9 Best Places to Sell Laptops for Cash 2022 Update

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Are you ready to get rid of your old laptop but don’t know how to trade it out? Well, Trading your laptop for money is better than letting it sit around collecting dust and it will help you afford a new one too!

9 Best Places to Sell Laptops for Cash in 2022

If you have wanted to sell your used laptop, you need to get it ready for sale. That means making sure you have all that goes with it and you have reviewed any issues it may have, including a faulty keyboard, inoperative USB ports, etc.

When you advertise it for sale to someone else or sell it to a corporation, you will need to specifically report any losses or defects found on the computer.

These items will however affect how much you can expect your used laptop to get.

It is a pain to get excited about an offer just because your used laptop wasn’t as you described it to have the company you sold it to reach out to you with a revised offer.

Best Places to Sell Laptops for Cash


Gazelle may be recognized as a leading place for selling used cell phones but they also buy laptops and other electronic devices. The company has added kiosk locations since its inception in 2007 which offer you fast money when you drop off your smartphone.

Only phones, tablets, and MP3 players are allowed by the kiosks so the website is how you sell your laptop.

Gazelle takes the intermediary out and sells you directly. You get an offer in less than a minute and can print out a prepaid label for free shipping your laptop to them.

Payment is flexible and allows you to receive payment through an Amazon gift card, PayPal, or a check sent to your address.


LetGo’s have seen over 200 million listings on its app and website since its inception in 2015. Famously, just take a photo of the item you want to sell and mention it in the app.

Then someone decides they want to buy it, and you meet up to exchange their cash for your used laptop. You can think of LetGo as a portion of local classifieds you find on your smartphone.

You determine how much to sell an object for, and to whom to sell it. As with other processes of sale that have a real-world aspect, make sure you ‘re safe when you encounter a prospective buyer.


You can also sell your used laptop via Craigslist, when talking about golden oldies! Only a couple of relevant things to remember.

First, this selling approach has a real-life aspect–you can list what used items you have on the local Craigslist website and arrange with a prospective buyer (once you have one) to trade the used laptop for money.

Meet any potential buyers in a public place and bring friends. Also, be explicit and upfront about the state of your used laptop, what accessories and components it comes with, and that you are selling it as-is. In addition, just never give anyone you met on Craigslist your home address.

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You may not be considering selling your laptop on eBay, but the site is more than just toys and collectibles.

The account can be set up free of charge, and the platform will guide you through adding a username, overview, and photographs. You may pick a fixed price or set up an auction to sell your laptop to the highest bidder when you are ready to sell.

eBay has built-in payment options and PayPal, credit, or debit card help the customer to pay. If you deliver the item in person, otherwise payment will be made upon delivery.

Facebook Marketplace

Another big excuse not to discount selling your laptop online to locals is Facebook Marketplace. If you have never noticed this little gem, in the left-hand menu of your Facebook page, you can find a connection to your local marketplace.

She should be close to the top. Tap on it and you can find all kinds of things for local people to sell to you. On this website, too, you can easily sell your used electronics.

Facebook marketplace

Take some photos, choose the category, explain what you are selling, and set your price. If a buyer shows interest in your listing, you’ll get a message from Facebook and can arrange a meeting with them and get paid.

Security first, as always: meet in a public place, bring friends, and don’t tell strangers where you live on the internet.

Best Buy

Best Buy’s Trade-In program will buy most of the top laptop brands. The downside is that they pay you with Best Buy gift cards, rather than cash. If you need help paying for a new machine, this isn’t a bad option either.

Pick the brand, model and condition of what you are trading in to start with. Best Buy gives you an idea of how much they will pay for it.

To trade in your laptop at a shop, you can mail the item or stop at a participating location.

Mac of All Trade

Mac of All Trades is among the best places to sell your Apple laptop. Since 1995 they have been a trustworthy source and have paid out more than $18 million to buy used electronics.

Like any other locations where you can sell your products online, Mac of All Trades offers free instant pricing and free delivery.

To get the best price, make sure you are shipping your laptop with all the original accessories.

Where they really shine is in the quick payment process. Mac of All Trades sends payment to you within three business days after your laptop arrives at their facility.


Swappa is a marketplace platform that lets you list your used items for sale – they only make the buying process simpler for customers browsing their website.

You will have to build a listing with pictures and a summary to sell your used laptop with them.

Swappa checks each listing to ensure that what you sell follows their quality criteria, and you will have to prove ownership of the item before it is accepted for listing.

You set your own price and the payment is done by Swappa so you get paid immediately via Paypal. Then directly ship your item to the customer.

The only person who seems to pay fees on Swappa is the buyer, and that fee is incorporated into the advertised price for your used electronics.


Amazon is a retail giant, and is the go-to place for anything from a cheap Kleenex box to a $2 million range of signed pieces from the NFL collector. However, have you been aware of the trade-in offer for Amazon?

You will get an Amazon gift card to use for your next purchase in return for your used laptop.

Check to see if, with only a few clicks on their site, Amazon will consider your computer as a trade-in. The catch is that your system needs to work perfectly and not have any cracks or other damage.

Shipping when you send in your item is easy. In addition, if you do not want your laptop, Amazon will refund it to you at no cost, too.

Selling your laptop for cash is a breeze, with so many choices. The challenging part is that you decide how much your laptop is worth.

Gadget Value will provide an instant quote for several different products and conditions, no matter which website you use to sell your product. You can also do an eBay search before listing it for sale, to find out a fair price.

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