Peter Answers Unblocked: Peter Answers Hack 2021

Peter Answers Unblocked – Are you wondering how Peter Answers works, and how to use it to trick your friends and family? Well, you are in the right place. Find out how to get Peter Answers unblocked.

Peter Answers: What is it all About and How Does it Work

There are many people who have tried their very best to get the virtual tarot card of Peter Answers to work. But all they manage to get, unfortunately, is I’m going to answer this question later.’

If you were one of those people who wanted to know their future, then you had to try to go to this website.

You need to have real dedication and faith in him in order to make it work, though. Or a person who is honest with the keyboard is going to do it. Uh? Confused?

Let me help clarify how it works: Peter Answers unblocked – but first what is Peter Answers?

What are Peter Answers?

What it is

Peter Answers is a website that is easy. It calls itself the virtual Tarot. Although a tarot reader is generally someone who tells the future by using cards, Peter Answers is different. You can ask any question, apparently, and Peter will give you the answer.

You probably came across the website after another introduced it to you. So you ask a question, your companion types it in, and lo and behold, it shows an acceptable answer.

The website has two fields. The first is a petition, the second is a question. If the website’s instructions are to be believed, the petition must read:

“Peter please answer the following question”

The second field is for your question. You could ask something you already know the answer to—your favorite food or animal—or you could ask something speculative, like whether you’ll have any luck next year.

Once you type a question mark or click Send, Peter will then display an answer.

Chances are, with your companion in control, Peter displays a suitable response. But if you try it yourself, you’ll get a vague response such as “the stars are not in line for this request” or “you must have a deeper desire to learn the answer to this question.”

Why isn’t Peter playing ball? How do you get Peter to behave and give a proper answer? Here’s how the Peter Answers trick works.

How does Peter Answers Website Work?

Step 1

Go to the website

  • Go to the website where you can see 2 options: “Petition” and “Question” with two buttons Clear and Ask.
  • This the link where you can Ask Peter Answers Virtual Tarot anything.

Peter Answers: What is it all About and How Does it Work

Step 2

Ask your question in Petition Box

Now you ask someone a question which you will type into the petition box and you should know the answer to that question.

Otherwise, if you don’t know the answer then you can tell them if you will say your answer loudly then Peter will listen to your answer with his psychic powers.

Just in case if you don’t know the answer then Peter will answer in a statement “Peter answers: I don’t understand your petition!”

Peter Answers: What is it all About and How Does it Work

Step 3

Trick to write the answer in Petition Box

Now in the petition box, press. (dot) and type the answer to that question.

When you press the period key it will be the clue for the site that now you are typing the answer but in the petition box, it will appear like” Peter, please answer the following question.”

Peter Answers: What is it all About and How Does it Work

Step 4

Complete the Phrase “Peter, please answer the following question”

You just have to type your answer in the petition box by keeping pressing the. (dot)  key and your answer will be hidden and will appear as “Peter, please answer the following, according to your answer and you just have to press some more keys to complete the phrase” Peter, please answer the following question.”

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Step 5

Finally, Fool your friend

Simply type your question inside the question box and click on “Ask”. You will see the answer that you typed in the Petition box secretly. Happy fooling.

Build your Own Peter Answers

If you want to take a peek behind the scenes, or perhaps take a shot at building your own version of Peter Answers, take a look at this GitHub project.

It’s written in CSS to provide the styling and JavaScript for the magic. It’s a relatively simple bit of code, so if you have programming experience then you can use this GitHub to tweak it to your heart’s content.

Perhaps you want to change the petition phrase? Or add some new responses for Peter? With this source code, you can do exactly that.

Other Services Like Peter Answers

Other Services

You might also stumble across Ask Jud, which is basically exactly the same as Peter Answers, but under a different name. However, if you have a particularly gullible companion, you could use this to trick them twice the same way.

For something a bit different, check out Akinator. This is a genie that can guess anyone you’re thinking of—real or fictional. It does this by going through a series of questions and using the previous answers to work out who the person is.

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