Restaurants with Private Dining in Tampa Bay

If you’re planning a special event and want your visitors to be wowed, you should be extremely picky about the restaurants you choose and pick the best one possible for your important private dinner. However, with so many alternatives available and such high stakes, it might be challenging to choose the top private dining rooms in Tampa Bay. We can help you out, just keep reading.

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Restaurants with Private Dining in Tampa Bay

Below are some restaurants with private dining in Tampa Bay that you should visit;

1. Riveters

Without the dress code constraints that some other venues impose, Riveters is the best restaurant in Tampa Bay for private dining.

This is the ideal place to celebrate with family and friends or conduct business in a more relaxed environment.

You can reserve their front room, which seats 20–25 people, or you can book out the booths, which will also accommodate 20–25 people.

2. Charley’s Steakhouse

We believe that one of Tampa’s greatest options for private dining is Charley’s Steakhouse, which is just off West Cypress Street in the Westshore Palms neighborhood.

Thanks to the several COVID-19 safety measures that Charley’s has made available, such as 6-foot-apart seating arrangements, and contactless menus you may celebrate in safety here.


3. Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Interestingly, Terra Gaucha has some of the greatest private dining options available, therefore they should be one of the first venues to consider hosting an event. 

More so, Terra Gaucha is located off of West Jetton Avenue and South Dale Mabry Highway right in the center of South Tampa.

Who doesn’t enjoy unlimited meat and seafood?

When you schedule your wedding, business meeting, birthday, or luncheon here at Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse, all of your guests will enjoy it and nobody will go home hungry.

4. Donatello Italian Restaurant

The nicest private dining spaces in Tampa can be found at Donatello Italian Restaurant.

Also, this place is conveniently located on the corner of West North B Street and North Dale Mabry Highway.

Also, in the private dining and banquet rooms of Donatello, which can accommodate up to 90 guests, you can make every event memorable and unforgettable.

5. Mis en Place Restaurant

If you’re looking for the greatest private dining in Tampa, we heartily recommend visiting Mis en Place Restaurant.

This place is situated in the Hyde Park district off West Kennedy Boulevard. At Mis en Place, 3 exquisite rooms are available for the ultimate in private dining.

Virtual meetings, whether for work or play, can be held in any of the rooms because they are all fully furnished.

6. Haven 

One of Tampa’s top private dining establishments is situated on the corner of South Howard Avenue and West Morrison Avenue.

There are three options available at Haven for group dining reservations, including the Chef Suite, which can accommodate 20 people. 

However, the Morrison Patio can accommodate 28 people at two parallel tables outside in the open air.

7. Oystercatchers

Although Oystercatchers has previously appeared on our rankings for things like fine dining, we are now endorsing them as one of Tampa’s top venues for private dining.

Oystercatchers is a picturesque waterfront restaurant that is located off Bayport Drive in Northeast Tampa. It was cut out of the mangrove trees.

Also, they offer the terrace outdoors, which seats 28–50, and finally, the option to simply buy out the entire establishment.

8. Ulele

Next, you should proceed directly into Tampa’s downtown area off of North Highland Avenue, just west of Water Works Park.

More so, Ulele is ready to attend to all of your needs and offer some of the greatest private dining in Tampa Bay right here.

With 7,000 square feet of space, Ulele can accommodate up to 240 guests inside, and 95 visitors in the beer garden.

You’ll eventually want to rent out the entire building because there are so many alternatives.

9. Rusty Pelican

If you want to enjoy some of Tampa’s greatest private dining, we especially recommend Rusty Pelican.

Also, Rusty Pelican has an unbeatable view because it is situated right on the water, so near you could almost touch it.

At Rusty Pelican, there are 5 different rooms that may be reserved, and each one is more beautiful than the previous one.

However, our top pick for weddings, graduations, or any event with lots of guests is one of these waterfront locations.

10. Bern’s Steak House

This place offers the greatest private dining in Tampa Bay for any special event you want to commemorate.

Near the expansive Palma Ceia Golf & Country Club and the Historic Hyde Park North area, Bern’s is situated off South Howard Street.

You’ll want to have all of your important occasions here because they have so many alternatives for opulent, private dining.

Starting with the 10-person Champagne Room, it only grows opulent before reaching the stunning Burgundy Room, which can accommodate up to 44 guests.

11. Lavarone’s Italian Steakhouse

Iavarone’s Italian Steakhouse is a charming establishment that offers some of Tampa Bay’s greatest private dining experiences in addition to some delectable steak and seafood.

In the Carrollwood section of North Tampa, Iavarone’s is located on the corner of West Humphrey Street and North Himes Avenue.

They have a stunning, totally private banquet area upstairs that is ideal for weddings, birthdays, business gatherings, and anything else you can think of.

12. Élevage SoHo Kitchen and Bar

The next restaurant is named Élevage SoHo Kitchen and Bar, and it’s a SoHo favorite as well, especially when it comes to Tampa’s best private dining establishments.

The stunning Epicurean Hotel Autograph Collection is right next door to Élevage, which makes it the ideal place to organize a private dinner.

 If your guests are traveling out of town, Élevage is also a terrific place to put them up while they are in town.


13. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Bar

This restaurant is Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Bar, and it offers one of Tampa’s top private dining rooms for events ranging from weddings to graduation dinners.

In Northwest Tampa, Fleming’s is conveniently located across the street from the enormous International Plaza and Bay Street retail center. 

Fleming’s serves some of the best prime steaks and delectable seafood, including lobster and crab.

Fleming’s is the place for you if you really want to have the most memorable private dinner experience because you may rent out the entire restaurant for your own private night.

14. Seasons 52

Seasons 52 is located in the Westshore Plaza shopping mall just off North Westshore Boulevard and West Kennedy Boulevard.

We advise using Seasons 52’s top-notch private dining rooms for any significant event.

Because you can personalize almost every part of your dining experience at Seasons 52, is a genuinely unique place to have a private dinner.

15. Pané Rustica 

Pané Rustica offers some of the greatest private dining in Tampa for groups of up to 40 people and is located off South MacDill Avenue in South Tampa.

The Blue Room, which seats 8–16 guests and has a PowerPoint-capable TV, and the Venetian Room, which can accommodate 35–40 seated guests or 50+ standing.


For your next important celebration or special occasion, Tampa Bay offers a wide variety of private dining options.

You will appreciate the experience you get when you book any of the ones on the list we’ve provided here because they are, in our opinion, the best of the best.

Have we missed anything? Please let us know by leaving a comment below, and we’ll look into it right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

A private area, sector, or room within a restaurant or event where you can have a private dining experience apart from the main restaurant with a small group of people.

Full-service eateries that offer distinct meal courses.

Sublimotion – Ibiza, Spain

A restaurant that isn’t allowed to call itself that.

Members get a surprise email invitation to dinner that includes the time, date, estimated cost of the main course, and dietary requirements.

Supper club or private dining establishment

A home-based food service enterprise where you both prepare and serve the meals.

Dîner en Blanc

In a temporary dining arrangement in a public area, people eat their meals while dressed in white.

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