Penny App Review: How the Money App Directory Works

– Penny App Review –

If you love using Penny App, we are glad to announce to you that although it has been acquired by Fin-Tech, the quality of service has not reduced nor changed much. In this Penny App Review, we show you how to use the app to better schedule your finances.

Penny App Review: How the  Money App Directory Works

The Penny app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone has been created for everyday folks to coach them into turning into money gurus once it involves their financial gain and budgeting.

The total purpose of the app is to relinquish users an improved handle on their finances and to assist them to set up for a secure monetary future.

The way the app tackles the difficulty of finances is by supplying you with an opportunity to talk to a cash coach and private finance knowledgeable – Penny.

The data is sent to you thru easy-to-read graphs, messages that are light yet informative, and explanations that you simply will apply to your financial gain and spending habits.

The general result could be a friendly and hospitable app that will facilitate anyone gets a better hold of their finances.


Penny Finder App – Try to Catch a Penny Item.

First of all, the app isn’t attached to Greenback General Company. They’re established by freelance developers. Thus, DG doesn’t endorse the Penny finder app.

Secondly, the app is offered for both Android and iOS platforms, though developers’ names are different on Android Market and Apple store.

From the primary site, you’ll notice that apps are similar to typical functions, styles, and even their descriptions on markets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Penny App

What Services does Penny App Offer?

  • Penny looks through your banking details and explains your spending and income through friendly messages and beautiful graphics.
  • Provides entertaining and useful facts about your spending habits, such as the time of day you are more likely to go shopping and how much you spend on Starbucks.
  • Tracks your monthly spending so you can keep to a budget.
  • Consolidates your transactions across accounts so you can keep track of them.
  • Keep tabs on your balances over time.
  • Automatically categorizes your purchases and expenses into buckets.

How Much does Penny Cost?

Penny is free. It makes money when users follow its advice and sign up for products and services that help them save money.

How does it work:

The approach the Penny app works are that it must access your bank account, which you need to give permission for. It supports over 15,000 banks placed all across the country.

Once you have provided permission the app can begin to assemble all of your transactions therefore it will organize and analyze the knowledge. This implies all the work is on the app itself, not on your shoulders.

You can’t really access and move cash around through Penny, this app is supposed to gather info, organize it, and give it to you in a secure approach.

Information is never stored by the app therefore you shouldn’t worry about your details ending up in the wrong hands.

After the app pours through all of your data, you’re then offered customized charts and graphs therefore you get a transparent image of your finances. This info is graphed/charted in the time period.

How is Penny Better than Other Money Management Apps?

Penny is straightforward and fun to use. putting in your account and connecting it to any or all your money accounts can take many minutes, however, it’s a superb tool for managing your budget and your spending.

Features of the App

  1. The app is straightforward to use and tidy. All info is split into 3 sections:  Haul Wall, Penny List, and Your account details. Haul Wall has listed all things sorted by relevance and therefore the list of favorite pennies that you simply will manage yourself.
  2. The coloration of the app could be a tranquil white with turquoise components that are quite gratifying for the eyes.
  3. The app will cost you 2.99$ once you purchase and download it. No need to pay any monthly or yearly fees.

Other Features of the App:

  • Penny sends you projections on the basis of your expenses: Penny can allow you to recognize what you’re heading in the right direction to pay that month. It is a good way of keeping you restrained, just in case you spent excessively at the starting of the month.
  • It Is really a smart one: Penny notices the dealings and reviews the main points of it and provides you suggestions like when linking one in all the bank accounts it recommended that as we have a tendency to do transactions with PayPal she will be able to add our PayPal account to the portfolio. it’ll offer you an easy-to-access savings rate, and keep you on track for your savings goal.
  • Penny can compare everything for you:  you think you might be spending less this month, but it’s just a feeling. ask a penny for the comparison and it will give you a nice and simple graph that you are actually doing worst compared to the previous month( pun intended)
  • It Makes finance fun: yes penny knows managing finances efficiently sucks all the time. it really has a fresh approach to everything. it will even notice which restaurant you eat in more often and how many bills you are still due to pay.
  • Beneficial and convenient app for those who are constant visitors to Dollar General stores. If you like to save some money don’t hesitate to download this app.

Pros and Cons of the App


  • The app is user-friendly even if you’re not familiar with tracking and budgeting your finances
  • You can “chat” with the app
  • The app provides you with customized graphs, information, and tips
  • It tracks your knowledge over time therefore you’ll go back and look at the history
  • The app is secure and does not store your bank account login info
  • The options and tools are basic but helpful
  • The computer program is tidy and uncomplicated


  • If you’re looking for an app loaded with high-tech features, this isn’t it
  • It doesn’t support banks outside of the U.S.
  • You can’t actually do any banking through the app

Not a Typical Tracking Tool

What the Penny app isn’t, is a typical tracking tool that is used for budgeting purposes. Yes, it offers these tools, but it’s so much more than just tracking.

The app has been rightly referred to as a “chat-based” coach for personal finances. It’s a unique and engaging approach that seems to be resonating with users.

A Penny for your Thoughts


The Penny app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone helps get your finances in restraint. The uncomplicated approach is just what users have been looking for.

If this article is useful and educative, do well to share these messages with friends and loved ones. If you have a question, kindly drop your comments below.

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