519+ Funny Pockets Pool Hall Name Ideas for the Corner Pocket

The pockets pool hall game is a well-known industry that generates millions of dollars each year. Many people play them on a regular basis, and here are some names you can give your game hall to catch the attention of your customers.

pockets pool hall

What is a Pockets Pool Game?

Pocket billiards is a term used by Americans and Canadians to describe the Pocket pool game; however, most people simply refer to it as “pool.”

You play this game by using a cue stick to hit the balls on a pool table and pocketing at least 8 of the 15 balls on the table before your opponent.

You need a cue stick, a cue ball, and a set of object balls that resemble snooker balls to play this game.

The game is very interesting and simple to play; however, hitting a ball into your pocket is quite difficult. 

Since its introduction in Northern Europe in the 15th century, this game has grown in popularity and revenue, and it now generates $742 million per year.

This means that if you decide to open a pocket pool game house, you can make a lot of money.

However, making money in this type of business necessitates coming up with a catchy name that fits a pool game house.

Here are some of our suggestions.


Pockets Pool Hall Names

1. The Back Alley Pool Hall

2. Black Ball Billiard Hall

3. The Magnificent Table

4. Dream Night Pool Hall

5. The Poolroom Tavern

6. The Blue Leaf Pool Room

7. Player’s Dream Shot

8. Stripes & Solids Pool Hall

9. Hard Luck Pool Hall

10. Cue up Tavern

11. The Sporty Sticks

12. The Cue Gentleman

13. Pool Storm Billiard Hall

14. The Baize of Glory

15. Two Players Billiard Room

16. House of Pool

17. Cannon Shots Billiard Hall

18. Hall of the Greats

19. Legacy Starters Pool Hall

20. (Your Location)’s Pool Room

21. The Pockets Pool

22. Legendary Pool Hall

23. Trezzen Bar

24. Hotel La Fleur

25. Baize of Glory

26. Hard Luck Pool Hall

27. Getaway Lounge

28. Nature Trance

29. Hotel Bueno

30. On Cue

31. Blue Post Billiards.

32. Cue Up

33. Corner Pocket Club

34. Dream Poolroom

35. Greenleaf’s Pool Room.

36. Just Pool Emporium

37. Lucky Break

38. Maximum Raxs

39. Mother Hustlers

40. Orton’s Pool Room.

pockets pool hall

Pool Hall Names

1. One Shot Winners

2. Patriots Pool

3. Pool Storm.

4. The Rack Attack

5. Cue’s Pool Room

6. The Pool Emporium

7. The Successful Carom

8. Cue Ball Tavern

9. Pool and Dine

10. House of Chalk

11. The Breakout Table

12. Behind the String Hall

13. Tight Pocket Pool Hall

14. The Wall Rack

15. Railing Tavern

16. Point Sunset Pool Hall

17. Sovereign Pool Club

18. Pool Hall King

19. The 147 Club

20. The Lucky Break

21. Back Room Pool Hall

22. The Happy Pool Table

23. Smokey’s Poolroom

24. Falls Pool Bar & Grill

25. The Action Room

26. Enchanting Racks Pool Hall

27. Dona Bay Billiards

28. Big Red Poolroom

29. Road House Pool Hall

30. Pool Hall Express

31. The House of Pool

32. Master’s Club International

33. South Hills Poolroom

34. The Lucky Hit

35. The Night Owl Poolroom

36. VIP Pool Hall

37. The Majestic Eight

38. The Ol’ Rack And Sip

39. The Snooker Tavern

40. One Shot Wonders

Pockets Game Hall Names

1. Hands of Chalk

2. Getaway Pool Room

3. 8 on Eight

4. 2 Long Sticks

5. Ball Busters

6. Balzz

7. Big Pockets

8. Bushwacker’s room

9. Chalkies

10. Cue Can Do

11. Big Racks

12. Cue Rock

13. Deep Pockets

14. Eight Clean Balls

15. Got the Shaft

16. Great Balls of Fire!

17. Hustler Haven!

18. Killers

19. M&M Billiards

20. Miss Cue

21. Nitti Nine Baller!

22. Pockets

23. Pool Storm

24. Rack Em Up

25. Rack N Roll

26. Racketeers

27. Essentrix

28. NatureGrid Bar

29. Seven Corners

30. Balls to the Wall

31. Wolf’s Den Billiards

32. The Kiss Offs

33. Hotel Mondo Pool

34. Hot sticks

35. East Legacy

36. Snookin’ For Love

37. Vaxe Inn

38. The Accidental Inn

39. Chalk and Awe

40. Styx and Stone

Interesting Pockets Pool Hall Names

Interesting Pockets Pool Hall Names

1. The Sunken 8

2. Silicatique

3. Hotel Hazzan

4. Villa Rose Hotel

5. Masters Cue

6. On Cue Snooker Hall

7. Montinero Hotel

8. Water Connection

9. Galaxy Billiards

10. Hotel Azuria

11. Big Racks

12. One Shot Winners

13. Maji Pool Bar

14. Chateau Pacific

15. All Pockets

16. 2 Long Sticks

17. Hotel Falco

18. Harper Inn

19. The Green Room

20. Pockets Billiards & Brew

21. Motel Mojo Mad

22. Spectra Inn

23. Celeste Bar

24. Junior’s Billiards

25. Ellipse Hotel

26. Balls En Masse

27. Belissi

28. The Pool Lounge

29. Mars Hotel

30. Poke & Hope

31. Pool Tang Clan

32. Rack Lovers

33. Rail Riders

34. Scratch This

35. Sidewalk Chalk

36. Sink or Swim

37. Stick it to ‘Em

38. The Hot Pockets

39. The Kiss Offs

40. The Magic 8 Balls

Final Words

If you’ve already decided on a name, you don’t need me to tell you that it’s insufficient.

To get your services out there, you’ll need to use promoters and social media.

Organize contests, and include other perks in your halls such as free food or wine for the first 100 attendees, and so on.

Take beautiful photos and share them on social media, as well as actively engage your audience via the comment box and email marketing.

You can also advertise your game houses on radio and television stations, and host competitions for game enthusiasts to come to try their hand at some of your most difficult contests.


Frequently Asked Questions

The dips at each corner and one at the midpoints of both long sides of the rectangular table.

Because it deals with a collective bet.

As much as $200,000 a year.

Patch, flap, and side seam pocket.

To hold small items.

Carom billiards

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