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Panera Lunch Hours? Order Panera Bread, Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

– Panera Lunch Hours –

They formed Panera in 1987 as St. Louis Bread Company, a small community bakery with a sourdough starter from San Francisco and a vision of putting a loaf of bread in everyone’s hands.

Panera Lunch Hours

About Panera

While Panera company has grown well beyond St. Louis since then. They still use the same sourdough starter in our signature sourdough bread.

And the art of baking fresh bread every day remains at Panera Bread’s core.  Their professional bakers provide their bakery shelve.

With delectable freshly made cookies, pastries, and bagels. In addition to a variety of bread, ranging from focaccia to classic baguettes every day.

Also, Panera believes in offering excellent, freshly cooked, clean meals that the public would be proud to serve to their own family.

Chefs and bakers have created a menu of classic, familiar foods, each with a unique twist.

They value their environment and take steps to reduce our influence. Whether it’s a customer in their cafe or one of their employees.

They believe in treating everyone with warmth, generosity, and respect. And especially in times of need. Panera believes in assisting its local communities.

There are also working to improve the quality and convenience of our services. Also, they offer omnichannel access to your Panera favorites.

such as smartphone ordering, catering, and Rapid PickUp® for to-go orders as well as curbside pickup and delivery.

thanks to investments in technology and operations.

Moreso, Panera operates in 48 states. The District of Columbia, and Canada under the names Panera Bread® and Saint Louis Bread Company.

click here to find a location near you.

JAB Holding Company is the sole owner of Panera Bread. Panera Bread is part of Panera Brands.

Which includes Panera Bread®, Caribou Coffee®, and Einstein Bros.® Bagels.

And is one of the largest fast-casual restaurant platforms in the United States. Find out more about Panera Brands.

Panera Lunch Hours

For those looking for a quick bite to eat, Panera Bread offers breakfast and lunch alternatives.

When you have a short amount of time before work or during your lunch break.

The cuisine is of higher quality and healthier than many of the fast-food options available, and they serve food swiftly.

What if you want to stop at Panera Bread for lunch on your way to work so you don’t have to leave the workplace at lunch?

Are you even capable of doing so?

Is Panera Open for Lunch All Day?

The bulk of Panera Bread’s lunch menu items is available all day. They do not offer soup until midday.

Lunch foods take longer to prepare in the morning, but you can still order sandwiches and salads. You won’t be able to get soup because it takes a long time to heat up.

Employees cannot heat one order at a time until the soup is served in the afternoon. You can’t order all the breakfast options all day.

Many foods, particularly those that are hot, are only accessible until lunchtime. All day long, you can get bakery and coffee goods.

Although, if you wish to order your lunch first thing in the morning. You can do so using the app and pick it up on your way to work or over lunch.

Also, you can even purchase products the day before and save them for the following day’s lunch.

When Does Panera’s Lunch Service Begin?

They served lunch at 10:30 a.m. or 11:00 a.m., depending on the establishment.

Each location sets its own hours, so call ahead to find out what time your favorite Panera Bread is open.

Items on the Panera Lunch Menu

Knowing what’s on the lunch menu ahead of time will help you order ahead of time and have a better customer experience.

Panera Bread offers a variety of lunch options (except for the soups and prepackaged items).

Because each item has its distinct flavor, we recommend tasting a few to find your favorites.


  1. Roasted turkey, apple & cheddar with whole-grain cranberry walnut bread and mustard horseradish sauce.
  2. Mediterranean Veggie with cucumbers, lettuce, red onions, and zesty sweet. Besides peppadew piquant peppers, cilantro-jalapeno hummus on a whole grain flatbread.
  3. Chipotle melts with black pepper focaccia bread
  4. Steak & arugula on sourdough bread with pickled onions and herb cream cheese spread
  5. Classic grilled cheese on classic white bread
  6. Napa almond chicken salad sandwich on sesame semolina bread
  7. Turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread


  1. Asian Sesame Salad with Chicken
  2. Caesar Salad
  3. Greek Salad
  4. Green Goddess Salad with Chicken
  5. Southwest Chile Lime Ranch Salad with Chicken
  6. Spicy Thai Salad with Chicken
  7. Caesar Salad with Chicken
  8. Fuji Apple Salad with Chicken
  9. Modern Greek Salad with Quinoa
  10. Seasonal Green salad


  1. Turkey Chili
  2. Broccoli Cheddar
  3. Vegetarian Creamy Tomato
  4. Chicken Noodle Soup


  1. Pasta Primavera
  2. Butternut Squash Ravioli
  3. Mac & Cheese (Small/large/bread bowl)
  4. Chicken Tortellini Alfredo
  5. Pesto Sacchettini Pasta

When Does Panera Terminate Lunch Service?

By 4:00 or 5:00 p.m., most Panera locations had finished serving lunch. A few may offer lunch until the end.

Panera shuts at 9:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Friday through Sunday, at 10:00 p.m.

Panera Delivery is Available for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

They are available and ready to assist you in getting nice, nourishing meals when you need them during this difficult time.

That involves continuing to serve wonderful cuisine and ensuring that you may enjoy your favorite meals as safely as possible.

While they take care to guarantee the health, safety, and well-being of our Panera workers.

Also, they offer a variety of ordering alternatives so you can order in the way that suits you best.

Among the ordering options are:

  1. Panera Curbside, Quick Ordering, and PickUp
  2. Drive-Thru (where available)
  3. Contactless Transport (where available)

Panera, no contact delivery approach delivers your Panera favorites directly to your door.

Or anywhere you specify in the delivery instructions, and they seal their thoughtful packaging tight to safeguard your meal even further.

You may order whenever and wherever you need us for breakfast, lunch, or supper.

knowing that we’re taking the essential efforts to handle your meal preparation and delivery safely.

Panera Breakfast Delivery

From a Warm Breakfast Sandwich to a Dozen Bagels. Let Panera make the first meal of the day easy for you.

By delivering it right to your door as you get up and get going. Replace your cereal with a tasty Panera breakfast sandwich to change up your morning routine.

We have savory breakfast sandwiches like our Bacon, Scrambled Egg, and cheese on Artisan Ciabatta

Moreso, their Avocado, Egg White, and Spinach on a freshly baked Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat.

If you want to get out of the home quickly. Go through the drive-thru or pick up curbside, or order before 10:30 a.m.

For delivery to you. To see if delivery is available in your area, visit their homepage.

Add a cup of coffee to your delivery order, and you’re all set for the day.


Panera Grocery Delivery

Panera Grocery has some of the pantry staples and everyday supplies you need. And you can even include them in your normal delivery order to help you cut down on trips to the shop.

Here are a few Panera Grocery items to boost your breakfast delivery order:

Bagel & Bread Delivery: Order a bagel pack, half dozen, or baker’s dozen bagels. Which include Plain bagels, Cinnamon Crunch bagels, and Everything bagels. Together with Asiago Cheese bagels, and more. Bread is also available in Whole Grain and Classic White varieties.

Pastries & Sweets: For a little something sweet, add a 4-pack of muffins or Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls to your order.

Milk: Add a gallon of milk to your shopping list for the week (Skim & 2 percent available).

Yogurt: Add a 32 oz. Order of whole milk plain Greek yogurt or a 16-pack of strawberry & mixed berry yogurt tubes. To your order for you and the kids to enjoy your morning meal.

If you’ve been eating the same thing every day. a wonderful Panera breakfast might be a pleasant way to bring some diversity to your morning meal.

Add these groceries to your breakfast delivery order and enjoy them in the mornings for the rest of the week.

Panera Launch Delivery

Make More Use of Your Lunch Break. When Panera Deliver Lunch to Your Front Door.

Just because you spend more time at home does not imply the lunch rush is any less stressful.

Panera lunch delivery can save you time. While still providing you with a nutritious meal to carry you through the afternoon.

Their soups, salads, and sandwich delivery options. Provide something for everyone and are excellent for a well-balanced midday meal.

You may mix and match two of your favorites. with Panera You Pick Two® options, so you don’t have to settle for just one.

Lunch Delivery Items from Panera

Here are some Panera Grocery items to consider adding to your next lunch delivery order:

Bread Delivery: To prepare sandwiches throughout the week. Order a loaf of Whole Grain bread or our Classic White bread.

Deli Cheese Delivery: Upgrade your sandwiches with your favorite Panera cheeses. such as American, Emmental Swiss, Vermont White Cheddar, and Smoked Gouda.

Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Delivery: Add fresh avocados, tomatoes, and blueberries. To your lunch delivery order for future lunchtime meals on sandwiches and salads.

Panera Grocery Delivery

Dinner is ready! Get Dinner Delivered to You or Your Entire Family.

With more dinners being prepared at home, you may be looking for more dinner ideas than usual.

With Panera’s dinner delivery, you’ll have one less thing to think about when it comes to dinner.

Take a night’s vacation from cooking. By ordering your favorite sandwiches, salads, and sides.

Because they know that family dinner discounts are popular right now. They’ve created Family Feast Value Meals which starts at $23.

These offers are even better when you use the code FREEDELIVERY.

To get free contactless delivery on orders of $15 or more for a limited time.

Dinner Items from Panera Grocery

Panera Lunch Hours

Here are some Panera Grocery items you may include in your dinner delivery order. To help you prepare dinner for the remainder of the week:

Bread Delivery: For a week’s worth of side dishes, order a French baguette.

Dairy Delivery: Our dairy delivery options range from sliced cheeses to milk. And whole milk plain Greek yogurt, and can help you with your supper dishes.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Delivery: tomatoes, onion, and avocado could be useful in your supper preparations.

Also, check out their article for cooking ideas for social distancing at home. And use Panera Grocery goods to round out your dinners.

Panera Bread Money-Saving Strategies

Tips for Saving Money at Panera Bread Lunch expenditures can rapidly pile up, particularly if you eat out frequently.

Don’t limit your Panera Bread visits to once or twice a week.

Instead, use the tips below to save money on Panera Bread visits so you may go more frequently.

1. Deals on Panera Bread

On Tuesdays, you can save $4 on a package of bagels, making bagel Tuesdays a feasible office ritual.

Panera Bread has meal deals where you can get a complimentary dessert for $0.99. when you purchase a sandwich, soup, or salad along with a beverage.
Finally, Panera Bread offers a $6.99 duet value every day:

  1. Soup with Grilled Cheese and Creamy Tomatoes
  2. Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup & Caesar Salad
  3. Sandwich with tuna salad and ten vegetable soup
  4. Soup with Creamy Tomatoes and Greek Salad

You cannot get the same pricing if you order a different type of sandwich, soup, or salad.

You can, however, alter the goods as you see fit.

2. Purchase in Bulk

Is it better to feed the entire family or the entire office? You may either have everyone place their order. And pay for it separately, or you can buy one of the Panera Bread family meals,.

Which can save you up to 56% on the total. See the following family meal options (and savings):

  1. Family Feast with Soup or Mac: Costs $30.59, a saving of $35.04 (53%)
  2. Family Feast: Costs $30.59, a saving of $31.64 (51%)
  3. Fresh Baked Goods Feast: Costs $14.69, savings of $3.85 (21%)
  4. Premium Family Feast with Cookies: Costs $38.99, savings of $36.70 (48%)
  5. 2 Flatbread Pizza Family Feast with Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls: Costs $30.59, savings of $16.53 (35%)
  6. Breakfast Sandwich Feast: Costs $14.69, a saving of $6.07 (29%)
  7. Premium Family Feast: Costs $34.79, a saving of $31.34 (47%)
  8. 3 Flatbread Pizza Family Feast with Vanilla Cinnamon Rolls: Costs $34.79, a saving of $22.02 (39%)
  9. 2 Flatbread Pizza Family Feast: Costs $24.19, a saving of $10.57 (30%)
  10. Family Feast with Cookies: Costs $34.79, savings of $37.00 (52%)

3. My Panera Reward

My Panera Rewards is indeed a free rewards program offered by Panera Bread.

Signing up is free, and you’ll get a free reward for up to two months if you do. You’ll start earning points as soon as you sign up and make purchases.

They must make all purchases through your My Panera Rewards account to receive points.

To have the points automatically added to your account, you can order online or through the app.

You can also use your phone number to do it in-store. The number of transactions you complete determines how many points you earn.

After every six purchases, you will receive a gift. Every two to four hours, you must space the transactions out.

You’ll get a free goodie on your birthday. Want to save even more money?

Get $5 off your next purchase when you refer a friend to the ‘My Panera Rewards’ Program.

4. Inquire About Free Upgrades

Panera Bread’s menu selections are highly customizable, allowing you to create the meal of your dreams.

Some of the configurable choices allow you to upgrade stuff for free, which you may not be aware of.

You can, for example, add complimentary vegetables to your sandwich or salad.
You can also get a free croissant or bagel instead of the bread.

Moreso, you may even request that Panera Bread cut your apple for you and serve it with a side of honey at no additional cost.

Facts About Panera

Employees at Panera Bread understand what it takes to run the renowned casual food company.

According to the company’s website, Panera Bread today has “2,000 bakery-cafés” and employs roughly 100,000 people.

Some employees work for Panera Bread’s corporate headquarters, while others work for franchisees.

These employees gain significant insight into the inner workings of their store.

1. You Can Always Request a Customized Order

It’s never a bad idea to ask if you want something changed in your Panera Bread order.

Associate trainer Ariana Dickerson said on Quora in 2018 that calorie-conscious consumers should inquire for assistance.

“If you’re worried about calories or how many there are. Just ask any associate, they’ll pull out their nutrition guide and help you make your perfect salad,” she posted on Quora.

Josh Benner, a former Panera Bread employee, took to Quora to make a variety of ideas.

including requesting complimentary granola toppings on fruit salads, and toasted sandwiches, and replacing the bread on certain sandwiches.

 2. The Bread Is Freshly Baked in the Store

They really cooked the namesake Panera Bread product in the eatery. Daily supplies of pre-mixed dough are sent to individual establishments.

In a 2015 Reddit AMA, a Panera Bread maker said, “I genuinely bake the bread.”

“The bread is simply mixed in a large factory and sent to us every night or morning so that we can allow it to rise.”

Employees at Panera Bread prepare all the bread. including sourdough, ciabatta focaccia, and croissants.

And challah, as well as the desserts behind the glass and soufflés, according to the baker.

Similarly, Panera Bread soups are served in bags and then heated in “this scary-looking device called a thermal,” according to the staffer. In 2013 Reddit post.

Another Panera Bread baker stated that “they always cooked the final baked product the night before” at Panera. And they usually donated those extra goods to local organizations.

3. Employees are Rewarded with Some Delectable Goodies

Employees at Panera Bread receive a 50 percent to 75 percent discount on meals up to $10.

In 2017, a Reddit user commented, “Standard associate discount is 50% off your lunch.”

“Although the maximum amount is meant to be $10, I’ve never seen it enforced. Managers and caterers are given a complimentary lunch.”

In a 2014 blog post, a former part-time employee noted, “You have to use the discount around your work shift, though.”

“If you want to take advantage of your discount outside of work, you’ll need to apply for an employee certificate that gives you 50% off at any corporate store.

They can give certificates as gifts to relatives and family. “In a 2015 Reddit AMA.

A Panera Bread baker said that they could “take home 10 dollars’ worth of food every time I work” at their location.

4. Breakfast at Panera Bread Does not Last All Day

Panera Bread isn’t always open for breakfast.

Breakfast hours may vary between restaurants, according to a Quora post by Panera Bread staffer Julissa Gonzalez.

She wrote, “Primarily, we cease providing breakfast between 10:30 and 11 a.m.” “We serve all the soups once 11 a.m. arrives.

Soups are not available before 11 a.m. due to the fact that breakfast is still being served.”

Associate trainer Derek Bedell wrote, “Breakfast service hours will vary depending on location, demand, and possibly. whether the Panera in question is a franchise or corporate facility.”

Former associate Emily Carver commented on Quora, “The Panera I worked at did have a defined breakfast time and a designated lunchtime.

But, from other answers I have read on here, that might not be the case for all of them.”

“We opened at 6 a.m. and only offered breakfast until 10:30 a.m., at which point we switched to lunch and ceased selling breakfast.”


Why is Panera Bread so popular?

Panera Lunch Hours

Panera Bread’s operations are based on its basic beliefs, and you can taste and experience the difference in the food when you visit each location.

1. Culinary Perspectives

There’s a reason the company’s name includes the word “Bread.”

Panera began as a bakery, and its breakfast and lunch menus still feature fresh bakery goods, including bread.

Claes Petersson, the executive chef, prepares dishes that are both unusual and delicious.

The cuisine also looks fantastic, with lots of vibrant colors and fresh ingredients.

2. Beliefs About Food

Panera has created defined standards by insisting on offering meals made from “clean, fresh ingredients selected for quality.”

We will not use ingredients that do not satisfy the guidelines in your food.

Panera Bread has a long list of “no-nos” that you will never find in their meals, most of which are synthetic chemicals and additives.

Panera Bread not only sells high-quality cuisine. But it also promotes environmentally responsible procedures. that show respect for the environment and animals.

Panera Bread has committed to becoming Climate Positive by the year 2050 by:

  1. 60 percent of bakery-café dishes will be converted into Cool Food Meals.
  2. Adopting packaging that is 100 percent reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable.
  3. Renewable energy will power at least 50% of Panera Bread’s operations.

Panera was also the first firm to employ antibiotic-free chickens. And it continues to buy meat from farms. That follows responsible agricultural techniques.

3. The Guests’ Perspectives

Panera recognizes its customers require meals immediately.

As a result, they offer clients the option of ordering, delivering, or pickup online.

If you choose to eat inside the restaurant, you will find a welcoming setting that stresses public safety concerns.

4. Connection with The Community

Panera Bread locations strive to connect with the community. Through service and donate to charitable causes regularly.

Panera Bread supports the following organizations as a caring company:


Food waste is reduced by the Day-End Dough-Nation. which collects food and donates it to organizations such as soup kitchens.


Panera Bread is a supporter of activities. That raises disease awareness and provides services to at-risk children.


Panera Fundraising organizes fundraising events for non-profit organizations and donates 20% of the proceeds to the cause after the event.


Panera Bread donates gift cards to Scrip Fundraising. which sells the cards to charity supporters.

‣ Relief Efforts for COVID-19

The recent flu outbreak hit Panera Bread, like many other establishments, hard.

However, it is known that other persons were affected significantly more severely.

As a result, Panera Bread has made it a point to contribute in the following ways:

  • Feeding America food banks received 930,000 lunches.
  • A total of 132,00 meals have been donated to school lunch programs.
  • They donated lunches to front-line workers in the amount of 730,000.
  • They compensated employees for 21,000 hours of relief work.

5. Customer Service

Employees make a business, and Panera strives to make its workplace a happy and safe place to work by:

  1. Employee well-being
  2. Promoting a welcoming culture
  3. Providing opportunities for advancement
  4. Ensure diversity of representation

Also, Panera Bread does not discriminate. Against customers are based on their gender, age, color, or sexual orientation.

The human resources department helps any employee who has a problem.
Panera treats every report seriously.

FAQs on Panera Lunch Hours

Panera Lunch Hours

1. What Do You Wear to Orientation at Panera?

You can dress professionally. Long-sleeved shirt and non-slip shoes are required.

What do you wear to Panera’s orientation?

You can dress professionally. Long-sleeved shirt and non-slip shoes are required.

2. What Does Panera Serve in The Morning?

Change up your cereal routine with a scrumptious Panera breakfast sandwich.

We serve savory breakfast sandwiches like Bacon, Scrambled Egg & Cheese on Artisan Ciabatta or Avocado.

Egg White, & Spinach on a freshly baked Sprouted Grain Bagel Flat.

3. Is Panera Actually Healthy?  

Aside from the bread bowls, everything at Panera appears to be at least somewhat nutritious.

However, many of their seemingly healthy selections, such as salads, soups, and sandwiches.

Are high in sodium and calories, making them less healthy than you might have expected.

4. Is Panera Bread Fast Food?  

Lunch Hours at Panera

Panera is now one of the top ten quick-service and fast-casual restaurants in America.

A position it first attained in 2015, on a list usually dominated by fast-food chains such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Subway.

5. Can You Get a Salad at Panera in The Morning?  

The bulk of Panera Bread’s lunch menu items are available all day. Soup, on the other hand, is not offered until midday.

Lunch items take longer to prepare in the morning, but you can still order sandwiches and salads.

6. Did Panera Discontinue the French Toast Bagel?  

The cinnamon crunch bagel is still available at Panera, but fans of the French toast bagel are out of luck.

What’s worse, a recipe for French toast bagel pudding is still available on the Panera website.

More FAQs on Panera Lunch Hours

7. Is Panera Oatmeal Good for You?  

While Panera has a healthier oatmeal choice, it isn’t the healthiest.

We’re working with another component problem. This dish has 14 g fat, 51 g carbohydrates.

And 340 calories due to the huge portion size (the highest calories of all fast food oatmeals).

8. Does Panera Bread Have Eggs?

Breads made from scratch

Panera hides butter, eggs, and milk in some of its freshly made, joy-inducing loaves.

White and honey wheat, in particular, appear benign, but they both contain dairy.

9. What Is the Lowest Calorie Item at Panera?  

Panera Breakfast Sandwich with the Fewest Calories

If you’re watching your calories, the classic egg and cheese sandwich has only 380 calories.

If the over-easy egg was replaced with egg white, the complete sandwich would be only 345 calories.

10. Does Starbucks Own Panera?

JAB Holdings’ $7.2 billion purchase of bakery-café brand Panera Bread on Wednesday.

Propels the investment firm into the same lunch market that Starbucks is attempting to enter.

Starbucks has been trying to enhance its food for years, but it has failed to establish itself as a true dining establishment.

Panera is available when and where you need them. To eat healthily right now, with dishes you’ll love for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

With safety precautions and processes in place to make their workers and guests as safe as possible.

Also, you can be confident that their food preparation and delivery are conscientious.

Start your delivery order online if you’re ready to them handle your next meal.

Also, let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. Feel free to share with your friends and active media accounts.

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