How to Perform Reverse Image Search on Desktop?

Like changing trends in other fields, technology has revolutionized the web searching process due to novel innovations, such as performing reverse image search on desktop.

Unlike the past days when people used to explore the internet with the help of text-based queries, users nowadays prefer to search the web world through voice and image searches.

It happens because it helps them get more accurate and precise results with greater efficiency.

However, in recent times, image search is leading the way with the shift towards this mode of searching.

In this process, users land on a search-by-image platform and upload images as their queries.

Consequently, they get access to visually similar images in the database of that source, be it a search engine or any other site with an image search facility.

Following the results, they retrieve more genuine and authentic information than other search modes. You can perform a reverse photo lookup on both smartphones and devices.

However, we will only focus on the different methods to execute image search via desktop.

Ways to Perform Image Search on Desktop

Reverse Image Search

Search by image is based on content-based image retrieval (CBIR) technology that locates matching photographs in the database of a platform against a given query.

It detects the provided images based on their colour patterns and postures to facilitate the user with similar photos.

It is a very easy-to-perform process that demands only a few clicks to give you emphatic output against your search.

You can perform this process using a PC or a Mac on the following platforms.

Image Reverse Search on Search Engines

The primary option you can avail to implement image search on the desktop is major search engines like Google, Yandex, and Baidu.

The method is simple. You go to the home page of any of these services and click the camera option to add your image to get lookalike results.

Then, you go through the loaded results to pick the ones that fit your needs. Different search engines provide various filters to sort out your results to make quick observations.

While performing an image search via this option, you must go through all the search engines one by one.

It will facilitate you with multiple databases, giving you more options to pick and choose the best available data on the internet.

However, this could take a lot of time because whenever you change your search engine, you will have to start from level zero.

Therefore, there is another recommended way to explore search engines which helps a lot. It is mentioned below.

Image Search Using Third-Party Facilities

Reverse Image Search

While manually exploring each search engine demands strenuous physical and mental efforts, you can use third-party tools to use image search across multiple search engines in one go.

In this method, you visit an online image reverse search facility instead of going directly to a search engine. The interface of such a facility is usually straightforward.

You can quickly investigate where you need to add your input image. Such a service provides you a result even against an image’s URL if you don’t have the picture itself in your pocket.

Once you provide your input, the screen shows different search engine options to pick the ones where you want to see similar results. You can open each search engine in a new tab to visit all the platforms.

Most reverse photo lookup facilitates exploring more than three search engines in their services.

 There is an unlimited number of online utilities that provide image search services. To find the best one, you should use a few to determine which tool offers more apt and quick results.

The top feature of these services is that they are usually free. Hence, you can use them unlimited times without paying a single penny.

Additionally, you can access their services 24/7, anywhere in the world, without any hindrances.

Moreover, they are available in multiple languages, making them easier to use for people from different regions worldwide.

Using these tools, you can define all the objects in an image, their characteristics, and other outrageous benefits.

Target Image Search Websites

It is another remarkable way of performing image searches using a desktop. You can find various sites on the internet with stock image databases to find relevant photos for your platforms.

These websites are basically niche specific, so you can easily compile a list of the best available sites against different business niches that provide stunning images.

You can also use most photos on such websites for free without copyright issues. Therefore, you are not required to find the source of these images to give credit. Instead, you can use them considering an independent property.


Image search is a great facility that has befitting applications in different fields.

Therefore, you must master this art to take some luxurious benefits that will increase your productivity and efficiency. We hope you enjoyed yourself while reading this article.

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