Perk TV Review 2022 – Is this a Scam or a Legit App to Earn Rewards?

 – Perk TV Review –

Perk is a company that offers many different apps that you can download and install on your Android or iOS devices.

Perk tv

You just need to visit the website or go to The App Store, or the Google Play Store to find the different apps that you can download to your device.

With the Perk TV app, you’ll earn points for watching different ads on your mobile device. The ads you’ll be watching are normally short movie trailers or different app trailers.

You’ll need to register with Perk and create a Perk account in order to take advantage of the different apps that are available from this company.

This article contains a detailed Perk TV Review, & tips on how to earn money watching and earning money watching TV. 


How To Earn With The Perk TV App

1. Movie Trailers

In this section, you’ll see a long list of movie trailers to watch. Before the trailer is shown, you’ll see a 30-second ad.

After the ad, the trailer will start. Most of the trailers range from 1-3 minutes. You’ll earn 4 points for every two videos watched.

2. Popular Videos

This section is very similar to the Movie Trailers other then it’s different videos. You’ll see some how-to videos and other popular videos you may have already seen on the internet.

Most of these videos range from 1-3 minutes;  they show a 30-second ad, and you’ll earn 4 points per 2 videos.

3. Live TV

This portion takes you to another Perk App called Perk TV Live. You’ll get paid for watching TV and not fast-forwarding through commercials.

How Much Money Can You Make With Perk TV?

To find out what the scoop really is, I had my research team run a timed test of ONE Hour. During that hour they watched 32 movie trailers and accumulated a total of 44 points.

Only 2 of the movies were rewarded with 3 points, 8 gave us 2 points each, and the majority, 22 kicked in 1 point each.

In theory, if you find a way to hit the “Are You Still Watching?” button every hour and run the app 24 hours a day, you can reach a total of 1,056 points, which amounts to roughly $1.06 per day, or $31.80 per month.

I have to say that I am NOT overly impressed by these numbers, to say the least. But is there a way to make a bit more?

Precautions Before Using Perk TV

  • Perk TV does not allow you to have multiple accounts. Please do not try this or you will be at risk of getting all of your points taken away.
  • Only use 5 devices running Perk TV at the same time. If you use more than 5, Perk TV has the option of closing your account. Even if you did try this, Perk TV will detect that you are earning points too quickly and not give you any rewards for the extra videos you are watching.
  • Do not try to set up multiple accounts. Since we have to pay taxes on our earnings, setting up different accounts with different names would not work well when it comes time for tax season.
  • For users outside of the US, only the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and India can earn points through Perk TV. You could use a VPN to earn money outside of these countries, but I do not promote nor recommend this since Perk TV’s Terms of Service states that their services can only be used for users inside of the US. Any points earned in countries other than the US are less than stated in this guide.
  • It is against Perk TV’s Terms of Service to “earn through the applications without any user activity for any extended period of time.” Make sure you’re not using the application for too long without any inactivity, but Perk TV doesn’t really define how long this is. For their list of full Terms and Conditions, go here.

What to do Next

This is a legitimate app that will reward you with points or tokens. The points can be added to your Perk Wallet and redeemed for PayPal cash or different gift cards from the most popular retailers. Perk has more than one app that you can download and install on your mobile device.

No matter what app you use, it is easy to transfer all your points to the Perk Wallet so you can redeem your gift card or cash to your PayPal account.

Perk tv

Just keep in mind there have been a few complaints recently after the apps were updated by the company.

Some people say that the apps are now freezing up and it is hard to get the points credited to your account when this happens.

The great thing about working with Perk is the different apps the company has available. It makes it easier to earn points so you can redeem your gift cards or cash.

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