Super-fun Pranks to do on Your Sister that Actually Work

Are you looking for some good pranks to play on your sister? In this article, we’ll be showing you pranks to do to your sister that would make home fun to be.

Pranks to do on Your Sister

Good Pranks to do on Your Sister

A family should have both a brother and a sister, but this is only true on the outside.

When you walk into the house, you’ll notice a mini-war between the brother and sister.

Even two sisters aren’t always able to get along. Having sisters can be tiring, whether it’s because of clothes, boys, or makeup.

So we have to prank our sisters now and then to annoy them and get on their nerves.

Let’s have a look at these Pranks to do on Your Sister.

1. The Last Sip

The Last Sip

If you know your sister prefers a hot beverage before bed or in the morning, try this trick on her and she could just stop drinking altogether.

Drop a few raisins into her drink, which will sink to the bottom of the cup. The raisins will make the last sip a little sweeter and change the color slightly.

However, she will almost vomit if she notices the dried fruit slowly drifting toward her mouth.

This prank is best carried out first thing in the morning, while she is still in bed, so she won’t notice.

2. Insect Fast Food

Insect Fast Food

Do this prank in the presence of guardians because it may cause abuse and cursing.

Make a tray of your sister’s best dishes.

However, add a little something extra to it. Purchase a few imitation cockroaches and flies and mix them in with the meal.

Cover it with plastic wrap and set it out for your sister to dig into. She’ll run in horror and disgust as soon as she takes off the lid.

Make sure the insects aren’t overdone, so it doesn’t look phony. It will only take a few to get the job done.

3. Tattooed Footwear

Every day, girls wear their favorite pair of sandals and shoes. They wear it constantly because they simply can’t get enough of it.

This is the best way to pull out this crime. Apply black shoe polish on the interior of her favorite sandals or shoes.

Let her move about in them. When she returns home and takes off her shoes, prepare ready to hear the greatest scream you’ve ever heard.

She won’t know how the black polish ended up all over her feet.

4. Caught you Brown Handed

Caught you Brown Handed

Another fun but messy trick to play on sisters is to give them a spoonful or two of delicious sticky peanut butter.

Sneak into your sister’s room and daub some peanut butter inside the cabinet and drawer handles.

She will get peanut butter all over her hands if she pulls on one handle. She’ll be incensed, but later she might look forward to licking her fingers.

If she hates it, she won’t be able to get rid of it easily.

5. You Got Tanned

It’s ideal to play this cruel joke on your sister while you’re on vacation since it will turn her into a zebra.

Your sister’s body lotion cream can be combined with self-tanning lotion. You don’t need to mix it in very much because that gives the skin a “zebra” appearance.

When your sister first applies the lotion, she won’t notice anything out of the ordinary; however, once the tanning lotion starts to work, both she and anybody else who comes into contact with her will.

Do this over the holidays because she won’t want to leave looking like a brown Marty.

6. Long-Lasting Polish

Long-Lasting Polish

Nail paint is a common accessory among women, making it an easy tool for playing practical jokes.

Add a couple drops of food coloring to your sister’s favorite nail polish.

You only need 2 or 3 drops, but make sure the polish and coloring match (red coloring to red polish).

Once she removes the polish, the color will persist a few days longer than usual. She won’t know what’s happening and probably won’t use the polish anymore.

This is a hilarious practical joke to pull on sisters who steal nail polish.

7. To be Continued

This is another prank to do on Your Sister

Females like to read more than boys do. This makes pulling a practical joke on your sibling simple. Check out what she’s reading right now to see how far she’s come.

If she’s just getting started or is far into the prank, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Therefore, this is what you need to do.

Simply take hold of the book and carefully tear the final two pages out.

“To be continued…” is a suitable way to end your sentence. She won’t be able to discern if it is the real end or a ruse.

8. Wake up Sis

Wake Up Sis

These pranks to do on your sister will be best if your sister stays up late or she typically sleeps in late? This prank is for you if such is the case.

Before she goes to bed, gather all the clocks you can. Buy clocks with alarms built in.

Starting around 3:30 a.m., set each clock alarm to go off five minutes after the one before it.

She is uncertain where to look because you placed the clocks throughout the room.

You must pretend to be sleeping so that she has to silence the alarms on her own.

9. Arachnophobia


Another prank to do on your sister is Arachnophobia.

Many of the girls we know are frightened of bugs and other creepy insects.

It takes only a few seconds for a spider to make a girl cry, therefore it takes considerable cleverness to use this to your advantage.

Buy or obtain a sizable toy spider that appears to be real. Then, start browsing for your sister’s preferred purse or pocketbook.

Put the spider on top of her phone or her cosmetic bag.

When she gets inside, she will probably scream and start to cry. Please refrain from inserting a real one; else, you will need to take your sister to the hospital.

10. Oily Hair

Oily Hair

Girls love their hair and will go the extra mile to keep it healthy.

Add a few drops of baby oil to the shampoo bottle that belongs to your sister. Mix it up well so they don’t figure it out.

Although baby oil is good for hair, your sister’s hair will always be oily after using it. It’s essential to utilize the last of the shampoo to avoid upsetting your sister.

Make sure she has access to shampoo so she can wash the oil off.


11. Hell with Alarms

Hell with Alarms

Who wants to be bothered by bothersome alarms while they are trying to sleep peacefully? No one would desire that.

That’s exactly why these pranks to do on your sister are on this list.

Wait until your sister starts to doze asleep. She is safe in her dream world, and her alarm clock is set for three in the morning.

Change the time, for instance, from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. Watch her reaction when she gets up to silence the alarm and chuckle heartily.

12. Fragile Gift

This one ought to be the winner, at the very least. Pick up a big box, then decorate it liberally.

Place one small box inside the other, then the second small box within the first.

You are welcome to repeat this process a few more times. In the smallest box, carefully wrap a painted stone.

Don’t forget to cushion it by stuffing it with newspaper.

Remember to also indicate that the present is delicate. Have a hearty chuckle as you watch her response.

13. A Healthy Twist on McDonald’s

Get some chicken nuggets from Mcdonald’s. When you come home, take the nuggets out and replace them with carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and celery.

Ask your sister to have a snack at the kitchen table if they are famished.

They won’t be astonished to see only healthy goods along their path, will they? You are such a nice sibling, always thinking about the welfare of your family.

14. To Brownie or not to Brownie?

Who does not enjoy a warm brownie? Create brownie imitations to mislead your relatives. In a pan, spread out enough clean sponges to completely cover the area.

To create the illusion that you have cooked a pan of desserts, cover the sponges in chocolate icing.

Put some sprinkles on the chocolate-covered sponges and encourage your siblings to eat one each.

This is a good prank to do on your sister.

15. Leave them Thirsty

Give a tall, frosty drink of Jell-O to your sister or brother. Make a Jell-O pitcher and empty the ingredients into cups. Put a straw in each cup and put them in the refrigerator to freeze up.

Give your brother something to drink as they come in from a heated game of basketball.

Enjoy the look of confusion and hunger that will spread over their faces when the beverage does not live up to what they expected.

16. Stack them with Food

Your sleeping sibling or brother is a picture of peace and harmony.

Play a fun game on top of their heads while they’re unconscious.

Put thin slices of bread, crackers, biscuits, or anything else flat and light on the side of your sibling’s face or forehead, assuming they are sleeping peacefully.

Be sure to capture every detail by snapping pictures of your prank in action.

17. “Bug” them Royally

"Bug" Them Royally

To terrify your loved ones to death, all you need are a few plastic bugs that look incredibly real.

For a few dollars, you can have a lot of fun hiding frightful insects in places where your siblings wouldn’t look for them.

It’s a good idea to put a plastic insect under your sister’s pillow or on top of your brother’s pile of mashed potatoes.

Make sure your brother or sister isn’t looking when you hide the creepy-crawly lookalike and sprint ahead if you know they’ll follow up this practical joke with a full-speed attack directed at you.

These pranks to do on your sister will really scare her.

18. Wake them up Real Fast

Tickling their toes when they are sound asleep is not a good idea. If you want to fool your sibling, act the part.

When they awaken, they don a frightful mask and crawl under their bed.

Once they put their feet on the floor to begin their day, grab their ankle or abruptly reveal your face while wearing a mask to shock them.

(Avoid doing this with young siblings or really sensitive siblings who might not be able to handle a sudden surprise.)

19. Confuse them with the Day of their Birth

Confuse Them With the Day of Their Birth

If you haven’t told their sibling they are adopted at least ONCE, are you even a brother or sister? To take the joke to a new level, fake their birth certificate.

It is possible to print false birth certificates on many websites. Now all you have to do is click print and complete the necessary fields.

Put them somewhere that your sibling can’t ignore them. Sit back and wait for their “Moooooooom!”.

20. Play Some Dress up on a Big Day for them

Is this your brother or sister’s first time welcoming their boyfriend or girlfriend home? Such a treat for a joker like you, my goodness.

Engage the whole family in some dress-up fun and turn your parents and siblings into strange human beings.

Wait for your brother or sister to run down to meet their love interest and realize that their family is everything but traditional as you sit on the couch.

21. Capitalize on Something (or Someone) they Despise

Is there a member of the entertainment world that your sibling absolutely detests?

Since that you can now use this information against them, they shouldn’t have ever revealed it to you.

Make little copies of the individual who stalks your brother or sister’s dreams and stick them all throughout the house.

There is never any unused space for these pranks to do on your sister.

Considering that this prank is a present that keeps on giving, think about where they’ll be looking in the coming days and weeks.

Check out this amazing sibling’s actor-infused piece of art.

22. Everything in the Fridge is Watching you

With the addition of a packet of googly eyes, everything in the refrigerator will appear creepy.

Put a pair of eyes on everything, including cheese blocks, milk, and apples.

They will carefully examine any meal that your sibling picks up. This is easy, amusing, and risk-free, and it will make your sibling or brother smile.

23. The Good Old Plastic on the Shampoo Bottle Trick

Your parents probably used to play this age-old prank on their own siblings. After opening the shampoo and conditioner bottles, wrap them in plastic wrap.

Wait for the following sibling to join you in the shower while you reattach the top. They will be confused and frustrated when they try to wash their hair.

At some time, they’ll almost likely squeeze the bottle firmly, forcing the entire contents to leak out.

24. Slowly Replace them

The best prank jokes sometimes need a certain degree of patience.

When they finally admit who they are, the joke is funnier because it transcends the hoax’s original day.

Start slowly replacing your sibling’s photo with those of a random television actor.

Don’t replace all the photographs at once; instead, replace a few here and there, until no image of their face remains in the home.

25. Mess with the Logins and Contacts

Mess with the Logins and Contacts

Tweak the family Netflix account login information for your siblings. Replace their name with anything amusing and change the password.

Choose a username that indicates your position in the Prank War hierarchy, such as Princess Prankwar.

Change all of your sibling’s contacts to Lady Gaga or Ariana Grande if you know their smartphone’s password.

26. Swap the Condiments

Does your brother have his daily ham sandwich with mustard or does your sister add a teaspoon of sugar to her oatmeal?

The condiments that your brother consumes the most should be replaced with pranks to do on your sister.

Salt, salt, and ranch dressing can all be placed in a mustard jar instead of a sugar bowl. Nobody will receive the dinner they had hoped for.

27. Offer Her a Donut Surprise

When your sister has friends around for a sleepover, you can play this amusing joke on her as well.

Purchase a dozen cream-filled donuts, and then use a large syringe to remove the cream. then substitute mayonnaise for the cream.

When your sister and her friends arrive for breakfast in the morning, they’ll believe your parents have given them a wonderful gift. Get your camera ready to record their initial nibbles!

Alternatively, buy jelly-filled donuts and replace the jelly with barbecue sauce: disgusting!

28. Prepare a Caramel “Treat” for your Sister

This trick for Halloween is excellent. The plate of caramel “apples” you placed out on the counter is too irresistible for your sister.

This practical joke involves some planning but isn’t that challenging:

One raw onion will seem suspect, so peel a couple and poke a popsicle stick into the end of each one.

A 14-ounce bag of individually wrapped caramel candies should be unwrapped.

Melt the candies in a microwave-safe bowl with 2 tablespoons of milk (about two minutes, stirring once or twice).

After dipping the onions in the caramel and making sure they are well covered, place them in the refrigerator until they are hard.

29. Prepare a Surprise Hair Treatment for your Sister

Here’s a suggestion for a funny shower gag. Instead of your sister’s favored shampoo, they can use honey.

When she’s ready to wash up, her hair will be a tangled, sticky mess!

It should be possible to squeeze the honey “shampoo” out of the bottle.

To reach the desired consistency, consider mixing it with some water or even a tiny amount of shampoo or conditioner.

But make sure the majority of it is still honey!

30. Help your Sister Get the Perfect Blow-out

Your sister would want to do something nice about it once she has finally cleaned all the junk out of her hair that you earlier played a joke on her with.

The surprises, though, are still ongoing. While she’s in the shower, add a tiny quantity of baby powder to the blow nozzle. dryer’s (or the night before).

As she turns it on, a powdery mist will be sprayed all over her!

She’s currently back in the shower. As an alternative to baby powder, try Bentonite Clay. You’ll be laughing while she is angry.

31. Give your Sister a Tan

This is a great prank to do on your sister, especially if she has a daily sunscreen obsession.

It’s also really easy. Simply empty her regular lotion bottle and swap it out for one that self-tans.

After a few days, she’ll be surprised as to why her complexion has altered!

To be even more inventive, try doing this with her body lotion and face moisturizer.

She’ll figure it out before it works if you can’t find a self-tanning lotion that smells like her regular moisturizer.

32. Flip Her Room

Flip Her Room

This practical joke takes a little longer to prepare and is a bit more subtle than the others, but it is still quite evil.

Completely remodel your sister’s room when she’s not there.

Change the position of her bed, all the items on her dresser, her closet, and other items in the room if, for instance, her bed is on the left side of the room.

Assuming that’s how everything started, make sure everything is folded, nice, and organized, but in the opposite direction.

When your sister asks who rearranged her room, pretend you have no idea what she is talking about.


When playing practical jokes on friends, relatives, or strangers, keep in mind that the goal is to make people laugh, not to make them cry.

 Do nothing that puts another person in danger of being physically hurt or emotionally scarred.

You are the one who knows your siblings best, including their sense of humor and what they can and cannot tolerate.

Frequently Asked Questions

 It all depends on what your sister isn’t aware of. Do one that your sister has never heard of! If you don’t, your sister will simply figure it out. Choose any music she hasn’t heard before.

The daughter of your sister is called your niece

It is up to the person to choose whether it is normal, but it is not abnormal. Many people (both males and girls) flirt with their sisters; but when the sister flirts back, it can become something serious for both parties.

Wait until they have a significant piece of work to submit to the school. Get access to their computer after that. Log in to your account and hide the homework file in a maze of folders.

Give your sibling a treat. Help your sibling out. Congratulate your sibling. Together, play your sibling’s preferred game.

Due to their lack of understanding of the habits or activities that irritate you, your sibling may unintentionally annoy you. Talk to them about the right boundaries for you to avoid that. After your chat, if they continue to act in that manner, go to your parents and urge them to step in.

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