9 Best Places To Sell Used Appliances For Cash Near You

– Sell Used Appliances For Cash –

Need to sell appliances you have used because you are upgrading your washer, dryer, or fridge? Now you are thinking, “Who buys appliances that were used near me?

9 Best Places To Sell Used Appliances For Cash (Near You)

The idea of getting rid of used appliances sounds like a hassle and plenty of people put their old appliances on the curb in hopes someone will take them.

This approach robs you of a great opportunity to get cash for appliances to be added to your new purchase.

Some people are recycling old cash machines to make money on the side. If you’d like to know who’s buying used appliances near you and how to raise profits, this guide shares some of the best tips to follow.

How Can I Sell My Used Appliances?

There are certain universal things that are required before you can count on making money selling used appliances.

  • Capture Attention With A Great Title
  • Write A Detailed Description
  • Conduct Research On Similar Items For Sale
  • Link To Manufacturers Specifications For The Appliance
  • Include Pictures And Video
  • State Delivery Terms
  • Payment Methods And Refund Policy
  • Include Your Contact Information
  • Schedule An Appointment

Places To Sell Used Appliances For Cash


LetGo is yet another great choice for selling used cash appliances. The website is free to sell your items.

There you cannot only sell old appliances but also sell the following:

  • Cars
  • Clothes
  • Electronics
  • Toys

You can download the app or upload your listing on the LetGo website. LetGo has grown to over 100 million app downloads and is one of the best Craigslist alternatives to selling used items.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace would be one of my favorite sites for selling stuff, whether appliances or other personal items.

What is great about Facebook is that you can sell products online, and post things on Facebook directly. You do not need to download a separate app or build a new user account for selling used appliances or any other products.

There is also no cost to list items on Facebook and you can reach thousands of people that live in your immediate area.

Additionally, another plus about the Facebook marketplace is that people that end up buying your appliances or other items have a registered account.

If any trouble does arise, it’s a little bit easier to find a person’s true identity versus selling to a complete stranger. Facebook does also offers an app as well.


One may characterize Wallapop is the ultimate flea market for mobile devices. The app can be used on iPhones, and it will display Android devices and items based on the location of the item.

This is a perfect place to buy and sell things locally like appliances.

You can talk to customers directly, meet locally and have access to millions of people who use the site. Although your current location shows up within about half a mile, your exact address remains confidential.


OfferUp is my top option as I want to sell used cash appliances close to me. You can create an account in less than 30 seconds, and add your first listing.

OfferUp is not only one of the best apps for selling stuff locally, but you can also submit things. Although shipping does not work for old appliances, there are countless other things to work for.

You can answer questions from potential buyers right from the app, as well as negotiate.



Dubbed the original garage sale site, Craigslist has been around for a while and is considered the norm for online selling sites for products.

This is probably one of the best choices for selling products online and selling items locally around your place of residence. If your goal is to sell local cash appliances then use Craigslist.

By far, Craigslist casts a much wider net for people looking to purchase appliances near you.

What is nice about Craigslist is that the user interface is super easy to use there are any display ads on their website or any other tedious stuff.

It is about as simple as you can get for a website which makes it very easy to use and navigate for a great user experience.

 Host a Garage Sale

Hundreds of US households host garage sales each year. As low-tech as they might sound, garage sales are still one of the best ways to make use of used appliances to get your money back.

Places To Sell Used Appliances

The toughest part of small garage sales is appealing to buyers. To advertise your deal you will need to arrange plenty of time before the big day.

To keep an eye on your products and customers browsing your tables you may want to take advantage of free ad sources.

You can advertise for free through Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.Let friends know about large items you’ll be putting up for sale, and don’t be afraid to make deals and offer discounts.


5 Miles has been another great opportunity since 2014 to sell used cash appliances. The platform has a simple goal to help you sell an item within five miles of where you live to someone else.

Buyers have the option of following sellers so that they can conveniently keep up with any new list. 5 Miles is an option in several major U.S. cities.

Scrap Metal Recyclers

If you have upgraded to a new gadget because your old one was not functioning properly, you might still have some cash to collect. Recycling scrap metal can be lucrative.

This is why you see trucks driving around neighborhoods picking up metal waste.

If you are able to take your appliance to a scrap metal recycler, you will get a nice bit of cash. Scrap metal recyclers prefer to pay cash because of the weight, so an old washing machine or fridge will add up to a tidy amount.

Turn it into Scrap Metal

If none of the above options fit your appliance well, then your safety net will be a local scrapyard.

Scrap metal shops will weigh your appliance and then provide you with a payment based on the amount of metal found therein. The offers you will see from scrapers give you will vary depending on the current price of the metal.

Average prices for appliances are:

  • Washing machines: $18-$22
  • Refrigerators: $16-$22
  • Ovens: $11-$18
  • Cast iron bathtub: $30-$40

If you have trouble selling your appliances, these platforms can make that change for you. Each is credible and can help you sell your item(s) quickly to get cash immediately.

Places To Sell Used Appliances

Another great thing about these sites is they are free and used widely. This allows you to see more people on your list.

Take your time to put your listing up and remember to take pictures that are clear. Be very detailed so potential buyers will have all they need to make an informed decision.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Please share it with anyone you think will appreciate the information and kindly drop your comment below.

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