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The Best Place to Sell Used Books for the Most Cash in 2022

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Do you have any old books lying around? On the other hand, old textbooks, which you know you, are never going to use. Well, it might be time to get your bookshelf cleaned and make money while you are at it.

The Best Place to Sell  Used Book for the Most Cash

In every reader’s life there comes a time when they have to acknowledge certain difficult truths. Not every book that they have read is one that they can love forever.

They also do not need three separate versions of their childhood movie, although it continues to be re-released with cooler coverings.

In addition, it might not be the healthiest option to decorate in towering piles of books unless they choose to start wearing helmets around the building.

When you get to this point, you will want your collection to be cleaned out. Moreover, that could mean the time has come to sell books.

Best Place to Sell  Used Books for the Most Cash

1. BooksRun

Look no further than Books Fly, if you are looking for an online bookstore that lets you sell, purchase or even rent new and used books.p

To start selling your old books, simply enter the ISBN number of the book you wish to sell and hit scan. They will then take you to what they call the “seller cart” where you can check out the book.

After checking the book out, you’ll be able to print the prepaid shipping label and send your books within 5 days of creating the order.

Before selling be sure to read their Terms & Conditions to understand what they mean by “New,” “Used – Very Good,” and “Used – Acceptable.”

2. Decluttr

Decluttr lets you sell your old smartphones, books, textbooks, video games, CDs, DVDs and. Their app allows scanning the barcode of the book quickly, or typing the ISBN. They are going to give you a sale price for all of your things and you can ship them for free.

The day after your goods arrive in one of Decluttr ‘s warehouses, you’ll get billed.

This is a decent way not only to make some extra money from those textbooks you’re never going to use again, but also to de-clutter your dorm room and also continue to use Decluttr in your working years by selling your old smartphones, tablets, and consoles for video games.

3. Book Finder

If you shop for the best tariffs, Book Finder will help you do just that.

If you enter the ISBN number of your books, the site will combine deals you can get from different bookstores allowing you to see the best price you can find.

What is cool is that, since there are no hidden fees, the price you are charged is the amount you will actually get in your wallet. Requires shipping charges.

4. eCampus

Thanks to their loyalty scheme, the eCampus can be a fun place to sell books, which will save you money on future purchases.

They allow you to list several ISBNs and pay through a check, direct deposit, or credit store. If you pick store credit plus 1 eWard point per sold textbook you will get a sale price.

There are other ways to accrue rewards points, but, 175 points earns a $5 eCampus gift card.

5. Chegg

You get instant access to quotes for your used textbooks by entering your book’s ISBN number on Chegg, the popular textbook sales website. If happy, all you need to do is ship your books free to Chegg.

From the web, you can print your free shipping label and then drop the package off at your nearest UPS shop.

Chegg promises to pay you as quickly as humanly possible but with shipping and processing windows, it can come to 10 to 15 days.

6. TextbookRush

Besides textbooks, TextbookRush also allows you to sell electronics, games, and movies! They have over 1 million textbooks listed on several different topics for sale. Chances are you can sell your textbooks back to TextbookRush.

You can also use the mobile app to sell your books. Shipping is free, and payment can be made with cash, PayPal, or credit card.

7. eBay

This is achieved via eBay, the online auction site, by one relatively old school (in digital years) but successful way of selling books online.

You will need to set up an eBay account to get started and enter your Paypal details. Minimum Auction fees are associated with each sale and you can automatically subtract them from your Paypal account.

Like other places, you will be asked to enter the book’s ISBN number, mention its status, state your price and enter the shipping costs.

There is also a comment section where any extra details may be added. Use it. You can add specifics like whether the book has a straight jacket or add more information about special features like a bonus CD or a workbook that comes with the book

The more detail you can provide, the more likely you’ll be to make a sale because people like knowing they are buying from a real person.

8. Barnes & Noble

You may not think of Barnes & Noble as being in the business of textbooks but they will buy your used textbooks. Barnes & Noble has a price of $10 to sell your textbooks.

Applications are issued by Postal Service. They’ll pay you with a check or PayPal after they have received the book.

They only allow you to enter one ISBN at a time. If you have multiple books to sell back, it can take a few extra minutes to list them individually using Barnes & Noble.

9. Valore Books 

Another great comparison choice for the textbook is ValoreBooks. The platform lets you enter your ISBN and then it automatically collects offers from buyers from all over to make sure your textbooks get top dollar.

What is also great about their website is that you can let them know if you find a better deal anywhere, and they will match it!

10. BookByte

BookByte was created in 1999 and is another legend in the textbook. They accept textbooks in good condition (minimum wear & tear) and reasonable condition (in case the book is still legible, cover damages & torn pages).

For your more worn books, you could try this option as other textbook companies only buy books in good condition.

BookByte has its headquarters in Salem, Oregon, and pays with cash, check, or PayPal.

In conclusion, Keep in mind that some wear and tear is inevitable, whether you’re selling used textbooks or first-edition novels. But greater harm may have an effect on the price, or even make your book unsellable.

Make sure you keep your books as far away from sunlight as possible and invest in some waterproof covers if you have to cart them around.

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