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425+ Bona Fide Pakistani Restaurant Name Ideas That aren’t in Use

Pakistani restaurant, would you like to operate a restaurant featuring Pakistani cuisine? Here are over 425 suggestions for Pakistani restaurant names to get you started.

pakistani restaurant

Is Pakistani restaurant poised to become Americans’ next culinary discovery? According to the latest available census data, there are currently 518,116 Pakistani Americans living in the United States.

However, this is a 24.17% growth over the 2010 census. The demand for this kind of food will increase as more Pakistanis immigrate to the United States and as more people realize it.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for Pakistani restaurant names with influences.

Here are some imaginative names for your new food business that are inspired by Pakistani restaurant names.

The Origins of Pakistani Food

South Asia’s Pakistan is a sizable nation with a diversified ethnic population. Due to the prevalence of Indo-Iranian speakers in its population.

 Pakistan has a long-standing cultural and historical connection to its neighbors India, Afghanistan, and Iran. Since the two nations got independence in 1947.

Pakistan has distinguished itself from its larger southeastern neighbor by having a preponderance of Muslims (as opposed to the predominance of Hindus in India).

Pakistan has fought its whole history to attain political stability and long-term socioeconomic prosperity.

Karachi, which is situated south of the Arabian Sea coast, is Pakistan’s largest metropolis.

Islamabad, the capital city, is in the northern part of the country on the foothills of the Himalayas.

History and Statistics

The All-India Muslim League, led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah, believed that Muslims in India would only have equitable representation in their own nation once British India was separated.

This was the justification for the founding of Pakistan. Pakistan was split into East Pakistan, which is located over 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) to the east in the vast Ganges-Brahmaputra river delta.

And West Pakistan, which is in the Indus River basin in the northwest corner of the Indian subcontinent, from the time of its independence until 1971.

In response to major internal political problems that resulted in the civil war in 1971, East Pakistan was declared the independent nation of Bangladesh.

Names of Pakistani Restaurants

pakistani restaurant
  • Grill Alasia
  • Kaiph, Knara
  • Zameer
  • renowned Paan
  • A Daboo
  • Azahara
  • Kar Ghara D?
  • Pa?a?ub?
  • The Asamna T. Par?
  • Tafiz
  • The Khuraq Kebab
  • Jalaqat
  • Lak? D? Raisa??rai??a
  • The Bhrat Sadana
  • Grill Azippus
  • Pur??? Gailar? H?’?sa
  • Dakha’a Bhjana
  • ?a Pia Paba
  • Paisano
  • Grill Yusuf
  • Halalicious
  • Karamani
  • I am Zaib
  • Cafe Lahore
  • Barak ke
  • Kabir Rasheed
  • Bizara
  • Salima
  • Riz Burki
  • Aspen Deli
  • Shazad
  • Cafe Meerkat
  • Bistro Jirg
  • Pakistani belly
  • The restaurant Nafidh’s
  • Jafoor’s
  • Khaan’s
  • Mehendi Salat
  • Alshera
  • Taheran
  • Halal Haindi
  • Cafe Koshana
  • Rasul Pasha
  • Suhlz Bait
  • Dalian Mian
  • Azad Salahi
  • Masar
  • Jaime Karim
  • Shahidoo
  • Nusrat Biryani
  • Cafe Latha
  • Khan Umar
  • Suyash
  • Deli Azad
  • In Qahin Chot
  • Burrata
  • Arzam
  • Eshqurani
  • Yaqeen Lala
  • Kana Taher
  • Qasabu
  • Karamali

Names of Pakistani Restaurant Fast Food

pakistani restaurant
  • Kababi
  • Kaftan
  • Chikmal Arora
  • Dhaba Saheb
  • Bakery Qura
  • Khorasan
  • KFC Express
  • Salala
  • Al Ain
  • In Jawa Bazar
  • Pina R?liga
  • Jaiki Saina?
  • At? Kalaba, N??
  • Dina N?at?, Sr.
  • Ghara Painak?ka
  • Shish kabob cuts
  • Pakistan Mondus
  • Pallets of hummus
  • A Locums
  • Mah?n?v?ra
  • Selected by Gurman
  • Eat at Jehkshop
  • Dr. Marda Kabeer
  • Grill Sunciti
  • L’bassara Varala
  • Kif?’it? Khur?ka
  • IQ of Khur?ka
  • Salaam’s
  • Aavai
  • Grainger
  • Ajeet
  • Gregor
  • Abhijeet
  • Kahani
  • M?m? M??a
  • Viet Bistro
  • Gaisa?ar?n?m?kala
  • Hot Khaasha
  • Gulab Ki Raqi
  • Kalee Qaad
  • Sporkad
  • Moghat
  • Sambal Chicken
  • Thai Express
  • Indian Pizza
  • Sainu
  • Chakar, Olami
  • Meze
  • Spicy Snacks
  • Gulistan
  • Kabi Kala
  • l Man
  • pasta sauce
  • poultry Express
  • Pancake Delivery
  • sandwich swish
  • Spaghetti Noodles
  • The Shawarma Sora
  • Produce Festival
  • Afghan kebab
  • Restaurant Chor Al

Cafes in Pakistan

  • Kaiph? Ala??m?
  • Jad’s Cafe
  • Kaiph Pi?a
  • p. kaiph
  • Cafe Haashim
  • Cafe Ihsan
  • Muslim cafe
  • Inn at Megha
  • Khalsa Cafe
  • Kafesa
  • Poor Chai
  • Cafesa
  • Cafe Wicha
  • Mehendi Azam
  • Gharb Al
  • Cafe Bihi
  • Coffee, Kala
  • Pub Folk
  • Kaiph Aikasapraisa?
  • Paleo cafe
  • Coffee Shop Ughz
  • Cafe Kala
  • ?’?sisa Kaiph?
  • Hadir Cafe
  • Coffee by Hadrian
  • Anada? Kauph
  • Darbi Café
  • La’s B’na
  • Qofee
  • Mia Kauph?
  • V?’?ba Kauph?
  • Cafe Kora
  • Zna Kaiph
  • Inan Café

Best Tacos in San Diego

  • Lahore Cafe
  • The Snara Kauph?
  • Cafe Quaidi
  • Jawaal
  • M?c? B?na
  • Mehsana
  • Café Bakram
  • Lachai
  • Has Dudha Kauph?
  • Cuppuccino
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Lala Cafe
  • Dhaba Masha
  • Barak
  • Rosh K.
  • Mezzalu
  • Moo, Bakki
  • Cafe Dada
  • Jhoola
  • Uncle Rana
  • Lata Chana
  • Cafe Ejaz
  • Kuri Jai
  • Salaal Kad
  • Unusual Pak
  • Cafe Neu
  • Cafebo
  • Coffee People

Which Popular Pakistani Menu Items Could You Sell?

pakistani restaurant

Start with some of the popular Desi cuisines from Pakistan. These can be found on the menu of practically every restaurant in Pakistan, with very few exceptions.


One of Pakistani cuisine’s most well-known dishes, paye (goat or calf trotters), is typically offered as the main course for breakfast.

 Although this treatment is usually eaten in the winter, it is always available because there is always a demand for it. Any meat market in Pakistan would sell paye that was already cooked.

This delicacy tastes best when freshly cooked with garnishes of green coriander, green chiles, and lemon wedges.

The Chapli Kabab

Chapli kabab often referred to as chappal kabab, is a specialty of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and is a dish from traditional Pakistani cuisine (the Northern Western province of Pakistan).

The city of Peshawar is the most well-known place in the country to order chapli kabab.

The mixture has to marinade for a few hours before the kababs are ready to be fried and served.

Naan or Roti are commonly served alongside them. With their unique flavor and scent, these kababs stand out from the crowd!


The recipe for nihari, another treat enjoyed by the Desi people, is thought to have originated about the same time. It is associated with the Nawabs of the Indian subcontinent.

It should go without saying that breakfast in the morning is the best time to eat this dish because the name’s etymology is derived from the Urdu word nihar, which means “morning.”

Cooking time for lamb or chicken varies, but it usually takes 6 to 8 hours to produce beef nihari.

Malai Ras

Ras Malai is a Pakistani Desi treat made of milk, sugar, cream, cardamom, saffron, and pistachios and roughly translates to “juicy cream” in English.

Restaurant Names in Urdu

  • Tablora
  • Chutney Chaat
  • Naseer
  • Punshana
  • Fikr
  • Muzafar
  • Shahidul
  • Salimu
  • Moola
  • Tabloza
  • Swabeed
  • House of Souq
  • Tofoodu
  • Urdu Muni
  • Roaring Ghazi
  • Lord Eats
  • G. Gaya Kala
  • Agha Kukha
  • Urmantri
  • Indian Grill
  • I’m halal.
  • Khana Haji
  • Biryani Sehli
  • Lunch Mezze
  • Pyaa
  • Saeeda
  • Indian cuisine
  • Shatran
  • In Lala Baja
  • Qasir Dining Room
  • Pakistani speed
  • Passionate Cooking
  • Harbs Dining Room
  • Jimmy (?rmna)
  • Express Biryani
  • Thushan Dish
  • Punjabi Spice
  • Curry, haste!
  • Pasta Place
  • meals from the Middle East
  • Masala Garam
  • Lasi Lassi
  • Asian-American chefs
  • Jalsa Restaurant
  • Foodlum
  • Hey Kawa!
  • Lada Nafees
  • Nusantra
  • Nosh Azam
  • Halil Dining Room
  • Masaf
  • Urmant
  • Hello, Chota
  • Arabic Kitchen
  • Lantern in red
  • Purple Leaf
  • Taji Restaurant
  • Haileya Dining Room
  • Old Town Grill
  • Arabic Dhaba
  • Saa Sujibah
  • Urmada

Food Names in Urdu

  1. Kabuli Chana Pulao: This dish is delectable and simple to prepare. Due to the rich protein and fiber content of the Channa (chickpeas), this pulao is highly healthy and makes a hearty supper.
  2. Beef Chili Milli is a simple and traditional Urdu recipe for home cooking. It provides you with a delicious beef and mutton flavor.
  3. Peri Peri Finger Fish is a straightforward, traditional dish that may be prepared at home in the Urdu language. It imparts the delicious flavor of fish to you.
  4. Cheese and chicken paratha Chicken cheese paratha is an easy and well-proven meal for home cooking in Urdu. You get a wonderful sample of the breakfast menu from it.
  5. Egg Soup – Egg soup is a straightforward and traditional recipe for home cooking in Urdu. It gives you a wonderful taste of seafood.
  6. Aloo Ke Papar: The aloo ke papar dish in Urdu is easy to prepare at home. Among persons of Desi descent, Aloo Ke Papar is well-known.
  7. Gol Gappay – Gol Gappay is quite well-known among Indians. It is a simple and time-tested dish that may be made at home.
  8. Chicken or mutton Karahi is one of the most well-liked main dishes in Pakistani restaurants. The cooking (and occasionally serving) utensils used for the meal are referred to as “karahi.” It is a metal pan with a flat bottom that is typically made of iron.
  9. Biryani – A typical main entrée in homes and eateries across Pakistan due to the particular flavor of Pakistani Basmati rice.
  10. Hareesa is a dish made of meat, lentils, and cereal. This recipe calls for patience because it is slow to cook and requires frequent stirring.
  11. Whole chickens are commonly cooked at Pakistani neighborhood “Sajji corners.” Sajji is a well-liked dish all around the country.
  12. When consuming curries, paratha—a popular meal in Pakistan—can be used in place of roti or naan.
  13. This traditional Desi breakfast consists of fried bread and the traditional sweet dish halwa.
  14. Gulab Jamun – Gulab Jamun is the name of Pakistan’s national confectionery. Along with wheat, oil, and dried milk (khoya), the ingredients (maida).
  15. Jalebi: A jalebi is made from a cylinder-shaped piece of maida flour batter that is fried and then drenched in sugar syrup.

Hotel Names in Urdu

  • Pashto Hotel
  • Hotel Balochi Resort
  • Hotel Oud
  • Hotel Amna
  • Laxmi Hana
  • Terraces at Qadir
  • Hotel Ayadah Peninsula
  • Mahal Hotel
  • Travel Para
  • Inn at Al Masri
  • Relax Inn
  • Silk, Ghazal
  • Yaksha Hotel
  • Hotel Dari
  • Hotels Asmat
  • Baniya Hotel
  • House Kora
  • Pakistani Urdutel
  • Kachori Inn
  • Citylight Shaghaba
  • Inn Faridah
  • Rumi Hotel
  • Cabin Qabar
  • Zamoza
  • Suites by Zultan
  • Hotel Urtiki
  • Dorian Khat
  • Siyah Hotels
  • Burton Urdu
  • Oasis of Innu
  • The Sultan Hotel
  • Rehman Olu
  • Bazaar Taj
  • Aarat Inn
  • Hotel Urdu Palace
  • Roaring Urdu
  • Inigu Inn
  • Uddu Inns
  • Ajmanian Inn
  • Afghan Valley
  • Suites by Aljamal
  • Hotel Uri
  • Alps Suites
  • Hospitality Rawa
  • National Hotel of Urdu
  • Darshan Seema
  • Hotel Udu Princy
  • Hotels by Alif
  • Castle Urth
  • Ata Akbar
  • Masnoor Al
  • Fortress Innaya


The Samosa, a deep-fried triangle pastry filled with ground meat and vegetables such as spicy potatoes, lentils, onions, and peas, is one of the more well-known Pakistani foods.

The Nihari, a meat-based dish from Old Delhi, is an additional option. The Seekh kabab, Zarda, Paratha, Chicken Karahi, and Sajji are just a few other well-known Pakistani cuisine.

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