50 Mouthwatering Pizza Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The truth is we all love pizza, but then there are some facts about pizza that might seem shocking to you, and of course it is important you know them.

facts about pizza

One of the few foods that nearly everyone recognizes and enjoys worldwide is pizza. It’s cheesy, delectable, and available nearly everywhere.

And to celebrate this classic comfort dish, we’ve compiled a list of pizza-related facts that will make you even more hungry.

Here are 50 facts about pizza that will inform you of everything you need to know, regardless of whether you prefer thin crust, deep dish, or the New York slice.

Mindblowing Facts About Pizza

1. The word Pizza dates back to 997 CCE

2. 350 Slices are eaten every second in US

3. America First Pizza Parlour is still existing

4. The First Pizza was Invented in Naples in the early 1500s

5. Pizza’s Popularity in the US began with Italian immigrants

6. The First Pizzeria in the world was opened in Port Alba

7. Pizza wasn’t popular in America until after WWII

8. America’s Pizza Craze began on the East Coast

9. Pizzas were originally sold by the Pie

10. Dogs Love Pizza too

Amazing Facts About Pizza

11. Chicago Pizzeria Invented the Deep Dish

The establishment that would later become the Pizzeria Uno brand produced the first-known Chicago deep-dish pizzas in 1943.

12. Domino’s Founder has a degree in ‘Pizza-ology’

13. The “30 Minutes or Less” assurance from Domino’s created caused Driving Problems

14. The 30-minute promise is still good in some places around the world.

15. In 1962, frozen pizzas became available in grocery stores

16. A Greek native created the contentious Hawaiian pizza in Canada.

17. The Icelandic president has some opinions about Hawaiian pizza.

18. The majority of British people prefer pineapple on their pizza.

19. Politicians have spied on journalists by ordering pizza.

20. Countries around the world have developed their own spin on the Italian specialty.

Interesting Pizza Facts

interesting facts about pizza

21. The first online pizza order was made in 1974.

22. Pizzerias have been used as fronts for illegal activities.

23. The co-founder of Atari found chuck E. Cheese.

24. There’s a pizza expert known as the “Dough Doctor.”

25. Several future celebrities, including Jean-Claude Van Damme, began their careers delivering pizzas.

26. Frankie Muniz starred as a pizza-delivering superhero in Pizza Man.

27. Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin formed a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band.

28. Pizza played a key role in catching a serial killer in 2010.

29. Pizza has played a role in preventing several crimes.

30. A pizza delivery once faked out a burglar.

More Facts About Pizza

31. In 2001, a pizza was delivered to the International Space Station.

32. NASA-funded scientists invented a 3D-printed pizza.

33. The U.S military invented a pizza that can last for up to three years.

34. Pizza has served as inspiration for several artists.

35. Pizza chefs have their own lingo.

36. Pizza chefs are always looking to achieve the perfect “crumb.”

37. There are four primary kinds of mozzarella.

38. Scientists have studied what makes the best cheese topping.

39. There’s a term for that gooey layer between a pizza’s base and toppings.

40. Dough-spinning is an art form.

Exciting Pizza Facts

pizza facts

41. There’s an association that sets rules about what makes a true Neapolitan pizza.

42. Pizza Margherita takes its name from Queen Margherita.

43. About 13% of Americans eat pizza on any given day

44. One in six males aged 2 to 39 eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, or dinner on any given day

45. Consumption of pizza has increased American’s consumption of cheese by 41% since 1995

46. A typical daily pizza serving accounts for more than half of the lycopene in your diet

47. The most expensive pizza in the world costs almost €9,000

48. The world record for the largest pizza is 122 feet, 8 inches in diameter

49. The average pizza slice in New York City usually matches the price of a subway ride

50. Common pizza toppings in Japan include squid and mayo


It is totally exciting to know major facts about your favorite dish, the next time you’ll be having conversations with your friends about this delicious meal, it will be fun to let them know you are armed with interesting facts about pizza.

The knowledge of this fact alone makes you appreciate pizza more.

Frequently Asked Questions

It has a unique taste because of the cheese, tomatoes, and spices that are combined into the dough.

They often give Raffaele Esposito from Italy the credit.

The first pizza was documented in 997AD. The 9th century.

It can be, depending on how it is prepared.


  • Pepperoni is America’s favorite pizza topping
  • 93% of Americans order a pizza at least once a month 
  • Pizza consumption is the highest during big game days
  • Pizza became popular in the US after World War II 
  • New York city was home to the first pizzeria in the US 
  • The largest pizza is 122’8” inches in diameter
  • Eggs are a common pizza topping in Australia
  • The top pizza chains get their cheese from the same vendor
  • Domino’s delivers more than 1 million pizzas a day worldwide
  • Papa John’s was the first pizzeria chain to offer online ordering

Pizza is very popular for a reason. Foods that are rich, complex, sweet, and fatty appeal to humans. These elements are all present in pizza. The sauce is sweet, the meat toppings are frequently rich, and the cheese is fatty.

Cheese Pizza

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