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8 Fun Online Zoom Games to Play with Your Coworkers

What are some amazing virtual games to play on Zoom? Over the past 12 months, Zoom has likely surpassed Netflix and Hulu as your most-used apps, of course, besides those two.

virtual games to play on Zoom

We’ve all been using the video chatting service(opens in new tab). while in the coronavirus quarantine.

whether it’s for a business meeting, a catch-up call with family, or a happy hour with your BFFs.

8 Fun Online Zoom Games to Play with Your Coworker

1. Scattergories

Everything you enjoy about Scattergories is now available online!

Choose a topic for your game while setting it up, such as TV series (opens in new tab).

items that can be found in a desk, or even pizza toppings (can you tell I’m hungry?).

Create the game and invite everyone to play by sending them a link.

You win if you’re the last one standing with new terms to contribute to the category.

Since everything is available on the website, there is no need to share your screen for this one.

2. Quiz Up

With Quiz Up, trivia night will get a makeover. There are several other categories in the app.

including those for Disney, sports, Harry Potter, and video games.

Play against anyone in the globe or organize a game with a close friend to discover who will win.

Since the magic happens on your phone, you don’t technically need Zoom for this.

 But as we all know, the best kind of bragging always takes place in person.

3. Bingo

Nothing is simpler than bingo. You may either play a personalized Bingo game.

 based on a movie or TV show that your group is going to watch, or you can utilize a website like My Free Bingo Cards.

 to play a classic game with a virtual caller. Make sure to include some amusing little prizes, like a promise to pay for a cocktail or a gift card for delivery.

4. Trivia

Don’t let your knowledge of trivialities go! Even if you are socially isolated, you can still exercise them.

Open this random trivia generator and start asking questions to play trivia on Zoom.

Request that everyone responds simultaneously in the Zoom chat (or just use the honors system).

5. Taboo

Your Zoom group should be split into two teams. Take turns sharing screens, and each round, choose a clue-giver.

One word from the list at a time, two words from the list, or, in classic Taboo style.

without revealing any of the words on your list—up it’s to you—this person will assist their team in guessing the main word!

6. Pictionary

Pictionary is a traditional game for game nights, in part because the rules are so straightforward.

Organize your group into teams for the game. Select a team to play as well as a designated drawer on that team by opening this Pictionary word generator.

The drawer has one minute to draw a term they come up with for their team to guess.

A point is awarded to the team if they correctly predict the card.

7. Psych

Start the fun by getting everyone in your online group to download Psych.

You have to figure out the genuine answer to each player’s made-up answer to a real trivia question.

You can anticipate what kind of fun to expect because it was made by the same people who made Heads Up!

 For this one, you can use your phone to participate. So don’t worry if your Zoom connection is weak.

8. TableTopics

An icebreaker activity is sometimes required. Grab a box of TableTopics to avoid talking about the weather or what everyone is binge-watching on Netflix.

It’s a card game with 135 prompts, ranging from straightforward inquiries.

like “What’s your favorite song to play in your car?” to more provocative inquiries like “Would you rather be the best player on a losing team or the worst player on a winning team?”

It serves as a charming reminder of how wonderful human contact can be. (no shame to our furry friends, though).


Frequently Asked Questions

A few examples of games that may be played through Zoom are truth or dare, karaoke, word games, bingo, Guess Who, Cards Against Humanity, and pictionary.

Games may liven up your Zoom sessions. You can now use Zoom to play games with friends and coworkers: You may now use the Zoom App Marketplace. which was recently added to the video conferencing app. to play games like Live Game Night Poker, Kahoot, and Heads Up during Zoom meetings.

To invite others to meetings and host Zoom parties, you must create a Zoom account. Zoom.US offers a free account registration form. With a free basic account, you can host up to 100 attendees, participate in limitless one-on-one meetings. And hold video calls for up to 40 minutes at a time.

Add Some Humor and Creativity. In order to get past this, use comedy. At the beginning of the meeting, crack a joke or ask a humorous person to share a story. Encourage people to utilize captivating virtual backdrops. In addition to preserving their right to privacy, it just uplifts the mood.

Incorporating non-work activities and virtual team games into a virtual conference is a simple approach to make it more enjoyable. For instance, you might incorporate a little dance party or quiz questions. The 8% Rule, which stipulates that enjoyable virtual team building activities should take up 8% of any meeting time, is something we advise.

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