Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT Tour) Review 2022

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Overseas Adventure Travel provides Americans over 50, with exclusive small group experiences worldwide. By exploring the beaten track with resident OAT trip Leader -on and off by land and sea.

Overseas Adventure Travel (OAT Tour) Review 2022

OAT was founded in 1978 and is now part of the Boston-based Grand Circle Corporation. This also includes Grand Circle Travel and Grand Circle Cruise Line. Generally speaking, OAT serves the more adventurous travelers in the Grand Circle realm.

OAT immerses itself in local cultures, sampling unique modes of transportation, and staying in authentic lodgings that represent the nature of your destination.

Grand Circle Small Ship Cruises serves both our GCT and OAT brands with an award-winning fleet. They are best known for their exceptional value and high-quality experiences in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.

Why OAT Stands Out?

Cultural Immersion

Experienced Guides

They are all fluent in English — lead groups off the beaten path when possible. Accommodations are comfortable, not deluxe.

And a portion of all proceeds goes to the Grand Circle Foundation, which supports cultural and educational programs in the countries visited.

Who Will Enjoy Traveling With Overseas Adventure Travel?

OAT specializes in small group tours around the world, serving Americans aged 50 and older. They appeal to the old-fashioned – that they still offer a physical catalog is a testament.

Their travel style reflects an appreciation of the classics coupled with an adventurous spirit to explore each destination deeper and from a local perspective.

Overall, prices fall into the moderate range and are especially a bargain for solo travelers.

Accommodations are both comfortable as well as unique and in keeping with the local spirit of the destination. If your hostelling days are over but you feel too adventurous for a standard hotel, OAT will be a great company to travel with.

OAT might be a good fit for experienced travelers who maybe are trying out guided tours for the first time. Because their focus is very much on highlighting the benefits of what small group, pre-planned travel can provide.

Both inconvenience and in the immersive local and cultural discoveries that become available.

If you feel your time for experiential adventurous travel is up because you’re getting older, look no further than OAT. And for those for whom a long, stimulating hike is attractive, this is a common activity on their tours.

Top Destinations with OAT

OAT operates tours all over the world, specializing in remote, off-the-beaten-track areas. African safaris are an especially popular offering, although you can also travel to Japan, Iceland, Albania, or Morocco, to name just a few of its far-flung destinations.

OAT also runs small-ship cruises through the Galapagos, on the Amazon, and along the Turkish coast.

OAT Travel Style

With Overseas Adventure Travel you’ll find a combination of transportation and accommodation styles, but all with an element of comfort. Groups are small, with a max of 16 (24 on small ship cruises).

Accommodations vary but favor being local and non-traditional over a basic centrally located hotel. Their exact words are “emphasis on authenticity, rather than amenities”.

Their style is all about unique and meaningful cultural interaction. While you’ll learn the history and see the famous sights, their true focus is on people and connections.

This means you’ll enjoy meals with local families like you’re just a friend over for dinner; visit schools and see the amazing work being done in small communities.

The visceral understanding and perspective that comes from learning to cook traditional meals and make traditional crafts are what you’ll find on an OAT tour.

Why Choose a Tour with OAT?

OAT offers a unique up-close and personal experience, guaranteeing that its groups will never exceed more than 10-16 travelers. A spirit of spontaneity is part of what makes traveling with OAT special, as they strive to take advantage of every interesting opportunity during a trip.

Small ship cruises and land tours are available, and they are very friendly to solo travelers.

Traveling with Overseas Adventure Travel allows for an in-depth cultural travel experience in comfort. Many opportunities exist for travelers to find deals, and it’s a great way to meet new friends in a similar age range.

If you traveled extensively in your youth and are not ready to slow down, but perhaps are looking for a few more logistical ducks to be taken care of for you, OAT could be the perfect fit.

They offer a variety of options for more independent-minded travelers, as well as ample free time to explore and plan your own adventure during cruise port stops and on their group tours.

Alternatively, if this is your first travel experience, OAT will be a significant starting point. You’ll gain cultural insights, meet locals, as well as hit on all the best tourist sites that provide cultural and historical context to your destination.

Adventure travel with OAT is a journey beyond the familiar, one that takes you into the very heart of a destination—to meet people where they work and live.

Journey with the leader in adventure travel and watch your dreams take flight, thanks to the principles which ground every OAT adventure: value, choice, discovery, and carefully paced itineraries.

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