Powerbeats 2 vs Powerbeats 3 Wireless 2022 Review

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If you are stuck in a dilemma and have to choose one among Beats Powerbeats 2 and Powerbeats3 Wireless then do go through this article for their comparison between the headphones in order to get a better idea.

Powerbeats 2 vs Powerbeats 3 Wireless 2020: Which Is The Best For You?

The Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless is a good upgrade over the previous Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless model. While the design is fairly the same, a few performance adjustments were done.

The in-line remote now offers decent feedback and buttons are now easy to push. They also have a more neutral-sounding sound with a small bass overemphasis, instead of having a really boomy and cluttered sound profile.

The Powerbeats3 also has more than double the Powerbeats 2’s battery life and takes less time to charge fully.

What is Powerbeats 2?

Powerbeats 2 vs Powerbeats 3 Wireless

Beats by Dre has established quite a name for itself over the course of years to become a $1 billion-plus business with its unique range of headphones.

There’s no denying the Beats success and how the legendary hip-hop artist redefined the whole headphone landscape.

The idea is to bring something different yet equally trendy, something that would revolutionize the way music geeks listen to music.

The most popular offering by Beats by Dre is the Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphones. Inspired by the legendary basketball player LeBron James, Powerbeats 2 is one of the best wireless sports earphones out there.

Unparalleled sound quality and a comfortable, secure in-ear fit make the Powerbeats 2 an appealing choice for fitness enthusiasts and music geeks alike.

This is the Bluetooth version of its already popular wired Powerbeats which has been dominating the market scene for quite a while.

They are insanely light yet boast an iconic design to keep up the modern-day trends plus the in-ear fit makes it your perfect workout accomplice.

What is Powerbeats 3?

Powerbeats 2 vs Powerbeats 3 Wireless

Powerbeats 3 Wireless is the latest offering of the Apple-owned Beats by Dre brand and a worthy successor to the Powerbeats 2.

They are the typical Bluetooth earphones that run off of a rechargeable battery that gives you a whopping 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime.

It looks almost identical to the older generation wired headphones with silicon hooks that go behind the ears and a cord connecting the two buds.

They sit tightly in your ears through vigorous workout sessions plus they also come with varied-sized ear tips to get the right fit.

It gets you an hour of playtime with only five minutes of charging so that you could go the extra mile.

It comes equipped with the class 1 Bluetooth technology accompanied by the Apple’s new wireless communication W1 chip which makes switching to Apple devices a breeze all the while providing an amazing battery life and 5-minute Fast Fuel charging.

Difference Between Powerbeats 2 and 3 Wireless


Both the Powerbeats are virtually identical with a little or design changes whatsoever.

Everything is just the same – multiple ear tips, silicon hooks, and the same over-the-ear fit except the Powerbeats 3 come with an improved ergonomic design.

Both fit in snuggly around the ear for a comfortable, secure fit.


Both are pretty great headphones for fitness enthusiasts and music geeks alike. Both have the same over-the-ear fit for better comfort and wearability, plus the same hook design which allows you to keep the earphones for long hours without falling off every few minutes.

Powerbeats 3, however, comes with a toggle that tightens the cord to make them fit snugly around the back of your head.

Wireless Connectivity 

Both share the same features except the Powerbeats 3 comes equipped with Apple’s proprietary W1 chip for better wireless connectivity so that you could connect with multiple Apple devices like the Apple Watch, iPhone 7, and more.

It features the latest in Apple Bluetooth technology for seamless connectivity.

Battery Life 

The W1 chip extends the battery life of Powerbeats 3 by almost 6 hours and the quick charge time by 30 percent.

As a result the Powerbeats 3 can offer 12 hours of uninterrupted playtime on a single charge, plus it gives an hour of play after only 5 minutes of charging.


Powerbeats 2 and Powebeats 3 are both sweat-resistant and waterproof headphones. They are pretty amazing headphones and you can manage with even minimal maintenance on them.

You could even use them while doing some water activities or sports since they are water-resistant but they are not waterproof which means that you cannot go swimming with them.

And by taking care all I mean is keeping them in their dust bag when not in use and charging them whenever needed. All this and they could easily last you for a year and sound good as new.


Powerbeats 2 Powerbeats 3
Price 129.00 on Amazon 129.00 on Amazon
Battery Life With Full Charge 6 hours 12 hours
Full Charge Time From Zero Battery 90 minutes 120 minutes
Quick Charge – 1 Hour of Play 15 minutes 5 minutes
Battery Indicator LED light LED light
Microphone yes yes
Waterproof/ Sweatproof yes yes
Earbud Sizes 6 ear tips included 6 ear tips included
Case yes yes
Colors Black, red, white, yellow, cobalt blue, flash blue, pink and gray, siren red Black, white, flash blue, siren red, shock yellow

Consensus of Customer Reviews

Powerbeats 3


The Powerbeats 3’s battery life and fast charging are the biggest pluses. Connectivity to apple products is constant and quick.


Although it seems there are only slight differences from the 2 to the 3 versions user reviews on the Powerbeats 3 have dropped pretty significantly.

Users claim the sound is different, the products deteriorate in quality with regular use in the gym, and have charging issues, claims are made that they just stop working after a few months of using them during workouts.

While ratings for the Powerbeats 2 are higher is seems that the charging issue and the wireless headphones just completely dying has been a habitual problem since the headphones were released in 2013.

Powerbeats 2


Users claim the comfort while working out is unmatched. They are very lightweight and stay in your ear during cardio and other rigorous movements.

Sound quality is also highly noted compared to other wireless headphones. The style, packaging, and included case was also a big plus.


The construction is not super sturdy and earpieces can fall off and are not covered under the warranty. Battery life is short for someone who uses them every day.

The range is nothing to be desired so keep your Bluetooth device near you when in use. There is also a lag in sound when watching a video.

The Powerbeats 3 headphone is pretty amazing and a better choice than Powebeats 2.

Both the headphones are almost identical but one cannot ignore the amazing battery life on the Powerbeats 3 headphones. With the 12-hour battery life, the Powebeats 3 headphones are going to last really long.

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