Overstock Review 2022: Pros, Cons and Pricing at Overstock 

– Overstock Review –

Overstock is an online furniture and home decor company focused on the designs’ low price points. Over the years they have been redefined with a long e-commerce history to offer trendy home goods for less to shoppers.

Overstock Review 2020: Pros, Cons and Pricing at Overstock 

Below is an Overstock review with all the pros and cons you need to know. Read on.

Overstock is a fantastic online retailer with a large range of items available for sale in all the categories of home decoration and renovation. You will find bits of furniture, pillows, rugs, dinnerware, outdoor furniture, and even jewelry.

Their most valuable advantage is their ability to discover liquidation and clearance goods. Since they originally began as a store selling liquidation products, they still have a great deal to give in this market.

Note that they also sell lots of entirely new items. As a retailer, they work with lots of big manufacturers.


  • A large number of brands and manufacturers are available
  • Liquidation and clearance items with better pricing
  • Wide range of affordable and mid-range products


  • Big retailers like Overstock may not be able to perform the quality control properly
  • They don’t give you to choose the shipping method

Product Range

Product Range

They have so many categories and sub-categories that at first glance, it might even seem a little confusing to you. No worries, it’s always nice to have a chance to choose from thousands of identical items.

That way, you will find the item of your dreams. Overstock offers all the traditional furniture types, decor elements, lighting elements, and outdoor units.

Additionally, they offer apparel, health & care products, electronics, and even pet supplies. However, this may be the biggest store you’ll find for home improvement shopping.

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What Makes this Store Good?

It’s one of the biggest retailers that ultimately lets you navigate the millions of products around the world. Working with brands from the bigger to the smaller, Overstock is becoming a popular retail shopping site.

Pricing at Overstock

You can find both inexpensive and mid-range pieces on the website, as they have several collaborations with furniture brands. You will also find a $275 sofa if you set yourself a target and navigate attentively through the pages.

They allow you to sort out their cheapest and most expensive deals. The prices can be broken down into among the most common items:

  • Sofas — starting with $275
  • Beds — $120
  • Chairs — $50
  • Coffee tables — $21
  • Dining Sets — $92
  • Rugs — $15
  • Sectionals — $316

Overstock Payment Options

Overstock Payment Options

One feature that distinguishes Overstock from other online retailers is its known options in installments. Overstock has been one of the major retailers accepting Bitcoin as a form of installment.

Notwithstanding Bitcoin, Overstock acknowledges Visas (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express), platinum cards (Visa and Mastercard), PayPal, Mastercards, Overstock Store Credit Cards, and gift vouchers.


Returns and Refunds

Team Overstock supports returns within 30 days of delivery. The initial packaging should be used and the product should be shipped in new condition.


Also, if the Overstock mistake caused the problem — you’ll get a full refund including the shipping costs.

If you return the product just because you do not like it — the shipping charges won’t be refunded + you’ll have to pay for the return shipping. However, if you send back a damaged product, you may get a partial refund.

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