair, you need to style them every day before work or while going out. It will take a considerable amount of time to get your hair styled for work or a special occasion.
  • Natural hair is hugely affected by different weather. In the rainy season, your hair can get puffy and frizzy, which makes managing them even more difficult. 
  • Maintaining nature is also costly, requiring multiple hair care products, oils, and haircuts.

Which One is Better?

Choosing the right styling method should be based on your preference. It is better to make an informed choice on how your hair should look based on what’s best for it. Natural hair is always great, but it requires a lot of effort to maintain and style it.

On the other hand, getting your hair relaxed can be harmful to the strands of your hair. The right way is the one that makes you the happiest and keeps your hair in its best state.



If you are thinking about relaxing your hair, you also need to consider the side effects. There are a ton of side effects associated with hair relaxers.

Thus, a hair relaxer lawsuit against a cosmetic company is very common, as people often seek compensation for damages caused by hair relaxer products.

If you are deciding to keep your hair natural, then you need to consider the hassle that comes with it. Consider these advantages and disadvantages to select the right approach for your hair. 

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