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PPP Loan Application Deadline

– PPP Loan Application Deadline –

The PPP loan has been very helpful and has helped in boosting business and other areas that need boosting, but many people do not know about the PPP loan application deadline. Here in this is everything there is to know about PPP loans and the application deadline.

PPP Loan Application Deadline

An Overview of PPP Loan

The PPP Extension Act of 2021, which extends the deadline for the first- and second-draw Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applications, was signed into law by President Joe Biden on March 31, 2021.

As the coronavirus pandemic approaches an end, the crucial change made by the legislation ought to make it easier for even more small enterprises to get financing.

Here are the updates that employers need to be aware of.

What is the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)?

A federal financing program called the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) assisted smaller businesses affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

They initially introduced it as a part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) CARES) Act and is managed by the Small Business Administration (SBA) manages Act.

The PPP began disbursing hundreds of billions of dollars in loans in the spring of 2020 to aid American businesses in continuing to operate throughout the pandemic.

What is the PPP Extension Act of 2021?

With passaging of the PPP Extension Act of 2021 by Congress and President Biden, the deadline for PPP loan applications was raised from March 31, 2021, to May 31, 2021. The program’s current official end date is June 30, 2021.

The measure also states that the SBA is only allowed to process PPP loan applications submitted before June 1 during the final 30 days of the program. During this time, it won’t accept any new loan applications.

The legislature approves (until a further extension).

How Will Extending the PPP Loan Application Deadline Impact Small Businesses?

PPP Loan Application Deadline

Small businesses now have more time and flexibility to apply for the money that many of them so urgently require. The SBA stated that at the end of March 2021; the program has around $79 billion in financing left.

The two-month delay also provides smaller employers with more opportunities to submit a second-draw PPP loan application if necessary.

Only organizations who have already used the entire amount granted under the first-draw PPP loan are eligible for second-draw PPP loans (besides two other qualifications).

What Organizations Should Know About the PPP Deadline Extension?

First- and second-draw PPP loans may only be applied for by qualifying employers.

Review the BerniePortal HR Glossary overview of the program to discover more about which organizations are eligible for financing and further specifics about PPP loan forgiveness.

Since the program’s debut in early spring 2020, they have postponed the PPP application deadline many times. Considering this, it is uncertain whether there will be another application extension or restocking of the fund reserve.

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PPP Loan Application Deadline

PPP Loan Application Deadline

Congress extended the Paycheck Protection Program from July 1 through August 8, 2020. As of August 1, the PPP still had about $130 billion in unspent cash.

 The Paycheck Protection Program is out of time (PPP). Small firms have until June 30 to submit their applications for forgiven PPP loans. 

The PPP has improved since the program’s inception, but ambiguous wording and tight requirements initially plagued it. Many changes to the SBA’s recommendations were issued, and earlier this month, Congress changed the statute.

More Information on PPP Loan Application Deadline

However, there isn’t much time left to apply because businesses are so busy trying to comply with stringent reopening guidelines as directed by state officials because of the coronavirus.

In addition, some small-business owners have been hesitant to apply for this potentially beneficial crisis relief.

This is because of high-profile negative publicity for a few enterprises that got forgiven PPP loans, as well as government investigations and criminal penalties for abuses of the PPP.

Who is Eligible for a PPP Loan?

PPP loans are far more forgiving than other SBA loans and were made to be available to as many small firms as workable. Businesses with 500 or fewer employees may apply, including the following ones:

Small businesses

Sole proprietorships

Independent contractors

Self-employed professionals


Tribal businesses

Veterans organizations

These loans don’t demand collateral or a personal guarantee. You must employ 500 or fewer people to be eligible for a PPP loan, while some industries may be exempt if they meet the SBA’s size requirements.

How Much Can You Receive With a PPP Loan?

How Much Can You Receive With a PPP Loan?

You are only eligible to receive a maximum of $10 million from the Paycheck Protection Program. The annual maximum on payroll expenses is $100,000 per employee.

They predict they will use only 25% of the forgiven amount for non-payroll expenses because of the likely high subscription.

Based on 2019 data, they calculate your exact loan amount as 2.5 times your monthly payroll average. You will need to use a different period as specified in the application if you are a new or seasonal business.

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How Can You Spend your PPP Loan?

They intend loans from the Paycheck Protection Program to cover payroll expenses over eight weeks.

They can put the PPP loan proceeds to the following uses:

Payroll expenses and benefits for employees

Both rent and mortgage interest (contracts established before Feb. 15, 2020)

Utilities (contracts established before Feb. 15, 2020)

How Much of the PPP Loan Might be Forgiven?

If a business uses its Paycheck Protection Program loan properly over eight weeks, the entire amount may be forgiven. Businesses must spend at least 75% of the loan on payroll expenses for it to be repaid.

The PPP’s payroll costs list:

Salary, salaries, tips, and commissions paid to capped employees at $100,000 per year.

Benefits provided to employees (PTO, sick leave, etc.) and insurance premiums

Municipal and state payroll taxes

How do You File a PPP Loan Application?

The Paycheck Protection Program loan application is available online. They must submit it through an active U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) lender.

  They can also use by taking part in federally insured depository institutions, federally insured credit unions, or Farm Credit System institutions. They list the taking part lenders in the Paycheck Protection Program below, organized by state.

Contact your lender to find out if they are currently taking part or have plans to do so. The SBA is actively striving to increase the number of approved lenders.

More Information on How do you File a PPP Loan Application?

More Information on How do you File a PPP Loan Application?

Once they have accepted them and enrolled in the scheme, other lenders will provide these loans.  Fill out the Paycheck Protection Program loan application and submit it to an approved lender with the supporting documents.

The government offers funding options that can be helpful if the coronavirus epidemic is hurting your small business.

The Paycheck Protection Program may totally forgive a loan of up to $10 million for you because of the CARES Act, Paycheck Protection Program, and Health Care Enhancement Act.


Applications must be submitted by March 31, 2021. Given the funding available under the Economic Aid Act and the previous year’s experience with applications for first-round PPP loans, eligible borrowers should apply for a first-draw PPP loan.

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