Best Quit Smoking Apps on iPhone and Android for 2022

– Quit Smoking Apps –

It is not only good for your health but also your bank balance, to quit smoking. We’ve rounded up the best apps that can help you quit smoking.

Quit Smoking Apps

It is hard to quit-ask any smoker. Not only are the benefits not immediate, like most changes in health behavior.

But quitting smoking allows the smoker to go through a bad withdrawal phase, despite recognizing the symptoms of withdrawal could be immediately relieved by smoking.

Incentive-based services, unlike most quit smoking programs using one or a combination of strategies (counseling, nicotine replacement therapy), allow the quitter the freedom to select the quit strategy that suits them best and simply compensate them for their performance.

Importantly, incentive systems give immediate positive incentives for quitting.

Quit Smoking Apps on iPhone and Android for 2021

1. Stop Smoking

This app will help you do just what it says: quit smoking. And to ensure that you have the correct tools to quit, it will stop at nothing.

For things on your Amazon wishlist, a tracker showing you how much money you have saved, a diary to track your progress or share with other app users, and even a feature that helps you to see how the money you have saved will be used.

2. Quit Genius

This app uses behavioral modification tools based on the ideas behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help you gain control over your own actions as you try to quit.

Rather than forcing you to quit right away, the app allows you to set your own goals for quitting.

The app then rewards you by telling you how much money you’ve saved, and how many years of your life you’ve regained, and offers tools that can help you slowly but surely reach the finish line of quitting.

3. QuitNow!

QuitNow! makes quitting easier by helping you focus your energy on four sections — your new ex-smoker status, 70 ex-smoker achievements to keep you motivated, a strong ex-smoker community, and your newfound health improvements.

Browse frequently asked questions or ask the QuitNow! bot questions of your own.

4. Smoke Free

This app takes a science-backed approach with more than 20 evidence-based techniques to help you quit smoking for good.

Log your cravings and get tips for managing them, plus insights into craving patterns and graphs to monitor your overall progression.

You also have the option of participating in a rigorous scientific experiment that will help more people quit smoking successfully.

5. Quit Tracker

This app is a motivational tool that tracks the health and financial benefits you’ll enjoy every day you resist a cigarette.

Use the app to track how close you are to living a smoke-free life, how much money you’re saving, and how much life you’ve regained.

There’s also a timeline that shows you how quickly you enjoy health benefits.


6. EasyQuit

With this app, you can watch all aspects of your health improve, from your blood circulation and oxygen levels to your senses of taste and smell.

Use the slow mode to help you stop smoking slowly, with a customized plan just for you. Earn badges as rewards and try the memory game when cravings strike.

7. My QuitBuddy

My QuitBuddy is literally a “companion” app to help you track the differences in your health and lifestyle when you quit smoking.

Using a live map of your body showing how much healthier your lungs and other parts of your body are, along with lists of how much money you’ve saved and tar you avoided putting in your body, My QuitBuddy is on your side.

Best Quit Smoking Apps on iPhone and Android for 2022

The app will even give you little games to play, such as doodling, to help take your mind off your cravings.

8. SmokeFree

There are two ways to quit SmokeFree. Choose the quit mode if you’re highly motivated, or use the reduce mode if you need more time.

This app acts as your companion during the quitting process, helping you slowly reduce your cigarette use so your body adapts.

Features include rich motivational tips, personal stats, and financial and health achievements.

9. Flamy

Flamy doesn’t waste any time. Right off the bat, the app offers you a 14-day challenge to quit smoking in two weeks or a “one less every day” option that lets you gradually remove cigarettes from your lifestyle.

The app also offers games that distract you from cravings, plus challenges for you and your friends so that you can motivate each other to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but Flamy makes it feel like a true accomplishment.

10. Quit Smoking – Stop Smoking Counter

This app is intended to be a data tracker, information source, and support system all in one. It’s going to tell you how much nicotine and tar you’re protecting your body from, and the other quitting benefits.

Hear stories and tips from people who have successfully quit using a variety of methods, and follow proven quitting methods first introduced by British author Allen Carr.

11. Smoking Log– Stop Smoking

This app is all about objectives: you enter each cigarette that you smoke and then set your own quitting goals.

Then, in relation to those goals, the app gives you tools and knowledge to show you how you get along every day and how you can stay inspired to quit.

Quit Smoking Apps

You’ll see a dashboard and charts that show your progress over time, stats that track your smoking habits over time, and notifications that measure your progress towards your goals.

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